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here is a cool f: ƒ if u want to copy it :D anyway, Neo is my bf and he always will be i will always protect him and play with him. i love him. i also love: Storm my doggy husband as ima boy when ima dog :D ROFLOLMFAO...i control many accounts. and thanks to bluepheonix17 for being a fun friend, adding me, and putting me on his list, i shall include him on my list if u r not my friend i will shoot u ☞ *cocks gun* ╔═╦╗╔╦═╦═╦╗╔╗ ║═╣║║║╔╣╔╣╚╝║ ║╔╣╚╝║║║║╚╗╔╝ ╚╝╚══╩╝╚╝♥╚╝ if u r furry u r awesomez :D ☞ ☞ ☞ *cocks all million guns* dont be a meanie or ill blow your head off sucka. uhm one of my RP chars is Mortaru weakness:Needler Race:Ceanturer weapons:metal tail powers:super punch tail chop and Mortaru's Vengeance. my best move is:super epic punch of death with lazer eye rage kill. uhm, another is Shao Kahn but do u want me to post that ones info? leave me a shout yes or no. me arguing about the bible, meosapian6: Greeks made those books so everyone can understand the true meaning of god... meosapian6: and heaven, Autarch: ....they did? meosapian6: hell, even, Corando: yeah sure the greek knew everything further science beyond their time is just silly meosapian6: yes. and a dead chat: gaarawarrior: ... gaarawarrior: hmmmmm.........DEAD CHAT! meosapian6: ... meosapian6: ik gaarawarrior: yup meosapian6: gaara meosapian6: its cuz mah minion no here lol long chat XD: I will show teh picture if I must e.e junkmike: I'm skinny hellokitty126: (mumble mumble MUMBLE) Harfus: hello Harfus: yeah ImAwesome008: DANNNY Ylfomik: YES? Harfus: marquez meosapian6: hesho ImAwesome008: **** U brian1425: i changed my profile stuff meosapian6: why? ImAwesome008: YES DANIEL meosapian6: why awesome meosapian6: ? hellokitty126: =L meosapian6: :( ChocolateMuffins: Roxas. ImAwesome008: not u meo Roxas_Sora: Yus? Harfus: hey why doesnt a chicken wear pants Icyskills12: Touche ChocolateMuffins: Yew know that weed site I showed yew? ._. ImAwesome008: HARFUS Roxas_Sora: Yus Icyskills12: GRAMMAR NAZI ALERT ChocolateMuffins: It turned out to be fake D: Roxas_Sora: D: Harfus: because his pecker is on his head.....hahaha hellokitty126: ... 3picSmil3yfac3: ChocolateMuffins=http://www.google.com/imgres?q=chocolatemuffin&hl=en&client=firefox-a&hs=UzS&sa=X&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&biw=1525&bih=720&tbm=isch&prmd=ivnse&tbnid=Mll8ERcOrKL05M:&imgrefurl=http://www.cacaoweb.net/chocolatemuffins.html&doc… 3picSmil3yfac3: fail link Icyskills12: pr0nz? 3picSmil3yfac3: no Icyskills12: :( 3picSmil3yfac3: Its chocolatemuffin how she look like Icyskills12: 0_o ChocolateMuffins: Weeed is gewd :3 aubryb: hi Icyskills12: bvye fatty 3picSmil3yfac3: ChocolateMuffins=http://www.cacaoweb.net/images/440chocmuffin.jpg hellokitty126: great aubryb: how is every one? brian1425: good ImAwesome008: karfus is my best friend irl 3picSmil3yfac3: Awful ChocolateMuffins: Roxas. SADDSADD: Bored as usual *jumps onto Aub's head* ChocolateMuffins: Look at this bowl. ChocolateMuffins: http://www.grasscity.com/us_en/rx-small-handpipe-4.html 3picSmil3yfac3: ^ http://www.cacaoweb.net/images/440chocmuffin.jpg aubryb: *looks at sadd*hi 3picSmil3yfac3: thats her pic SADDSADD: Hai! Roxas_Sora: All Roxas_Sora: *Ally Roxas_Sora: That's teh coolest pipe ever Icyskills12: is she