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    Sep. 25, 2016

I re-created my account cuz I wanted to play these games again. My original account was made in Oct, 20, 2015. I am a love sick puppy who just wants to talk to friends.

Quotes from my most favoritest people

SirPent1: Those are the flames licking my body
[06:32 PM] KjPatu: wut?
[06:32 PM] KjPatu: my brain
[06:32 PM] KjPatu: what are you saying lol
[06:32 PM] SirPent1: Lick my body

Destan: merry merry merry merry merry christmaaas
[12:19 AM] KjPatu: it’s not even Christmas for you
[12:20 AM] Destan: it’s always christmas to me
[12:23 AM] KjPatu: your face is always Christmas
[12:23 AM] Destan: get tf out of my room

TurkeyPie: I kind of disliked how it doesn’t really matter what angle you travel at in LtF3 (or at least not that much), because you go vertical instead of horizontal, but it made the game more original on the other hand.
KjPatu: I agree
TurkeyPie: Oh god pat (Outdated, TurkeyPie is not my favoritest anymore)

MAR 22 – 2:19PM
To SirPent1: How i’ve longed to succ you
To SirPent1: again
SirPent1: Same tbh
To SirPent1: O.O

SecretAgentBlade: I’d rather die
KjPatu: than kill yourself?
KjPatu: same
filecabinet_guy: hey, it’s a good thing to ave some practice with a trusted friend.
KiwiPieLovesU: secretly you’re thinking about it
filecabinet_guy: ^
KiwiPieLovesU: you know you wantto
SecretAgentBlade: ima puke
MAR 22 – 8:17PM
KjPatu: kinky
SecretAgentBlade: god damn it

filecabinet_guy: oh yea, kj, reen says you look like a gurl. and she sends her love.
KjPatu: in the form of?
KjPatu: i’d assume the same way she always does ;-;
MAR 22 – 8:18PM
KiwiPieLovesU: how does she?
MAR 22 – 8:19PM
KjPatu: how do bullies send their regards to people?
KiwiPieLovesU: or does she tightly wrap her hand around your neck and calls it a hug?
itsn0tme: the problem is, kj is into that

AkatsukixReenuh: k
KjPatu: j
AkatsukixReenuh: is cute
(How to get the girls)^^

APR 6 – 1:53PM
SirPent1: Buy table that supports 40lbs+
SirPent1: Burn it
SirPent1: It is now small enough to fit in backpack
SirPent1: Unburn it

To SirPent1: im not a morning dweller ;-;
SirPent1: If only you were ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
To SirPent1: what’s that suppose to mean o.o
SirPent1: Mwahahahahaha

SirPent1: How about cooties? (reply)
JUN 18 – 3:13AM
SirPent1: gets reported to the police (reply)
JUN 18 – 3:14AM
To SirPent1: not cooties, anything but that
SirPent1: Anything eh? (reply)
JUN 18 – 3:15AM
To SirPent1: umm, well, no
SirPent1: Excellent (reply)
To SirPent1: lemme rephrase that
SirPent1: starts tying Kj up (reply)
JUN 18 – 3:16AM
To SirPent1: anyth- im not done >:C

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