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    I'm back, bitches.
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    Feb. 22, 2008
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I am the ass that holds the duckling heads under water.

So, how about that there serious business?

Havermorphism: lol boobs

Raneman1337: They see me trollin’
Raneman1337: They hatin’
Raneman1337: Tryin’ to catch me LIEKING MUDKIPZ

silon1: so do u think im a gye then think again becouse im a chick just becouse u think that my name silon1 dosent maen that im a boy couse im a CHICK!!
MonochromeMolly: I don’t care if you have a gold plated vagina, silon1. Just stop typing. Please.

GreenSoldier: Kederji (Private): Go shoot yourself in the foot you mother ****ing gay ****! stop making me look bad in front of my friends! if you stop then i will be nice to you
Kederaji: Did you just try to fake a private and spell my name wrong?

TheDarkFlame: Sky, stop looking down on the rest of America from your tower made of high-horses.

GlamourFrog: I detest the Emo culture, it bores me to tears.
Catinthewall: Emos are cultured?

penguinguy17: o **** i didnt c u could just walk right past the damn thing o **** me
Kederaji: Do you hear that sound, penguin guy?
Kederaji: That sound is the English language.
penguinguy17: im sry but tht is also the sound of my frustration being let out
Kederaji: ARGH
zer0point: hey it’s not jesus’ fault
zer0point: it’s hard to type with holes in your hands
Kederaji: …
Kederaji: zer0, you have won my temporary respect.
zer0point: delighted to hear it

unproductive: ‘the internet connects awful people to each other so they can feel better about how awful they are’

Kandrel: WD-42? Is that WD-40, except applied with a towel?

skyboy: ked, i can’t not jerk

Kederaji: enters to fog and the tune of O Fortuna
SlasherX: Everything is hell
SlasherX: Cruel horrible ugly hell

NeilSenna: how am I supposed to hit you over the head with an iron bar using words?

Looper: “Can’t tell the difference between an ass and a troll on the grounds”

midget079: you are my favorite troll (reply)
midget079: just thought you should know that (reply)

Looper: Oh god there was SO MUCH semen

jeoygreen006: r u a girl if u r u are a sike twised 1
Kederaji: What are you, 13?
jeoygreen006: i did u know my age!!!

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