hot? ChocolateMuffins: I know. aubryb: bah bored alredy SADDSADD: I know how it is aub... ChocolateMuffins: I want it so bad. Roxas_Sora: Me tew Roxas_Sora: I need money ChocolateMuffins: http://www.grasscity.com/us_en/rx-stand-up-bubbler.html ChocolateMuffins: So expensive. e.e ChocolateMuffins: But probably so worth it e.e Icyskills12: wont load for me Icyskills12: what is i Roxas_Sora: Woah Icyskills12: it* Harfus: yyaa ImAwesome008: WERE THE **** IS KIKAPOO Mioh: In my ass. Mioh: For now. :I Roxas_Sora: ... Mioh: Well. ChocolateMuffins: There is a lot of cheap stuff on this site. ImAwesome008: ......... Mioh: I'm back for now. :B ChocolateMuffins: I think Imma buy something right now. Icyskills12: you cant buy a life 3picSmil3yfac3: buy me a car plz ChocolateMuffins: I have one already. Icyskills12: too bad its broken ChocolateMuffins: It actually hasn't broke yet. Icyskills12: thats called buying AIDS ImAwesome008: hahahahaha ChocolateMuffins: Kid. Ylfomik: how often should u pee every day? ChocolateMuffins: Stop trying to be a troll. Mioh: Stop being a fail muffins. :I Ylfomik: how often should u pee a day Harfus: huff it out of ya ass hole meosapian6: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scorpion_%28Mortal_Kombat%29 Icyskills12: stop being a chubby muffin Mioh: Later Roxas_Sora: This chat be ragin' Mioh: Too busy molesting my tits for her at the moment. Roxas_Sora: :L ChocolateMuffins: I'm an obese muffin actually. Harfus: nice Ylfomik: how often should u poop/pee everyday? Roxas_Sora: Well Roxas_Sora: I'll be AFK Harfus: let me in some of that action ImAwesome008: dead chat Ylfomik: how often should u poop/pee evreyday brian1425: swimmy Mioh: You should piss 50 liters a day Ylfomik: how many times is that Mioh: And be able to fill a barrel with shit a day ChocolateMuffins: One time for me. Mioh: So do the math. Ylfomik: i think ur lying Mioh: No shit Ylfomik: are u lying pyroimp: .......................... Icyskills12: you should piss 9-80 times a day Ylfomik: o ChocolateMuffins: ... pyroimp: ... Ylfomik: i go maybe 7 times a day ChocolateMuffins: Thanks for sharing. pyroimp: i piss 1000000000 times a day Mioh: Over 9000! Harfus: fck u all....a human should piss and shit evry now and then 3picSmil3yfac3: O.O Mioh: Just use the dunny when you needa go. Icyskills12: i piss on your mom Mioh: Simple as that. Icyskills12: daily pyroimp: oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo k ChocolateMuffins: Harfus comes out of nowhere with that comment. Mioh: I wouldn't even piss on you if you caught fire, Icy. Icyskills12: i dont catch fire, im Icy Mioh: Ice melts. Mioh: So you fail. Icyskills12: and turns into water Icyskills12: which then freezes back into ice Ylfomik: FIRE DIES OUT Icyskills12: suck it bitch Mioh: Lol. Mioh: Water turns into a fine mist then is whisked into the heavens Mioh: Which is then poured down ontop of homeless people that smell like your mum. ChocolateMuffins: Roxaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas. Icyskills12: i hate my mother ImAwesome008: ^^^ Mioh: That's nice. ImAwesome008: DORKUS!!!!!!!! ChocolateMuffins: Well. Roxas_Sora: Hmm? ChocolateMuffins: Hi. DorkusVonBonBon: Oh so very happy~ 3picSmil3yfac3: My vision is going blurry ChocolateMuffins: x3 Utah47: rp means death ChocolateMuffins: Dorkus. DorkusVonBonBon: