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AKA CitrusParty

Asheycat: can you get pregnant from anal sex?

Classic Rolby:

Cantankerous_: “Wekcine”

xSilverLugia: “Pissy?”
xSilverLugia: “I’m not pissy.”

kingnour1: “i mesn girld”

deepestpassion: “while i brown the star shaped pasta”
Ice_bubble: fishpump
xxjojolovexx: “i’ll try to be sober next time too. or at least not drunk”
doombringer2000: “please do not qoute me”

azin_girl_ocelot: “the goverment lies to us”
kazookazoo: “What does it lie to you about?”
azin_girl_ocelot: “i don’t know”

janesah: “im not reatard”

shadowwolfninja: “your such and idot”

visagoth_the_bat: “….you need better lirrturae skills”

TheSplitter96: “my farts sound more intellegant than many people”

dartaha123456: “do play clube penguim”

Aideen1023: “Yeah I went and got some toast and orange juice. A lot of girls do that sort of thing.”

sasha19: “kazookazoo you are so immature”
sasha19: “kazoo do yo know alot of dicks you must have because you seem like you are around them so much”

PurpleSlasher36: “dude i belive what i belive at least im not a saintenist”

From countrygirl29108’s profile: “hey yall i live in the south i was born and rasied country i love to go horesback rideing and i enjoy taking gymnatices.”

Fit4Rivals: “and wtf is anus?”

divineflames: “srry the laptop shat down on its own”

breezygrl11: “are trying to say i am a idiot”

nathanwk: “i an not retarted”

boogy003: “im sorry for getting on your freaning nervs”

person2348: “meatboy=hard!”

flashgamesftw: “wats a hipster?”
flashgamesftw: “its a sex position isnt it”

Kisses: “YEAH i love wifeswap!”

rickydaman: “how do u make the vagina face”

weopon_x: “reard”

VinnyOfTheFunk: “Damn…”
VinnyOfTheFunk: “Kaz is hot.”

Byaa_Man: “I have no desire to see my girlfriends ass…”

jerber: “everyone else can suck my nuts”
jerber: “your all childish as hell”

PowerfulDanger77: “u get a dam intillect”

zizima09: “no offenc u r dumb”

SirenSong: “I’m an arrogant Mac user”

An Essay on a Holistic Approach to Satisfaction:

kazookazoo: In other news, one of the worst things ever is needing to shit really badly, but knowing the pizza guy is about to arrive.
kazookazoo: You’re then left with another dilemma once it arrives.
kazookazoo: Do you take the shit and ease your discomfort?
kazookazoo: Letting the pizza go cold?
kazookazoo: Or, do you clench your bowels tighter and stuff your face as fast as you can, the distraction of needing to poo that badly ruining your eating experience?
kazookazoo: Or
kazookazoo: Option 3.
kazookazoo: Eat the pizza while you take a shit?
kazookazoo: Clearly option three is the win-win.
kazookazoo: The only reasons for not performing option 3 are based on societal norms that don’t really have any direct impact on the reality of the situation.
kazookazoo: You may as well have your poop, and eat it too.

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