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http://i184.photobucket.com/albums/x7/kilerocket/castlethingy.png--link to my Master of Fortresses picture... I have 2 Free Rider 2 tracks. My first one is a cool one for my name on this other game, Nife, and my second one is a realistic map. I am not done with the second one. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -k 1i -u 18,-k 1i 18 1s 2q 26 42 2g 50 2q 5k 34 5u 3e 6i 3o 7g 42 8o 4c aa 4m bi 50 cg 5a d4 5k de 5u e2 68 f0 6i g8 6s hq 76 j2 7g k0 7q kk 84 ku 8e l8 84 li 7q,om 7q pa 7q pa 6s om 6s,mq bs mq cg no cg no bs,11e c6 122 c6 122 b8 11e b8,s4 13k se 13u so 13k,v8 156 vs 156,v8 156 uu 14s,10q 17c 13k 17c,15q 1es 172 1h2 18a 1ia 1ag 1ji 1cc 1js 1dk 1js 1du 1ji,1hc 1iu 1ji 1ia,1hc 1iu 1ge 1j8,1j8 1le 1ji 1lo 1js 1le,1mm 1s0 1nu 1ug 1os 202 1pq 210 1qo 21a 1rc 21a 1su 210 1t8 20m,1ve 202 228 1ve 26a 20m 278 21a 28q 21a,2ba 22s 2bk 22i,2ba 22s 2b0 22s,29e 24o 29o 252 2a2 24o,2bu 260 2bk 260 2ba 25m,2bu 260 2c8 25m,28q 2b0 252 2d6,1vo 2hs 1ti 2l0,1qo 2pm 1rc 2pm,1lo 2u2 1mc 2u2,1lo 2u2 1lo 2to,1ik 3o0 1k6 3pi,1ik 3o0 1ia 3n2,1ik 3o0 1k6 3pi,278 4a4 27s 4c0,26a 4ae 26u 4ca,27i 4e6 294 4gc 2bk 4hu 2g0 4hu 2hi 4h0,28g 4di 2a2 4fo 2c8 4h0,2kc 4f4 2k2 4eg,2kc 4f4 2k2 4fe,2la 4is 2lk 4l2,2iq 4si 2fc 526 2d6 54c 2b0 55k 28q 568 26k 56i 252 56i,1vo 57q 1t8 58e,1sa 592 1nu 5b8 1mc 5cg 1l4 5de 1ji 5ec 1hc 5f0 1es 5fa 1dk 5fa,1cm 5fk 1bo 5f0,18u 5ec 172 5f0,156 5f0 14i 5hq 156 5jc 15g 5k0 164 5kk 16o 5ku 17m 5l8 18u 5l8 1da 5l8 1fq 5l8 1nu 5l8 1su 5l8 228 5l8,15q 5g8 15g 5i4 164 5jc 16o 5k0 17m 5ka 18u 5ka 1da 5ka 1fq 5ka 1nu 5ka,1su 5ka 228 5ka,1su 5ka 1nu 5ka,2lu 5o2 2mi 5o2 2mi 5n4 2lu 5n4,2j4 5so 2i6 5vi 2gk 62m 2f2 64i 2dq 65q 2ci 66o 2ba 67c 2a2 67m 294 67m 286 67m 27s 672,252 69s 24o 69i,27i 67c 252 69s,23q 6bo 23g 6c2 22i 6c2,202 6h2 202 6ik 20c 6k6 21a 6le 22i 6m2 252 6mc 26a 6mc 27s 6m2 28q 6le,2ci 6p6 2d6 6pg,2ci 6p6 2ci 6os,2dq 702 2fc 71k 2gk 728 2hs 72i 2j4 72i 2je 71u,2p2 6rm 2pm 6u6 2oo 6u6,2n6 702 2ng 710,2q0 786 2qk 78g 2qu 786,2r8 