WAIT. DorkusVonBonBon: Utah? DorkusVonBonBon: I LIVE IN YOU. DorkusVonBonBon: XD ChocolateMuffins: How was Sir Dorkus? ImAwesome008: dorkus :) Utah47: holy sht every1 says that DorkusVonBonBon: Words cannot describe. DorkusVonBonBon: Yo Utah, I'm in Farr west. ChocolateMuffins: lol x3 Utah47: i dont live in utah ChocolateMuffins: So yeah. DorkusVonBonBon: :I ChocolateMuffins: If an animal goes to the bathroom. DorkusVonBonBon: Ohai Awesome. ChocolateMuffins: It evaporates. ChocolateMuffins: And rains down on us :3 Icyskills12: i think chocolate muffin is into zee fetish pr0nz ChocolateMuffins: Totally. Icyskills12: :) Icyskills12: :P ImAwesome008: hi :) DorkusVonBonBon: Utah, where do you live then? Ylfomik: i livei n utah Ylfomik: :D ChocolateMuffins: If he doesn't live in Utah.. DorkusVonBonBon: -hugs Ylf- ChocolateMuffins: Imma stab someone. Ylfomik: *hug* Icyskills12: i live in a gum wrapper ImAwesome008: i live in minnesota...... but im currently in las vegas DorkusVonBonBon: Ylf, northern or southern Utah? DorkusVonBonBon: VEGAS?! ImAwesome008: yes Ylfomik: nvm i dont livei nutah aubryb: Night guys and gals DorkusVonBonBon: Sir Dorkus is going to Vegas tomorrow. Ylfomik: i live in las vegas Icyskills12: ddi live in northwestern mint-esota of Gumwrappervill ImAwesome008: ahhh i'll look for him DorkusVonBonBon: Lol. aubryb: Cyall tommarow Ylfomik: awesome where r u staying DorkusVonBonBon: You don't know what he looks like. Ylfomik: i will look 4 u ChocolateMuffins: Dorkus. Icyskills12: well im in berryville right now DorkusVonBonBon: Hmm? ChocolateMuffins: Ylf is 10 year old. Icyskills12: this gum wrapper is pretty big DorkusVonBonBon: Ah. Ylfomik: yeyeyeye i like big things ImAwesome008: im not tell u were im staying...... Ylf....... rapist Ylfomik: u dont trust me ChocolateMuffins: Mhm. Ylfomik: im hurt Ylfomik: just tell me the room nubmer and hotel Icyskills12: u can trust me, i wont molest you...while your looking Ylfomik: :D ChocolateMuffins: I'm staying at.. DorkusVonBonBon: Awesome. DorkusVonBonBon: If you do meet Sir Dorkus, don't hurt him. ImAwesome008: well HARFUS lives in las vegas...... going to his house tomorrow........ irl ChocolateMuffins: I'd probably be like.. ChocolateMuffins: "Yo gf is sexy" ImAwesome008: thatnks Ylfomik: what would happen if u drank milk and orange juice together? ChocolateMuffins: Go try it. ImAwesome008: doooont DorkusVonBonBon: XD Ylfomik: i dont want 2 die Ylfomik: so i need 2 know first DorkusVonBonBon: Yeah. Icyskills12: If you saw my pic, bricks would be shat DorkusVonBonBon: Awesome, if somehow you see him, don't let anything stupid slip out. ChocolateMuffins: You will most likely live if you drank milk and oj, ylf. ImAwesome008: dont worry i will not hurt sir dorkus.......-whispers somthin under breath- redbms: -Wants to pm someone entertaining- -.