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TL;DR: I play a lot of games. I watch anime. I listen to music. Don’t call me Sake.

My name is… Well, you don’t need to know that. It’s not something worth mentioning, and truthfully, I prefer Net or Neta over my actual name. Don’t call me Sake. I don’t like it at all. I’m not here for your “sake,” and I’m not a Japanese liquor.

My tastes are… well, depending on your definition of the term, odd. For music, I listen to a lot of Japanese music, and my main genres (in pretty much any language) are metal, techno, pop, some hip-hop, and… some oddities. There’s not a whole lot I don’t like, but I hate rap and country. Rap moreso, and country for more personal reasons.

I play a lot of games. And when I say “a lot” I don’t mean like 3 or so at a time, I mean more like 12-15 at a time. Well, obviously not at the same time, but I generally work on multiple different stories at a time. Heh… I suppose that’s what games are too me. “Stories.” I don’t play most games for their gameplay or their difficulty, or because I have friends I play them with, or even because I like to beat people at them. I don’t like multiplayer too much. Not with strangers. I play a lot of RPGs, platformers, beat-em-ups, mostly anything with good single player, because I really enjoy the stories… So you won’t see me playing Call of Duty or Battlefield, like most “gamers.” The way I see it, if you only play FPS games, you’re not really much of a gamer… Gamers generally play many different types of games. If all you play is multiplayer games, that just says you’re stupidly competitive… And I’m not interested.

I like anime. Kinda apparent by my “Japanese-sounding” name, but it’s still worth saying. I wouldn’t call myself an Otaku, but I watch plenty of anime. Probably a few you haven’t even heard of or thought were bad. My two favorite anime so far have been Sword Art Online and Dance in the Vampire Bund. Most of what I’ve seen doesn’t go further than the collection that Netflix has, but there’s a few others that I watch/have watched in other places, such as Persona 4: The Animation. I like Anime with good action scenes, no matter how short/long, and very deep stories. I also greatly enjoy piecing together the mysteries of stories that are either vaguely hinted at, revealed later, or merely theorized.
DesmondP14: I know someone with a lizard named Cthulu
netatsake: Is he maddeningly cute?
DesmondP14: The lizard?
netatsake: Yes.
DesmondP14: I don’t think a lizard can be maddeningly cute
DesmondP14: That’s not really a lizards thing
netatsake: You clearly do not properly appreciate lizards.
DesmondP14: “You clearly do not properly appreciate lizards.”
DesmondP14: My favorite thing that’s been said on this chatso far
netatsake: I’m glad you appreciate me more than you appreciate lizards.

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