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Name: Novina
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Weapons of choice: Gems that summon different Creatures acording to element
About her: a Summoner Novina is consantly traveling looking to complete her colection of friends, her summon creatures.
while her origons remain unknown what is known about her is that she is a part of a dieing race. one who has the ability to change forms, her favorite forms are that of a Elf woman and a Psycophoenix, while in elf form her gown is a deep violet which matches her hair and eyes, her feathers are a somewhat lighter shade of violet.
while seeming lonely at times she tries to keep to herself, her summon creatures help to feel the void of emptyness but she longs for a friendship other than that of mystical creatures who come when she calls, her only constant companions are the stone summon, Ragul, and the wind summon, Aera. they have been with her sence the begining and hardly leave her side.
in the curent century she has just been trying to remain unnoticable by those that wish to end her race, Aera and Ragul have taken Elfmaiden and Dwarf forms to hide their own true personages so as to stay by Novinas side, while in her curret state she is going by the name Novia Cristis
her search for companionship still goes on but now she wishes to just stay alive and away from the dark ones who destroyed her race

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