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    Markham, Illinois. Also where light shine the brightest.
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    Dec. 19, 2008

Thing you need to know.
1. I don`t like Trash
2. 光剃须刀 Zeromoge named me that. :D
3. I like prinnys
4. Unlike the other I have a second release.
5. I am a Hollow
6. You`re probably not Trash
7. If you read 18 then you are Trash
8. noms nanao
9. 1 place Zakid’s Tournament #10 (Beta) https://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=tSWR1bRce-gA_a2_ucy43Mg&output=html
10. Bloodflash and Solarjin are my brothers in real life.
11. The light is bright at the end of the tunnel. Chase after it.
12. I`m the former eh adult guru of kongai room 1.
13. Was mostly on my alt lordclown, since it’s my main in Sacred season 2, My old home.
14. Wartune is my home.
15. Oreos and chicken get their own number.
16. I like pokemon and yugioh.. if you do also pm me about it :D
17. I need more random stuff in my profile
18. Worthless trash
19. One day kongai… I’ll avenge you.

  1. Alchemists
    Lightshaver, The Wanderer.
    Innate: Forces opponent to switch when Lightshaver enter play.
    Hp: 60
    Resistances: 4 Phy res, 6 Light res, 0 Dark res
    Item: Cross Chain.
    Effect: 70% to gain 4 hp when attacking or intercepting.

1) Star slayer (Dm13x3)(40 En) [Close] (Light) Speed 8 acc 90% prob 60%
Has a high chance to inflict 3 burn damage for 4 turns.

2) Galaxy storm (35 En) [Both] (Light) Speed 3 acc 95% prob 100
Burns random enemy in the deck for 25 damage for 1 turn.

3) Radiant Glow(30En) [Both] (Light) Speed 4 acc 100% prob 100%
Heals 1 random ally in the deck for 30, but can only be used once.

4) Constellation crash (Dm16)(20En) [Close] (Light) Speed 4 acc 100% prob 90%
Has a high chance to knock the opponent out of battle.

Strengths: Light Magic, Burning, Close Range Combat.
Vulnerabilities: Dark Magic, low health.

Will add more later.

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