794 2rs 794,2r8 794 2qu 78q,2t4 7ba 2to 7bk 2to 7ba,2r8 7eo 2ri 7fm 2sg 7fm,2r8 7eo 2qk 7ci,2u2 7m8 2uc 7m8,2u2 7m8 2to 7m8 2te 7la,30i 7n6 32e 7nq 33m 7oe 358 7pc 35i 7pm 36g 7qa 382 7rs 390 7ri,3bq 83c 3c4 83c 3ce 83c#1su 5ka 1su 5j2 1s0 5j2 1s0 5jm 17m 5jm 16o 5jc 164 5io 15g 5i4,1s0 5jm 1su 5jm,1s0 5jm 1s0 5ka,1su 5l8 1su 5mg,14i 5hq 14s 5k0 156 5kk 15q 5l8 16e 5li 17c 5ls 1s0 5ls 1s0 5mg 1su 5mg,1s0 5ls 1su 5ls,1s0 5ls 1s0 5l8,1sa 5j2 1sa 5ka,1sk 5j2 1sk 5ka,1su 5jc 1s0 5jc,1su 5k0 17m 5k0 16o 5jm 15q 5io,15g 5k0 164 5ku 16o 5l8 180 5li 1su 5li,1s0 5m6 1su 5m6,1sk 5mg 1sk 5l8,1sa 5mg 1sa 5l8,2g -1i 2g -18 2q -18 2q -1i 2g -1s 26 -1s 1s -1s 1s -26 26 -26 26 -1s 2g -1i,2g k 26 a,2g -k 26 -k 1s 0 26 0 2g -k,18 -k 1i -k 1s -18 1i -18 18 -k u -u 1i -26,2g -a 26 a,34 -18 2q -18,34 k 42 -u,4c k 4m k 50 a 50 0,4m -u 50 -k 50 0,4m -k 4m a,5a -u 5a k 68 k 68 a 5k a 5k 0 5u 0 5u -a 5k -a 5k -k 68 -k 68 -u 5a -u,34 k 3e k k k k -u,3e k 3o 0 42 -k,42 k 3o k 3o 0,42 k 42 -u,4c -u 4c k,3o -34 3e -34 34 -2q 34 -1i 3e -18 3o -18 42 -1i 42 -1s 3o -26 42 -2g 42 -2q 3o -34,4c -u 4m -u,1s 0 1i -a 1s -u 1s -18,3e -u 3e -k 2q k 2g k 34 -k,34 -u 34 -k,2g -a 2g -k,1s -26 1i -26,3o -2g 3o -2q 3e -2q 3e -2g 3e -26 3o -1s 3o -1i,3o -2g 3e -26,3e -1i 3e -26,4m -18 5a -26 50 -26 50 -1s 4m -1s 4m -26 4c -26 4m -1i 4c -18 4m -18,3e -1i 3o -1i,34 -u 2q -18,34 -18 3e -u,k -6i 26 -6i 3e -6i 6i -2q 6i -6i 8o -6i 8o k,k -6i k -k,8e k 6i k 3e -4c 3e k,8e k 8o k,9c k 9c -2q aa -2q aa k 9c k,9m -34 9c -3e 9m -3o a0 -3e 9m -34,cg k bs 0 bi -k b8 -26 b8 -3e bi -50 c6 -5u cq -68 d4 -68 do -5u e2 -5a do -50 de -5k d4 -5k cg -5a c6 -50 bs -42 cg -4c cq -4c d4 -42 cq -3o cg -42 bs -3o bs -2q c6 -18 cg -a d4 a cg k,do k do -34 fu -34 fk -26 ec -2g ec -1i f0 -1s f0 -a ec -k ec 0 fk -a fu k do k#B 2jo 71u 1o8,B 2je 728 1o8,B 2je 72i 1o8,B 2j4 72s 1o8,B 1su 5kk 2sq,B 1su 5ka 2sq,B 1su 5ku 2sq,B 1su 5l8 2sq,B 2b0 26k 4e1,B 2ba 26a 4e1,B 2b0 26a 4e1,B 2ba 26k 4e1,B oc bi 6da,B oc cq 6bt,B ls 8o 6bt,S oc bi,T 3ce 83c,T 3bq 83c,T 3dc 83c,T 3as 83c,T 