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May. 24, 2015
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From Van – Sept ‘08,
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Is this where it goes?
Kintay: What does my profile say?
Wolfey180: Uh “is this where it goes?”
Kintay: Lol “Is there where it goes?”
Wolfey180: Are you fixing it? It sounds like you’re fixing it.
SmoochieMunchkin: are you going to change your profile o.o
Kintay: I have no plans to change it
SmoochieMunchkin: but why ;-;
Kintay: It’s like a family hairloom, I don’t think I’ve changed it in about 2 years
awesomepi314: hey kintay, you ever gonna change your profile :P
Kintay: idk, I might someday
bert1432: Kintay, you going to change your profile?
Kintay: Nah
Kintay: I like it how it is
windigo663: change it why ?
ViiPeer: Kintay should change his profile
Kintay: To what?
ViiPeer: Sneks
Kintay: Psh
Kintay: I aint no sneks
PotatoOmnigod: kintay should change his profile
Kintay: Incorrect
PotatoOmnigod: you sure?
Kintay: Faaairly
PotatoOmnigod: whatever you say
LexiiLuv: I like his pic. :(
PotatoOmnigod: his “About Me” description i mean
bone982: Kintay, did you ever fix it?
Kintay: Fix what?
bone982: I was stalking your profile and there was something about fixing something.
Kintay: Oh, no.
bone982: Oh, probably for the best.
baerbehr: Kintay, what’s the deal with your profile?
Kintay: I just never got around to changing it
baerbehr: lol
tj2mag: Kintay?
Kintay: That’s me.
tj2mag: Don’t ever change. You’re perfect as you are.
Kintay: Thanks.
baerbehr: such positivity
tj2mag: Your PROFILE, on the other hand…
Kintay: Psh, cheap shot!
mroc13: maybe you should change your profile before the end
I really should change this at some point.

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