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(1st character is the real me, 2nd is my younger brother, 3rd is my younger brothers best friend, 4th is my older brother)
Name : Grace Altair Ibn-La’Ahad Miles
Eye color : crisp ice blue
Infected : hunter
Age : 20
Gender : female
Hair color : brown
Height : 5’10"
Wears : dark blue hoodie, black pants, and a sweat shirt tied around the waist
Other info : Grace is always being angry and miserable to the world. Since her family before her had trained and succeeded as assassins, it is now Grace’s turn to carry on the family name. Her grandfather Altair has begun teaching her the secrets of the assassins; proper hand-to-hand combat, weapon use, and special skills that only run in the blood such as Eagle Vision.Grace inherited her killer attacks from her assassin ancestor Ezio. Grace’s bangs hang in front of her eyes so even if she doesn’t have her hood up, her eyes are fully protected from the sun. Her skin is a pale dead sort of blue and she wears a dusty blue hoodie with duct tape wrapped around the biceps, wrists, ankles, and thighs.

Name : Knaw Altair Ibn-La’Ahad Miles
Eye color : A dark scarlet that looks black unless it’s in the light
Age : 12 years old
Hair color : Dusty black/charcoal
Infected : hunter
Gender : Male
Height : 4’9"
Wears : dark blue hood with the hood up all the time
Other info : Knaw loves to chew things and when his adult teeth came in (just like her older sister Grace), he chewed a little too hard on Grace’s arm and chipped his left canine, that’s why you usually only see his right one. Knaw inherited his adorableness from his assassin ancestor Ezio. (A trait sometimes passed down the the Family of Hood’s descendants) Knaw’s bangs hang in front of his eyes so even if he doesn’t have his hood up, his eyes are fully protected from the sun. (Not that he EVER puts his hood down, he listens to his older sister.) His skin is a pale dead sort of blue and he wears a dusty blue hoodie with duct tape wrapped around the biceps, wrists, ankles, and thighs.

Name : Skeet
Eye color : Yellow
Infected : Smoker
Age : 13
Gender : Male
Hair color : black
Height : 5’8"
Wears : a light blue long sleeved shirt underneath an old pale green jacket, and an old normal pair of jeans and plain black converse
Other info : Skeet is Knaw’s best friend since the dawn of time. He’s never seen without him, and doesn’t really like it when Knaw gets friendly with others. He never speaks, barely even to his family. The only one he feels comfortable enough to talk with is Knaw, and that’s only if they are both completely alone. It doesn’t really matter anyways, Knaw can read Skeet’s expressions perfectly, and it’s like they’re just talking anyways. Skeet doesn’t like it when his tongue hangs out and tries to keep it in his mouth at all times. He does this because he knows Grace would probably rip it out if it ever goes near Knaw so he’s just become used to keeping it hidden. He knows that Grace knows he has a crush on Knaw, but he kinda plays dumb and usually gets Knaw to yell at Grace when the older hunter is bullying him.

Name : Scuttle Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad Miles
Gender : Male
Age : 22, September 9th
Infected : Hunter
Eye Color : They were a crisp ice blue before he lost them in Hunter Puberty at age 14
Hair Color : Brown
Height : 5’11
Other Info : His skin is a dead bluish-grey color and has a goatee that he barely cares to manage. On his face he has a scar that goes across the bridge of his nose and scars across and around his eyes from when he scratched them out during hunter puberty. He wears a grey hoodie and always keeps his hood up to hide most of his face. His pants are black and he wraps medical tape around his wrists, biceps, thighs, and ankles like most hunters do. He wears black converse which are pretty old and beat up like all his other clothes. