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English is not my first language, however I believe I type and speak it well enough. However, that said, if you find errors in my typing please alert me to it, its easier to fix problems the faster one catches them.

If I don’t know you please do not add me to your friends’ list, it’s creepy and kind of stalkery, which is not appreciated.
If I have not added you to my friends list, then chances are very likely that we are not friends, please do not try and associate yourself as my friend if we clearly are not.

If you don’t have a gender in your profile I shall refer to you as an ‘it’, the reason being the definition of an ‘it’ is “a person or animal who’s gender is unknown or disregarded.” If your gender isn’t listed in your profile then it is being disregarded by you, for the same reason it is also unknown by me, it causes it to meet both sides of the ‘or’ criterion which is listed in the definition. Don’t be offended by being called an it, be offended by your own laziness and stupidity.

I try to follow logic as well as I can while removing emotions from it to allow for the best judgements possible. This is mostly because I have always been a rather blunt person and don’t readily understand other individuals or their emotions very well. As such I seem more mean than what I am, I don’t often attempt to be mean, however I am often seen as rather mean because I ask questions that sometimes are inferred as me making a statement. I try to explain my reasoning for saying things that I do if it is requested or a problem seems to have been created because of it and I know it was what created the problem. Many times I need help realizing what I said is what has caused the problem in the first place.

I am an inter-gendered individual, for those of you who don’t know what that means, it means I don’t associate with a single gender like most individuals do, that is; I don’t see myself as just masculine or a feminine. I sometimes see myself as one or the other, sometimes as neither, sometimes as both. As such call me whatever gender you’d like, a good portion of the time I associate myself with the feminine gender (girl), but not always. As such you can assume my sex to be whatever you wish.
I am a bisexual with a strong preference for females and inter-sexed individuals (shemales specifically).

I really don’t care if you approve of my gender, orientation, religion, or really any other thing about me. If you harass me for any reason I shall report you.
So, I request that you please follow proper etiquette and be a proper individual instead of being some maggot thinking you’re anywhere even remotely close to being my level.
I don’t handle stupidity well, which means that when people are acting like a bunch of morons around me I lash out a little to a lot at them. I usually try to get them to stop acting as such beforehand however I just like everyone else on the planet, only have so much patience before it’s gone.

I play for badges, then for fun, most of the games I state are fun will be games that have badges as well simply due to the fact that is mostly what I play.

Book of Quotes:
“Ketsy: Birds are raving psychopaths
nanynanypoopoo: Some are even raven psychopaths.
Ketsy: Oh gosh
Ketsy: I’m going to slap you
nanynanypoopoo: I made a funny :-D It made me giggle a bit.
Sir_Fratley: That was pretty good, nany

“nanynanypoopoo: I’m mean to me, I ignore me rather often, not nice me totally not nice.
Gr3ndelKhan: oh, well than that makes sense. I wouldn’t friend that kind of person either
nanynanypoopoo: Exactly, no one likes being ignored. This reminds me, me drank all the booze, now I have none, me is an asshole, won’t even leave me any drinks. Worst.
Gr3ndelKhan: lol”

“MrNoodleman789: shut the **** up nazi tit munching jew
MrNoodleman789: nanynanypoopoo that was to you
mlongbsa: dude, that’s even a little over the top and offensive to me…
nanynanypoopoo: MrNoodleman789, I think I’m going to go ahead and modcall, cause you’re a twat and a moron; both at once, which is simply unacceptable in my presence.”

“nanynanypoopoo: Don’t do bad things to your naughty bits.
CaptainCoolGirl: That’s the most absurdly innocent phrase I’ve ever heard.
30 minutes later: CaptainCoolGirl: vigorously tickled her girlie bits.”

“nanynanypoopoo: I’m not sure why it changed from GMT, I mean that was held up for so long, and it was just damn fine.
firefly10: because they didn’t like it sounding like the English got to control it, they being the French of course… who just happened to be in Switzerland, probably.”

Others to come.

People I don’t like:

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