3c4 84k,T 3c4 824 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Second One-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2q 50 2q 5k,2q 50 3o 50 3o 5u 2q 5u 2q 5a,84 au 9c au b8 au de ak fa a0 gi 92 hg 7g hq 5u hq 4c hg 2q gs 1s fu 18 f0 u ec -u do -1i cg -26 bi -2g,-5a d4 -4m em -3e fk -1i g8 0 g8 1i fu 2q fa 3o ec 4c d4 5a au 84 au,-4m aa -42 8o,-4m aa -5a bi,92 4m 9m 4m,aa 76 bs 76 cg 76 d4 6s e2 5u em 4c em 34,-12c -ku -uu -ku,-1lo -84 -1lo -68 -1le -5k,-1kg -5a -1kg -50,-1n0 -ak -1o8 -ak -1o8 -d4 -1kg -d4 -1kg -ak,-1hc -u -1dk 1i -1a6 26 -tm 2q -ne 34 -ka 3o -gi 4m -de 4m,-1o8 -50 -1kg -50,-1kg -5a -1le -5k,-1o8 -50 -1o8 -5a -1na -5k -1n0 -68 -1n0 -84,-1lo -ak -1kg -ak,-f0 4m -ec 4c -e2 42 -do 3e,-5a d4 -5a bs,-7g oc -7q om -7q uu -7q 13k -7g 13u -7g 180 -7g 1be -7g 1g4 -7g 1ia -7g 1na -84 1os -92 1pq -au 1qo -d4 1r2 -fk 1r2 -13u 1r2 -18a 1r2 -1d0 1qo -1fg 1pq -1hm 1o8 -1ji 1le -1kg 1hm -1kq 1du -1kq 180 -1kg 3e,-aa oc -aa uu -a0 v8 -a0 180 -a0 1ge -a0 1lo -aa 1mc -au 1n0 -c6 1na -em 1na -hq 1na -j2 1nk -li 1nk -n4 1nu -tc 1nu -uk 1o8 -130 1o8,-18 1i 18 2q 1i 2q,-7g l8 -7g oc,-aa oc -aa l8,-1i0 1dk -1hm 1go -1go 1ji -1fg 1le -1dk 1mm -1be 1na -17m 1nu -130 1o8,-1i0 1dk -1hm 3o,-1kg -f0 -1k6 -fa -1k6 -fk -1kg -fu -1kq -fu -1l4 -fk -1l4 -fa -1kq -f0 -1kg -fa -1kg -fk -1kq -fu,-1kq -f0 -1kg -f0 -1kq -fa -1kq -fk -1kg -fu,-1dk -9m -1dk -68 -1du -5k -1e8 -5a -1es -50 -1f6 -50,-1dk -9m -1dk -68,-1kg a -1kq 0,-1mm 5k -1o8 6i -1q4 6s -1sa 6s -20m 6s -21u 6i -23g 68 -252 5a -26a 42 -26u 26 -26u -42,-26k -ls -25m -oc -22s -ne -23q -ku#u 2q -1i 1i -1i -1i -1i -4c -18 -4m -u -50 -u -u,-1i 1i -18 1i,-1i 1i -2q 1i -92 1i -b8 1i -b8 -4c -ak -50 -aa -50,-b8 -4c -92 -4c,-1i 1i -18 18 -u u u 1s,-18 18 -18 k,-u u -u k -k a -k -u -1i -u,-u k -u -k -1i -k,-1i -4c -92 -4c,-u -50 -92 -50 -aa -50,2q 26 26 u k 1i 18 2q 2q 26,-k -u -u -k,-k u -u u,k 0 18 a 1i k,k a 18 k 1i u,1s 2q 3e 26 2q u 26 u,3e 26 2q 26,-1i k -u k,-u -1i -a -18,-u -18 -a -u,a -u -a -k 0 0 a 0 u -a k -a a -u k -u u -a,0 0 k -a,-4c 1i -3o 