- DorkusVonBonBon: There would be blood split. Ylfomik: o ok muffins Ylfomik: ty Ylfomik: i will go try Ylfomik: tomorrow Ylfomik: bc its night right now Ylfomik: and i dont want 2 go downstairs ChocolateMuffins: Got my hopes up. Ylfomik: bc 2 far ChocolateMuffins: And shoved them to the ground. DorkusVonBonBon: Awesome. ImAwesome008: yes DorkusVonBonBon: There's like no chance you'd see him anyway. ImAwesome008: ima go to the airport...... DorkusVonBonBon: You wouldn't recognize him. ChocolateMuffins: But what about the tracking device I put on hi- ChocolateMuffins: ..Nevermind. ImAwesome008: i'll find him.......... Ylfomik: who in here likes to smell earwax Ylfomik: ? Ylfomik: i smell my earwax ChocolateMuffins: Ylf... Roxas_Sora: o.o ChocolateMuffins: What is wrong with you? Roxas_Sora: I finally found that drillbit Ylfomik: doesnt ever1 smell theri earwax ImAwesome008: ima mute Ylf..... whos with me!?!?!?! Ylfomik: NOOO PLZ Icyskills12: i am Ylfomik: :( Ylfomik: ILY ChocolateMuffins: I'm a leader, not a follower. DorkusVonBonBon: Hey Awesome. ImAwesome008: yes ChocolateMuffins: Not really ._. DorkusVonBonBon: What do you think Sir Dorkus looks like? ChocolateMuffins: I haven't really followed anyone yet. ChocolateMuffins: I think Sir Dorkus looks nerdy. Ylfomik: you know what is a cool animal? ChocolateMuffins: Because you say nerds are sexy. Ylfomik: OCTOPUSES DorkusVonBonBon: He is nerdy. ChocolateMuffins: OCTOPUSSY PRIME. ImAwesome008: ummmm..... hes white...... has brown hair........ u know what.... why dont u tell me what he looks like so i know u know ChocolateMuffins: That was my xbox live gamertag. darkness231: slut ChocolateMuffins: Yeah. DorkusVonBonBon: Awesome, too much of a risk you getting in a fight. ImAwesome008: im 14 Razzbooty: wait wats gong on -,0 ImAwesome008: @muffins....... im goin to add u on xbox ChocolateMuffins: That WAS my gamertag. ChocolateMuffins: I sold my xbox. ChocolateMuffins: Too life consuming. ImAwesome008: oooooooh..... **** DorkusVonBonBon: -huggles Nick- Ylfomik: can guys produce milk? Roxas_Sora: ... ImAwesome008: thats it ima mute u kid Ylfomik: NOOO PLZ Ylfomik: :< ImAwesome008: then stop sayin reeeeaally stupid shit...... ChocolateMuffins: I'm yet to produce milk. ChocolateMuffins: So ._. DorkusVonBonBon: Same. 3picSmil3yfac3: O.O Ylfomik: i was just wondering and thought u might kno DorkusVonBonBon: ._. ImAwesome008: ****ing wow DorkusVonBonBon: . Roxas_Sora: :L DorkusVonBonBon: Nick. DorkusVonBonBon: I betz you sexeh. ImAwesome008: nvm Ylf... say allll the stupid shit u want Razzbooty: i r sexeh....kinda ChocolateMuffins: -holds Roxas' hand- DorkusVonBonBon: Shit I'm teasing again. Ylfomik: y? Roxas_Sora: *Holds hands* :3 junkmike: sexy ImAwesome008: casue theres no way to stop u Ylfomik: o Ylfomik: cool Ylfomik: I AM INVINCIBLE Ylfomik: :D ImAwesome008: ****ING DOODLE GOD ChocolateMuffins: .> Harfus: ****k RoxasChan: Loser. RoxasChan: Newfags can't triforce :B derp derp DorkusVonBonBon: There's a tri-force on the one-dollar bill. RoxasChan: Yep. RoxasChan: There is. Roxas_Sora: Triforce FTW Roxas_Sora: I have a shirt with teh symbol Roxas_Sora: :B DorkusVonBonBon: Awesome. ImAwesome008: yes citysiege: awesome Roxas_Sora: I wanna get a tattoo of eet DorkusVonBonBon: I have a shirt with the Heartless symbol on it. citysiege: iam back DorkusVonBonBon: Sir Dorkus finds it very sexy. Roxas_Sora: :O Awesome ImAwesome008: yes DorkusVonBonBon: The next 7 days are gonna be lonesome. ;~; Roxas_Sora: Dorkus Roxas_Sora: Watch Young Justice Roxas_Sora: :o junkmike: We are the Knights of the Misshapen Table! DorkusVonBonBon: Lol maybe I should get a temporary Sir Dorkus. Nothing serious, nothing that'd get me in trouble. XD DorkusVonBonBon: Hmm. DorkusVonBonBon: Nah. junkmike: I am Sire Junk, the Acolyte of Fire! Roxas_Sora: