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Danktolker: I was gay once

LargoJoeSqueezle: I love you Danktolker

Danktolker: Feeling is mutual, Largo

Danktolker: I love you guys

Danktolker: Press 777 if you love Lord

AbyssmalDemon: evening all.

AbyssmalDemon: morning to some, I guess.

Danktolker: Dis nigga

Danktolker: Sheesh why must you bully me?

usernamesheesh: < because you insult my religion

Danktolker: What religion are you?

Danktolker: DIck worshipper?

Danktolker: Press 777 if you love the Lord

steampunkmaster: 777

LargoJoeSqueezle: 777

zethjoven: hello

Danktolker: 777

zethjoven: is this awosome game?

Danktolker: Press 777

zethjoven: why

Danktolker: If you love the Lord

zethjoven: 777

Danktolker: haha, gay

Danktolker: You should give that money to your parents

LargoJoeSqueezle: Paying for what?

Danktolker: Paying for the mistake of raising you

LargoJoeSqueezle: OOOOOH

LargoJoeSqueezle: SHIT

LargoJoeSqueezle: I dont disagree

8zrau1: see ya losers

LargoJoeSqueezle: Adios amigo

Danktolker: God bless, 8z

Danktolker: Try to be a better friend to Mitch and Jaden

Danktolker: But definitely call them Bitch and Gayden for the rest of high school

Danktolker: You were cool, Duke, now, like Largo, you can’t appreciate what is silly about yourself

LargoJoeSqueezle: Press 777 if you love the Lord

LargoJoeSqueezle: 777

Danktolker: 777

Itaku: 888?

kiio2000: lol

Danktolker: Grow up, Itaku

LargoJoeSqueezle: Grow up, Itaku

Itaku: The number eight is considered to be extremely holy, in some places.

Danktolker: Not here

Danktolker: Not in this land

Itaku: Seven is the number of death in other places.

kiio2000: BOOM he got you there

Danktolker: Why was 6 afraid of 7 though?

Itaku: Because.

Danktolker: Because Jesus

Danktolker: I am prepared to fight against any Demon that come forth, but I would rather not, as just ate a lot of stuffed pretzel bread

Willdo201: It always amazes me that the atheists make up beliefs based upon nothing but what they think but then tell Christians that they are crazy.

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