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Kong’s profile editor is a piece of crap.


Onekis: I’d kill for Kuno


Neko_chan13: *Mike i love you >3>


whitethehedgehog: oh ****

whitethehedgehog: now I want cereal

whitethehedgehog: brb

Kunosachiaka: I’m eating chips

whitethehedgehog: okay back

Kunosachiaka: OHGOD


Kunosachiaka: I just thought, wait til I tell Neko

whitethehedgehog: **** I spilled my cereal

Kunosachiaka: She’ll lol so hard

whitethehedgehog: brb

Kunosachiaka: LOLOLOLOLOL



BadassPrincess: Say something creepy and pedo-ish. (reply)
To BadassPrincess: UH, so you can quote me on it? Nothankyou
BadassPrincess: I won’t, I just think it’s…hawt~
To BadassPrincess: Uhhhh. Hey there little girl, I got some candy in my van
BadassPrincess: Mmmm….


AkumaNoMusuko: Why do you call eden koala

Ed3n2000: Because I’m a Koala.


KF5AQX: Kuno is an idiot. Idiocy has nothing to do with intelligence.


KF5AQX: I’m fifteen, and I have never even kissed a girl. SHUT UP ABOUT HOW HORRIBLE YOUR LIFE IS BECAUSE YOU BROKE UP.


KF5AQX: 3 X 3 = 9. 30 X 30 = 90. 300 X 300 = 9000.


Virtual_Anomaly: I need a kick because this Kuno guy is killing my brain.

KF5AQX: Booyah, that was good.


Onekis: So, Kuno. (reply) To Onekis: Oh gawd Onekis: Why do you make fun of me? (reply)


Kunosachiaka: Body parts can fall asleep by restricting blood flow

junkmike: No. Technically, they die.


KF5AQX: And Kuno proves he has no idea of sarcasm.

AnnaR6: wow

strivingscarab: That wasn’t sarcasm.

Xlthuathopec: That wasn’t sarcasm, so much as an attempt at humour.

Kunosachiaka: That wasn’t sarcasm. Sarcasm is different from stupidity.

Xlthuathopec: A bad one, but an attempt nonetheless.

strivingscarab: That was a bad attempt at flirtatious humour.

Kunosachiaka: LOL

Kunosachiaka: three in a row, nice

Xlthuathopec: Q-q-q-quoting


smexydawn: alright kuno, im mad


junkmike: Damn, she mutes anyone who’s smarter than her.

Kunosachiaka: Junk

Kunosachiaka: It’s called “PMS”

Brontsaurus: Congratulations


Etrius107: Sorry, but someone who just raged about a show for several posts needs to get themselves in line before griping

at someone who’s said very little since he logged on…

whitethehedgehog: wat

whitethehedgehog: bitch stfu

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