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Name: ????
Age: Unknown
Race: Once human.
Height: Depends on what form
Weight: Unable to be measured accurately due to nature of his form.
A mysterious being whose watched the world pass by, ever changing and turning with each passing moment. A heartless being who stares without feeling pity nor understanding of these creatures who lives ebb and flow like the ocean tide. He can no longer recall how long he walked the earth, no longer counts the cycle of seasons. He had lost sight of what he once long for, a peaceful death from this curse set upon him by the souls that he had damned. Regardless of how many death he had suffer, this abomination reborn painfully from the smoky essence of his fading corpse, denied again and again the final respite. Since the sweet embrace of final atonement lay beyond his grasp, he instead seek repentance in living a peaceful life. Though the nature of the descendents of those who curse him lay far beyond his understanding, he quietly watches them as he seeks to understand this curse.
The hex gave him no true physical form, leaving him to be no more than a embodiment of smoke given a physical form that he could not fathom why. His true human appeal was not lost, but without constant focus on maintaining his appearance he would always fade into the form the cursed had chose for him. A blue eye grey cat whose only other marking were strip of black strips at the base of the tail. Through the ages he had lost sight of himself, accepting that he could no longer be human in both nature and of appeal. For ages he roam the earth as an animal, til he finally settled for an alternative. An humanoid form. One that many would call a demon, an anthropolic cat that bare the same traits as his primal animal form. His interaction with these who did not accept this new nature of his interest him, though he could not comprehend. His focus became studying them, anthropology became pursuit that slowly overtake his study of sorcery. They evolve and become more diverse, both in body and mind; This being witness it throughout the centuries from the eyes of both forms.
Maybe again he would mingle with them and see how much they had changed from their ancestors.

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