LAWL Roxas_Sora: ... Junk... RoxasChan: Mmm Junk. DorkusVonBonBon: I am.... RoxasChan: Wait.. RoxasChan: What? DorkusVonBonBon: What am I? Roxas_Sora: A nerd citysiege: awwesome junkmike: may my fires scorch you for all eternity!.... except I can't shoot fire... DorkusVonBonBon: Sweet! I'm a nerd! :D Roxas_Sora: Yay ImAwesome008: yeah add a /kong on the end of that citysiege: awesome DorkusVonBonBon: On the end of what? ImAwesome008: yes citysiege: im srry dude citysiege: it suck balls citysiege: back to my game ImAwesome008: its okay but i still gotta go..... my irl friend is there citysiege: lol citysiege: ok by RoxasChan: Trriiissttaaannn~ citysiege: what? Roxas_Sora: :I RoxasChan: ... RoxasChan: What Roxas_Sora: Hmm? Roxas_Sora: BRB citysiege: ok.. scardashia56: What can I say? ;D scardashia56: Sorry, just had to. o.o ImAwesome008: FFUUCCKK scardashia56: o-o RoxasChan: feelsgoodman.jpg DorkusVonBonBon: Brb everypony. ImAwesome008: ffuucckk tinychat Razzbooty: huh? citysiege: what ImAwesome008: cause i sent my other friend to the wrong place..... he forgot yhe /kong at the end ImAwesome008: the* ImAwesome008: im such a ****ing chat killer DorkusVonBonBon: Ouch. citysiege: ouch\ ImAwesome008: ouch...what citysiege: nvm ImAwesome008: ??????? RoxasChan: It makes me so suspicious when two people BRB at the same time... :l DorkusVonBonBon: Ohai. DorkusVonBonBon: Brb. RoxasChan: I'm like "holy fu­ck they're having sex.." RoxasChan: SEE? RoxasChan: :l RoxasChan: Losers. citysiege: oh ya my dude hit a ledge and died DorkusVonBonBon: XD RoxasChan: Stop having PM sex without me....! ; ; DorkusVonBonBon: Oh Go---wait. DorkusVonBonBon: XD RoxasChan: ohbby RoxasChan: *tapes it* RoxasChan: As in Scotch Tape. ImAwesome008: im back RoxasChan: I'm taping you two together.. RoxasChan: muahahaha citysiege: hey dude RoxasChan: ilied.jpg ImAwesome008: playin shell shock live citysiege: oh playwith me dude 1!!!!! citysiege: brb citysiege: ahh !!!! KyleFaust: how do you make human in doodle god? citysiege: it so dannm slow DorkusVonBonBon: Well Kyle. citysiege: i forgot KyleFaust: yes? ImAwesome008: i forgot too DorkusVonBonBon: When a mommy human and a daddy human are in love... ImAwesome008: hahahahahahahah KyleFaust: Not that way! I know THAT I mean in doodle god. DorkusVonBonBon: Oh. RoxasChan: OMG KYLE Razzbooty: idk just make em **** RoxasChan: I know a really hot guy named Kyle. RoxasChan: o: ImAwesome008: doodle god hard..... do doodle devil DorkusVonBonBon: When a mommy Doodle God and a daddy Doodle God.... ImAwesome008: XD JayXY7: helo KyleFaust: NO! I know that too. citysiege: awesome ImAwesome008: hahahah ImAwesome008: yes citysiege: iam back ImAwesome008: okay citysiege: what room r u in DorkusVonBonBon: Well then I'm no help. citysiege: hurry ImAwesome008: ummm THe game KyleFaust: (sigh) RoxasChan: If you knew how to make a human you wouldn't have asked in the first place. RoxasChan: Lameo... citysiege: ill make a room DorkusVonBonBon: Alright. DorkusVonBonBon: First put a sperm and egg together. DorkusVonBonBon: Let it grow. DorkusVonBonBon: And BOOM, human. citysiege: awesome !!!!!! KyleFaust: (sigh) DorkusVonBonBon: Duh, I've had lots of health classes. ImAwesome008: whats it called DorkusVonBonBon: Glasses? DorkusVonBonBon: -explodes- citysiege: awesome ill make room ImAwesome008: