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Warning: TL;DR. Though it's really too big for even that now.-------------------------------------------------- Characters: Llyn: A 14 year old girl who has seen more violence, corruption, and brutality than most have in their entire life. Death and destruction seem to follow her everywhere she goes, causing her to cut herself off from other people. She refuses to ally with other people unless forced to, and avoids contact with anyone she doesn't want dead. Because of the constant threat of death hanging over her head, she always carries weapons with her, among them an incredible number of blades, an amount that she should not reasonably be able to carry, several knives, a concealed pistol, a hand axe, and a spear. She is skilled with magic and many of her weapons are magical as well. She sometimes suffers from multiple personality disorder, though personality change is quite rare. Her hair is white and is worn in a somewhat short style to prevent it getting in her way.---------------------------------------------------- List of species discovered, in order discovered. Should clear up some confusion in my roleplays. (SPC-01: Human. This should be self-explanatory. SPC-02: Krannik. Large, bull-like creatures which seem to lack intelligence of any kind. SPC-03: Kai'arran. An intelligent, humanoid species. They are usually 7 or 8 feet tall and have considerable strength. They are also quite agile, despite their size. SPC-04: Platra. A bird-like species capable of conversation. It does not seem to have much creativity but often have much wisdom for those who can bother to decode its cryptic messages. SPC-05: Kzozza. A small, humanoid race. The largest members of the species stand at 5 feet tall. They have the ability to control their surroundings in a way that some call magic. There are specialized branches of this magic, such as Alchemagistry and Necromancy. They are the only race that humans consider equal to them. SPC-06: Horror that cannot be described. Anyone who saw this creature went completely insane and ended up dead days later. Most of these deaths were suicides. SPC-07: Qekkar. Unintelligent lizard-like creature. Hunted for their skins, which fetch prices in the thousands at market. SPC-08: Verash. Large carnivores who will eat anything they find. They bear a resemblance to the wolf. SPC-09: Kkran. Strange creatures which are difficult to see in regular light. They feed off of the intelligence of sentient beings. SPC-10: Kirak Ota. A huge, ratlike creature. Humans are but snacks to this monstrocity. SPC-11: Fodget. Small grey creatures which, when killed, spawn 2-5 more of their kind. They have a voracious appetite, and will eat anything metallic. SPC-12: Ik. This species has a constant slight levitation over almost any surface, the height of levitation controlled by the creature. At birth, it is a transparent watery ooze that can be shaped into something within the first year of life. It is able to do whatever its shape allows it to. Its form is always somewhat gelatinous and elastic, allowing it to slip through small gaps. They are unable to be frozen, though they move more slowly the colder it gets. These creatures has no internal organs, and require very small amounts of sustenance to keep alive and active, but if unfed for too long it will merely go into what is known as "Death State", where the body shuts down but remains alive. In this state the soft body of the creature becomes as hard as silver but as light as balsa wood. It consumes no fuel in this state but can be awakened in the proper conditions. In this state, they also are resistant to extreme temperatures. The color of individual beings can vary incredibly so , depending on many variables. SPC-13: Frankenstein Moss. Many assume that this was named incorrectly, but that is what the scouts believed it to be when they saw it growing on their ship. Very little is known about this creature. SPC-14: Eyn. A massive creature that can live in most liquids, named for its repetitive call of a low vibrato "Eeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyn". It has very smooth skin and no vascular system. It is very lengthy and thin, about as thick as the opening of a wine glass at most. It has branching limbs that seem to sprout randomly , and its whole being vibrates to make its call. Not much more is known about the creature, because they die and become very brittle and crumbly when taken out of liquid for a few minutes.) -------------------------------------------------- Credit to DragonChick for helping me with (and occasionally creating) all of these, and LittleNekodemon for helping me refine a few of them. -------------------------------------------------- Equipment: Dark star (disintegration longsword, Dark damage) Pain Blade (Even a touch from this longsword feels like being hit with a spiked sledgehammer), Magmasaw (Magma chainsaw, Fire Damage), Blade of Divine Vengeance (Longsword that does massive holy damage), Knife (All purpose, generic knife), Holy Spear (A spear containing the essence of light), and Hellcaller (a sword containing the essence of shadows). -------------------------------------------------- Currency: 53,666,475 Gold, 491 Kurols

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