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So here is a little bit about me.But before I say anything I should tell you that I will update this in my free time.
First I will start with my top “YO MAMA”jokes
Yo mama is so fat that when she jumped of a cliff she got stuck in the air!
Yo mama is so fat that when she goes to swim in the ocean the wails sing to here"WE ARE FAMILY EVEN THOUGH YOU’RE FATTER THEN ME"!
Your mama is so fat that when she did a cannonball she made a tsunami!
Yo mama is so stupid that when she threw a rock at the ground she missed!
Yo mama is so fat that she bought herself a private mansion and fit the rest of the family in a closet!
Yo mama is so fat that hippopotamuses are scared that she might sit on them!
Yo mom is so fat that when they lunched here into space she became a planet!
Yo mama is so fat that when the planet nuburu(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4lPoiFi5cc&feature=related this is link to more information)came to earth it bounced of of your mom’s stomach!

Now I will tell you about what I think about Doomsday 2012.I don’t really think it will happen but I am scared because really what if it does.There are many different theories for how our world will end on 2012 December 21.
Here are all the different theories I have know about of how our world might end.
*Planet X/Nubiri
*Galactic alighnment
*Polor shift

Here are my favorite songs
*I Wanna Go by Britney Spears
*Sexy Chick by David Guetta
*Turn Me On by David Guetta
*Sunshine by David Guetta
*Where Them Girls at by David Guetta(There are some others but I forgot who they were)

Here are my favorite artists
*Britney Spears
*David Guetta
*Tiao Cruz
*All the good DJ’s

Now it’s time to tell you about what the activities I like to do.Here are all the sports I play
*Ice Skating

Here are some books that I really like
*Pendragon Series
*Stoneheart Trilogy
*The Jake Ransom Series
*Harry Potter
*The Bartimus Trilogy
*Epic, Saga and Edda(these books go in the order I put them in)

Here are all my goals
Reach 1 forum post[complete]
Reach 5 forum posts[complete]
reach 10 forum posts[complete]
reach 100 forum posts[complete]
reach 1000 forum posts[incomplete]
reach 5000 forum posts[incomplete]

Speaking of which I just got a new computer.It’s a Asus Windows 7 laptop.The reason I got a new computer was because my last computer(which was a desktop)had a outdated driver and for some reason when ever I tried to install a new driver for it the installation failed so instead my big sister(who is 21 years old)gave me her old computer which she polluted with stickers on the back of the screen.She is still uninstalling things from this computer and installing them onto her new computer, a MacBook Pro.After she finishes she will reboot the whole computer, give it to me, stay at my house for 2 weeks and then go back to Chicago. This paragraph was written on the date 6/30/2012.

For those of you that think I am a fat nerd then incorrect!I am underweight and have less then 5% fat in my body.If you look closely at the stomach of the penguin in my profile picture the you will notice he has abs…so do I.

Here are my favorite foods:
*Grilled chicken breast
*Cooked baby carrots
*Pie and Pi/3.14159265 Get it?
*Mac-Book and cheese Do you get it?

For those of you who think I am stupid that is also incorrect! I do math that is 4 years ahead of what I am supposed to be doing and excell in science, reading, language arts and art.

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