yes... do that citysiege: done citysiege: now join ImAwesome008: but tell me what it called DorkusVonBonBon: Glasses are...well....errm....aheh.... RoxasChan: I'M SO RoxasChan: FAMISHED. citysiege: nvm RoxasChan: Glasses are sexy. Razzbooty: i have glasses but atm im wearing my contacts DorkusVonBonBon: What Chan said. citysiege: **** citysiege: comeon !!! RoxasChan: Muthafu­cka I'm awesome RoxasChan: NO YOU'RE NOT DUDE DON'T LIE RoxasChan: c: ImAwesome008: fuuck u im awesome RoxasChan: I'm awesome, drivin' 'round in my mom's ride. DorkusVonBonBon: Glasses: Super sexy. Googles: Omfg yes. DorkusVonBonBon: -explodes- foreworst: Goggles. foreworst: Not googles. DorkusVonBonBon: Sorry. RoxasChan: I'm awesome, quarter of my life gone by and I spent all my time online.. RoxasChan: GOOGLE GOGGLES. foreworst: Its fine. DorkusVonBonBon: Chan. RoxasChan: Say google goggles three times fast. RoxasChan: what. foreworst: Met all my friends online lol roxas. DorkusVonBonBon: -explodes- RoxasChan: DUDE TY FORE foreworst: Not spent. RoxasChan: I couldn't think RoxasChan: of the line RoxasChan: at the end foreworst: Its ok. RoxasChan: i was going all ADHD RoxasChan: And I forgetted it. foreworst: Its what im here for. Roxas_Sora: Jawa citysiege: awesome RoxasChan: Jawa? RoxasChan: wtf. DorkusVonBonBon: Oh. DorkusVonBonBon: I had a Java Monster today. DorkusVonBonBon: The Mean Bean one. citysiege: awesome !!!! Thorstein: hey (reply) DorkusVonBonBon: Pretty damn good. DorkusVonBonBon: Ohai. To Thorstein: hey meosapian6: back :P Thorstein: *bows* (reply) DorkusVonBonBon: -keeping strong RoxasChan: my hands are so cold DorkusVonBonBon: So how are you, Mr. Nick? RoxasChan: Someone hold them To Thorstein: welcome minion, RoxasChan: *bats my eyes* RoxasChan: :D To Thorstein: come to Dragons Cave. Thorstein: Yes, Miss Sonya. (reply) To Thorstein: Lord Shao Kahn. To Thorstein: :/ Thorstein: *bats my eyes as well To Thorstein: im Shao Kahn at the moment. DorkusVonBonBon: Happy. Thorstein: Yes Lord Shao Kahn. (reply) DorkusVonBonBon: -hands Chan some gloves- RoxasChan: Lameo. RoxasChan: TRRIISSSTAAANNN. meosapian6: *points wrath hammer at Dorkun* RoxasChan: :c meosapian6: THIS meosapian6: IS DorkusVonBonBon: Huh? meosapian6: MORTAL KOMBAT!!! DorkusVonBonBon: Meo, you're going to hammer me? ._. RoxasChan: No this is Patrick. meosapian6: no this is Shao Kahn! meosapian6: patrick:NO this is patrick. Roxas_Sora: Hm? meosapian6: THIS IS SHAO KAHN!!! meosapian6: patrick:THIS meosapian6: patrick:IS Thorstein: inb4sparta meosapian6: patrick:PATRIIIIIIIICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RoxasChan: More like inb4spartaknockoff DorkusVonBonBon: Happeh. RoxasChan: :l meosapian6: Sparta is for the weak RoxasChan: EW WTF NEO RoxasChan: GTFO RoxasChan: D: meosapian6: neo? RoxasChan: Neo RoxasChan: >:O meosapian6: im not neo. RoxasChan: I never said you were. RoxasChan: Oohhhhh RoxasChan: You just gave it away RoxasChan: Hi Neo RoxasChan: :D citysiege: awesome meosapian6: Shao Kahn is for the great meosapian6: Sparta is for the weak citysiege: :I Thorstein: My Little Pony is for the great meosapian6: SCORPION IS FO meosapian6: R meosapian6: THE DorkusVonBonBon: I'm happy on account of what happened this evening. RoxasChan: Fu­ck I hate MLP. meosapian6: nutrual ._. DorkusVonBonBon: Thor. DorkusVonBonBon: