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I am Minnakht, a member of this website since long, long ago.
I’m a Pole. We don’t even speak English where we live. That’s why we fail at life. That’s also why we drink a lot. That’s also why we migrate to other countries and do stuff natives don’t want to do, like cleaning, menial building construction work, or scientific breakthroughs.

I’m not a very good gamer. Until just several months ago, I didn’t even have a good computer, and I never had a console, either. That’s why most classic games remain unknown to me, and I’m not very knowledgeable about them. That’s also why I came here – Flash games weren’t out of my reach. I even have three impossible badges here, though – even if they were of the easy kind.

Nowadays, however, I hardly have time to use such things – university is time-consuming.


I am the 14th person to complete MARDEK 3, and possibly the most forum-active of people who have completed it within a fairly short time

Prince of Off-Topic forum 2010, and Second Highest Quantity Poster – those two are my rightful titles. The latter was just “Highest” for a long time, but it isn’t any longer. I still am the first person to reach the local 20000 posts milestone, and the second person to reach 30000. Thus, my name is forever written down next to the names of SaintAjora, Vegard20 and Vegard20, the first people at 10000, 30000 and (predictably) 40000.

In a tradition that has spanned tens of months, people host competitions or tourneys on the Kongregate forum, rallying dozens of fellow players to fight for the best score in a chosen game. So far, there have been only severalteen hosts, maybe twenty, there are no records on that. Out of those, many have been unsuccessful. And I’ve been one of the successful ones that got a tourney to its end, sharing the honor with relatively very few people.

The Polish language is very flexible when it comes to creating new words out of nowhere. It could even be said that we do not own a full vocabulary, just a set of basic words and a bunch of prefixes and suffixes, which complete with rules of grammar allows for creation of fitting, understandable words on the fly. Needless to say, it’s a horrible, horrible system, and most foreigners don’t even try to understand it, and I don’t blame them for it. Polish is awful.
Sadly, I find myself using the system in English. If ‘several’ means ‘a number about from five to nine’ and ‘-teen’ means ‘ten plus the pre-suffix number’, then ‘severalteen’ means ‘a number from about fifteen to nineteen’, and you’d be surprised how often I have to use that. Same goes for ‘severalty’ – ‘a number from fifty to ninety’ – because ‘-ty’ means ‘ten times the pre-suffix number’. Why not?

Do not ask about my gender. My name abbreviates to Minna. Conclude of that what you will, and voice your conclusion freely when you have to address me with a third-person pronoun. Either way, it’ll be fun.

I can give you a photo, though. Here, have a link.

The game Peel, which can be played on Kongregate, is bloody goddamned awful and I hate it with a passion. Kill it with fire.

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