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i live in liverpool,18, names andeh

I wanna go back to 2008, back when the hive was one big happy kong family :(
It’s just not the same anymore :(

Nicnac: moo is a sexually confused nihilistic voodoo cannibal

Potshotlynxlynx: moo, you’re creepy enough as it is, you don’t have to make things worse.

MrSpontaneous: bob: you wouldnt know irony if it bought you dinner before it made sweet sweet love to you BobDylan: im jewish, pot i could haggle with a vending machine

Charax: Vagina Dentata, what a wonderful
phrase. Vagina Dentata, ain’t no passing craze….

Potshotlynxlynx: ‘25 year old male assaulted in Florida. Witness reports say the victim’s cow suit aroused anger in the assailant.’
ToshikoSato: what would your parents think? lol ToshikoSato: ummm she’s a bit old for you isn’t she? “no mom, she’s my big sister!”
boyblue: (A picture of a sad-looking Moo appears on screen. A Proper British actor does a voiceover: "This young man’s greatest dream is to win “The Turd of the Week Award.” Make it happen.")
boyblue(private): People are lonely, and so they invented a big, furry man in the sky to love them and spank them accordingly.
MrSpontaneous: nooooooooooooo
MrSpontaneous: moo is a /b/tard!

if for some strange reason you may be looking for me i’m in the hive :)

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Play DOWN WITH TEH HIVE!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111
DOWN WITH TEH HIVE!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111


Play Nom snake
Nom snake

Thanks to moomoomoomoo who is a lovrly guy who ...

 Super Hyper Crazy Speedy Stupidly Fast Snake! 

 Super Hyper Crazy Speedy Stupidly Fast Snake! 

Snake.... But a tad faster! :D Mainly upload...

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