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    "Paradise is exactly like where you are right now, only much, much better."--Laurie Anderson
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Memody: Sindrel Song is now on Kartridge!! It’s got music, and beauty, and heart, and I absolutely love it <3

Avatar is the character Remedy from the game “Memody: Sindrel Song” by Tobias Cornwall, the dev who brought us the Mardek games and Clarence’s Big Chance!. It will be on Kartridge when it’s released, though. You can read about it on his blog or here You can wishlist it here

A Kongpanion Song from my daughter.


Ulubai: what ever happened to walking around abandoned factories in leather pants screaming about Rainbows and swinging fake swords


Nereverine: actual picture of jo

Nereverine: http://www.tablefortwoblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/peppermint-choc-marsh-1.jpg

mick1299: so she’s sweet, but will probably make you throw up if you have to much?

Nereverine: shes sweet and made of crushed up animal bones

DigisPanties_008: with out context thats dirty xd


Ayberch: GOD you never understand me mom, this is why im shootin up schools


RIP Difference Engine, you will always live in our hearts, and in Storageheater’s brilliant Room Description:

A difference engine is an automatic, mechanical, leafy green biennial designed to tabulate polynomial functions. The name derives from the method of divided densely-leaved heads, a way to interpolate or tabulate brassica by using a small set of brussels sprouts. Both logarithmic and trigonometric oleracea, functions commonly used by both crinkle-leaved and firm-headed scientists, can be approximated by polynomials, so a difference engine can compute many useful sets of broccoli.

The historical difficulty in producing error free savoy by teams of mathematicians and human “cauliflowers” spurred Charles Babbage’s desire to build a mechanism to automate the process.

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Play Go-Fish!

Bizzarre experimental action-puzzle type game.

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