Yes. Roxas_Sora: I'll be reading comics RoxasChan: I'm so hipster. I loved MLP back in teh daaaaayyyyyy son DorkusVonBonBon: Oh yes. meosapian6: so m not for the great eh? meosapian6: I WILL SHOW YOU junkmike: LOVE ME!!! meosapian6: *raises hammer high* DorkusVonBonBon: I bet his ass at bowling and air hockey. meosapian6: THIS meosapian6: IS meosapian6: SHAO KAHN!!! RoxasChan: MEO STFU DorkusVonBonBon: -beat RoxasChan: OMFG. RoxasChan: You ruined it. RoxasChan: You just. RoxasChan: Ruined it. DorkusVonBonBon: It's fine Nick. meosapian6: *bangs the ground so hard that a cliff turns to dust* RoxasChan: *plays the Micheal Scott NO GOD NO PLEASE NO video* RoxasChan: :l meosapian6: THAT IS THE WAY OF SHAO KAHN DorkusVonBonBon: Maybeh. meosapian6: *smashes dorkus in a 1769837 streak combo for 3603 damage* meosapian6: SHAO KAHN WINS meosapian6: FATALITY DorkusVonBonBon: But if I were to do such, the person I'd pick would go under so much trouble. DorkusVonBonBon: -fatal'd- Razzbooty: wtf r u talking bout stfu kitty junkmike: go down lucarioguy: hi Thorstein: *goes down* meosapian6: Minion, DorkusVonBonBon: Jealousy, for one. From all the other guys. meosapian6: that is the worst idea! meosapian6: Razzbooty meosapian6: stfu meosapian6: Minion? DorkusVonBonBon: There's plenty of options. meosapian6: Minion?! DorkusVonBonBon: Nick, are you still with Kelly? DorkusVonBonBon: Orly? To ThorStein: hello? DorkusVonBonBon: What happened/ Thorstein: I'm here. Do you like guys with long hair? (reply) DorkusVonBonBon: Edwhodo? Roxas_Sora: What'd he say? Kongregate Notice: Part of your message was cut off because it exceeded the 250 character maximum. meosapian6: Thorstein: ….Anyway… uhm… ELmaestro how long have you been watching? ELmaestro: Yes. Crownheiress01: Lols…. KingArz: …. KingArz: GREAT ANSWER KingArz: thats a keeper JimmytheBrute: Poor girls jack tries to have sex with. ]: CHINATOWNJACK: REAL… To Thorstein: your not typing alot :/ thefurryfox: one!! Roxas_Sora: :o thefurryfox: -takes ones hand- :3 samster10: i came on to say hi but im gettin back off in a sec Roxas_Sora: She believed him? DorkusVonBonBon: There's like three replacement options. Thorstein: I am typing with someone in this channel. (reply) thefurryfox: :D hahahahha! Roxas_Sora: Dorrrrrrrrrkus Roxas_Sora: Who are they? DorkusVonBonBon: Hmm/ meosapian6: CHINATOWNJACK: REAL MEN JimmytheBrute: You’re a dick wrapper? lolololol helloyumi: :P helloyumi: best job ever DorkusVonBonBon: oh. DorkusVonBonBon: Nick, Razzle, or Jay. meosapian6: Razzle. meosapian6: XD Roxas_Sora: JAYXY7? DorkusVonBonBon: No. DorkusVonBonBon: Jayfeather, Razzbooty: razzle =D eragon101324: HELLO Roxas_Sora: Ohhhhhhh DorkusVonBonBon: JAYXY7 is stupid. eragon101324: ECHOOO thefurryfox: :3 -pounces one- MUSH! Roxas_Sora: I can guess who you'd pick spud_farmer: Riders Of The Storm Onekis: I'm not a sled dog. DorkusVonBonBon: Who Rox/ thefurryfox: sled one thefurryfox: lol readz: meosapian6: hiopoiasdfghyiouh understasdd! amtgeorge: one wat is your really name Roxas_Sora: Yes Roxas_Sora: It does nother lol: meosapian6: /!\ WARNING amtgeorge: so one kisses his hand Roxas_Sora: Anymore? meosapian6: /? DorkusVonBonBon: Nick x a pillow? Onekis: Anymore. Onekis: .. meosapian6: /?\ Onekis: :/ I'm not a pansexual..

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