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since my friends are doing this so am i cause its funny so imma put a blog of things i find that are funny between my friends.
paul202: im not that bright am i = lKoundie: gives paul some bandages Poor you :O iowndeath: Dull as a crayon buddeh ^ RAWRF: lol DontAttackMe: o-o paul202: takes the bandages, runs over to a lake, and cleans the cut DontAttackMe: o-o RAWRF: o.o paul202: wait some crayons are sharp O_O___RAWRF: what is on my profile? Koundie: Your mom o.o_____iowndeath: Urm..I’m sure boys need to shower at school a lot more..So the guy who built it must’ve been really stupid XD Asheycat: probably Koundie: I know :o Asheycat: alot of boys seem to be Koundie: my brother takes showers with his friends at school Koundie: O.O Asheycat: giggityh iowndeath: Iz I on thos stoopid?_______Koundie: GAMER paul202: feels a sharp pain awww crap not again . Koundie: GUESS WAHT gamer110011: what? Koundie: ? Koundie: Idk what are you talking about? gamer110011: wtf? gamer110011: u said guess what Koundie: You asked me first o.o RAWRF: lol Koundie: Cant even deny it :o gamer110011: if ur trying to get onto my profile your failing…epicly Koundie: You have a profile?_____gamer110011: note to self: do NOT touch a hot lamp with ur skin! RAWRF: bye gamer110011: it hurts like ****! Asheycat: oh gamer ur on my profile too iowndeath: note to self: Dont make stupid notes to self___Asheycat: deatg Asheycat: death* iowndeath: Yes asg? iowndeath: XD____Asheycat: whatsh up youngstark: Nm, you? iowndeath: Hey Shtark Asheycat: not much youngstark: hey death Asheycat: stop picking on my lishp iowndeath: Hai ’ Asheycat: shtop* Asheycat: lol
(me being stupid and inconsistant)____CrystalVampire: **** my ctrl keeps screwing me over youngstark: I’ll check it out. iowndeath: xD youngstark: Brb. CrystalVampire: I go to paste and I say V… CrystalVampire: or i might be pressing shit on accident CrystalVampire: shift_______youngstark: Thats not what im talking about. xD youngstark: Thats what comes in the ipod touch CrystalVampire: YOUR MUM AINT WAT IM TALKING ABOUT. youngstark: Like what you can do on it. youngstark: Really. paul202: . youngstark: Now your muted. :l___darkwrath123: falls from the sky and humps the floor___Asheycat: anthony is mexican three types of native american and german youngstark: No wonder i love him. :D___darkwrath123: Lol crystal another fight? I bet my money on you. matt157: for real iowndeath: I bet my life on her XD iowndeath: Too bad I cant die ^
darkwrath123: Yeayah cuz u own deaht. darkwrath123: death*__iowndeath: Too bad he’s not a little kdin iowndeath: He would kick ass o.o’ CrystalVampire: Speaking of kdin… he threw tony at a coffee table… And missed. He hit the couch and said "YAY I GOT THE PADDED ONE _____cj1177: gtg i have to do many things iowndeath: Bye Cj CrystalVampire: Like go to bed Cj? CrystalVampire: Hmm. CrystalVampire: Have some nice beauty sleep.. CrystalVampire: You have to go to pre school in the morning.___CrystalVampire: YOU DIRTY ****ING LIAR!! THIS IS KONGREGATE! CrystalVampire: BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Asheycat: DR OCTA MOTHER ****IN GONA PUS BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (some time later)iowndeath: Your mom wears a BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA iowndeath: lol lag..___iliekmudkipzz: I see whores like him all day, everyday. iliekmudkipzz: You kinda get used to making them waste their time on you. iowndeath: I iz whore? O_O___MasterNinja: Ow, pomegranate juice in my eye.___lolephant: guess who fear! iliekmudkipzz: Who? Fearlucky: I love this game! Fearlucky: Mark! Fearlucky: Kyle? Fearlucky: Josh? Fearlucky: Mary? darkwrath123: JESUS!?!?!?!?! Fearlucky: Monica? Fearlucky: Chinggis? lolephant: Your mom! =D___iowndeath: I was born about a foot Kirkiss: A picture of a dick on the internet? IT MUST BE YOURS! iowndeath: Not talking about mah penis Asheycat: i was born -5 in. iowndeath: XD___girrrrrrr2: He wants her info so he can hit on her and take her from me Asheycat: no Asheycat: we aint like that Kirkiss: Yes… Over the internet… Where relationships always work out…iliekmudkipzz: I would love to, But I am playing a game. iliekmudkipzz: I’m pretty sure you can masturbate and fix it yourself, though. iliekmudkipzz: goes to find another game girrrrrrr2: I think the next door neighibors dogs are gonna die ggafsdgafsd: HAHAHA ggafsdgafsd: funny people in here Kirkiss: Masturbation + neighbours = Dead dogs?Iloveamy: KEEGAN YOU MOTHERTRUCKER Nectarine: I’m reading about the battle with Unity and it’s supporters about providing Linux support. Kirkiss: You’re a mother’s trucker too, thank you! Iloveamy: NO KEEGAN IS MY FRIEND Kirkiss: And he trucks your fat*ss mother from place to place? Iloveamy: no Asheycat: XD ggafsdgafsd: oh lordy Kirkiss: Well why else would he be called a mother trucker iliekmudkipzz: oh lorday iliekmudkipzz: Eho the **** even uses linux? Kirkiss: If your mother can only be moved by truck, and he’s the one who does it, she must be fat. ggafsdgafsd: bradeton FLORIDA FTW Iloveamy: sure___(after many mom jokes)CrystalVampire: Your momma’s so dirty bigfoot took a photo of her iowndeath: Nien..Your mom is getting owned here :3 Asheycat: OH Asheycat: he left CrystalVampire: he couldnt face the shame.___Cruefan91: you’ll find out eventually Asheycat: whatcha mean? Cruefan91: unless he kills himself, but that’s a diff topic.. (later on about someone else) KonekoTatsu: I hope she comes back Koundie: She will, eventually Cruefan91: ^ Cruefan91: unless of course she kills herself..but that’s a diff topic Cruefan91: >_> Koundie: :D Koundie: Or if I kill her.. :P___CrystalVampire: man get these whack ****ers off stage where the **** is kanye when you need him iowndeath: Under my bed..[Asheymouse] so we’re chillin in my room on the laptop [Asheymouse] XD [Shaman Crystalvamp] i thought that said “in my mom”CrystalVampire: hey young wanna pantie cookie? youngstark: Imma go back afk. :p darkwrath123: **** no___shwb1: im going to put it with my other sarcastic awards :) georgiagirl: And your Idiot Award?___NeoNinja: You cant spell awkward without draw mauvai: awkwurd mauvai: :P Shinigami01: lol Oreocat21: xD___georgiagirl: I WaNt To Go To ThE MaLl masterwriter42: And I want a golden squid but we can’t always have what we want now can we?

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