1s -3e 26 -34 2q -34 34 -3e 3o,-4c 4c -4m 4c -5a 42,-4c 4c -4m 4m -5a 4m -5k 42,-5k 3o -5u 34 -5u 2q -6i 26 -7q 26 -84 2g -8o 2g -9c 26 -ak 26 -b8 1i,-5u 2q -5k 26 -5a 1s -4m 1i,-5k 3o -5a 42,-4m 3o -4c 3o -3o 3e -3o 2g,-4m 26 -4c 26 -3o 2g,-4c 26 -4m 2q -4m 26,-4m 2q -4c 2q -3o 2q,-4c 2q -4c 34 -4c 3o,-4c 34 -4m 34 -5a 34,-4m 34 -4m 2q,-4m 3o -5a 3e -5a 2g -4m 26,-5a 3e -4m 34,-4m 3o -4c 34,-3o 34 -4c 2q,-2q 2q -34 26 -3e 1s -42 1i,-34 1i -2g 1s -26 26 -1s 2q -1s 34 -26 3o,-34 4c -3e 4c -3o 4c,-2g 3o -26 34 -26 2q -2g 26 -2q 1s -3e 1i,-2q 2g -34 26,-34 4c -2g 42 -26 3o,-2g 3o -2q 42 -3e 4c,-18 -u -18 -18 -1i -18 -18 -2g -1i -2q,-18 -18 -u -2g -1i -34,-18 -2g -u -2g,-6s -34 -7g -34 -84 -2q -84 -2g -7g -26 -76 -26 -6i -1s -6i -1i -76 -18 -84 -18,-6s -34 -6i -34,-68 -26 -68 -a,-68 -26 -5u -26 -5a -1s -5a -1i -5u -18 -68 -18,-50 -26 -50 -18,-50 -2g -50 -2q,-4m -34 -4m -1i -4m -18,-4c -34 -4c -18,-84 -u -42 -u,-84 -u -8e -u,-8e -a -8e a,-8e 0 -84 -a -84 a,-84 0 -7q -a -7q a,-7g 0 -76 0 -76 a -7g a -7g 0,-6s -a -6i a -68 -a,-5u 0 -5k 0 -5u 0 -5u a -5k k,-5k 0 -5k a -5u 0,-5a -a -5a a,-5a -a -50 -a -50 0 -5a 0 -50 a,-4m a -4c a,-4m -a -4c -a,-4m 0 -4c 0 -4c a,-4m 0 -4m -a,1i 2q 1s 2q,3o 50 42 5a 42 68 3o 5u,42 68 42 6s 50 7q 68 84 7g 8e 84 92 8e a0 84 au,2q 5u 34 68 42 68,a 3o -u 3o -1i 42 -2g 4c -3o 4c,a 3o k 42 u 2q,k 42 -a 4m -u 5a -1i 6i -1i 7g -18 8e -k 9c a aa 26 b8 3o bi 50 bi,3e 34 3e 42,34 34 34 3o,8e 2g 7q 1i 6i k,8o 2g 84 1i 6i a,1s -26 18 -42 2q -4m 3e -2q 1s -26 2q -1s 4c -2g 3o -4c 2q -4m,3e -2q 4c -2g,-a -26 a -2q u -34,0 -26 k -2g 18 -2g,4m 5u 42 68,-42 8o -3o 8e -34 84 -26 84 -18 8e,9m 4m 9m 5a 92 5a 9c 5k a0 5k 9m 5a,92 5a 92 4m,9m 4m a0 50 a0 5k,aa 76 8o 6s 6i 68 5a 5k 4m 5u,em 34 f0 34 fa 4c fu 5a h6 5k hq 5a,-12c -ku -12c -k0 -122 -k0 -11o -k0 -11o -f0,-uu -ku -uu -k0 -vi -k0 -vi -f0 -uk -fu -uk -ka -uu -k0,-uk -ka -ua -kk -ua -li -uu -ku,-12c -ku -11e -li -ua -li,-114 -l8 -v8 -l8,-10q -ls -vi -mg -10g -m6 -vi -mq,-vs -mq 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-14i -7q -12m -7q -12m -9c -14i -9c,-13k -9c -13k -7q,-14i -8e -12m -8e,-19s -fu -19s -gs -198 -hg -18a -hg -17m -gs -17m -fu -19s -fu,-18u -fu -19s -gs,-18u -fu -198 -h6,-18k -fu -18a -h6,-18k -fu -17m -gs,-1cc -9m -1cc -7q -1a6 -7q -1a6 -9m -1cc -9m,-1b4 -9m -1b4 -7q,-1cc -8o -1a6 -8o,-17m -d4 -17m -ak -15g -ak,-17m -d4 -15g -d4 -15g -c6,-17m -bs -15q -bs,-16e -cq -16e -ak,-1kg -50 -1js -5k -1js -5u -1kg -5a,-1js -5u -1kq -68 -1l4 -6s -1l4 -ak,-1kg -d4 -1kg -ak -1lo -ak,-1na -ak -1na -c6 -1le -c6 -1le -ak,-1le -aa -1le -a0 -1m2 -9m -1mm -9m -1na -a0 -1na -aa -1mm -ak,-1le -a0 -1lo -9c -1lo -8o -1m2 -9c -1m2 -8o -1mc -9c -1mm -8o -1mm -9c -1n0 -8o -1mm -92,-1lo -9c -1lo -9m -1lo -ak,-1m2 -9m -1lo -9c,-1m2 -9c -1m2 -9m,-1na -a0 -1n0 -9c -1n0 -8o,-1n0 -9c -1n0 -9m -1n0 -ak -1lo -ak,-1mc -9c -1mm -9m,-1mc -9c -1mc -9m,-1n0 -9c -1mm -9m,-1mc -9c -1m2 -9m,-1mm -8o -1mc -92 -1m2 -8o,-1mc -92 -1mc -9c,-1mm -9c -1mm -9m,-1le -aa -1m2 -ak,-1lo -84 -1lo -8o,-1n0 -68 -1n0 -8o,-1dk -8e -1ei -84 -1f6 -76 -1fg -5k -1es -4c -1d0 -34 -18u -26 -rq -1i -n4 -u -i4 0,-1dk -92 -1f6 -8o -1h2 -7g -1ik -5a -1iu -34 -1hc -u,-122 -5u -122 -5a -11o -4m -114 -42 -10q -3e -10q -2q -114 -1s,-1dk -9m -1ge -9c -1j8 -8e,-1ji -8e -1l4 -7g,-1ji -8e -1j8 -8e,-1n0 -68 -1oi -5k -1s0 -4m -1ve -3o -21k -3e -236 -2q -244 -26 -252 -18,-qs -84 -om -76 -ls -68 -i4 -5u -e2 -68,-9c 1s -92 1i,-8e 1i -7q 1s -6i 1s -5k 1i,-5u 1i -5a 1s,-9c 1s -aa 1s -au 1i,-aa 1s -ak 26,-b8 k -c6 k -cg u -b8 u,-d4 1i -cq 18,-bi 18 -b8 18,-bi 18 -cq 18,-d4 1i -b8 1i,-d4 1i -d4 -4c -c6 -5a -de -5a -do -5a,-c6 -5a -c6 k,-c6 u -c6 18,-d4 1i -d4 1s -hq 1s -h6 18 -h6 a -hq -a -hq 1s -i4 18 -i4 a -hq -a -h6 -k -g8 -k -f0 -k -ec -k -ec -34 -em -4c,-d4 1s -c6 1i,-g8 -k -g8 -26 -fk -3o -em -4c,-ec -4m -em -4c,-hg 1i -hg 0,-do -2q -e2 -34 -e2 -7q -do -8e -do -3e,-de -34 -do -3e,-do -2q -de -2q -de -34,-ec -4m -e2 -50,-cq -26 -c6 -1i -bi -1i -b8 -1s,-cg -2q -bs -26 -bi -26 -b8 -2g,-cq -2g -cq -1i,-cg -3e -cg -2g,-26 1s -u 26 u 2q,-26 1s -2g 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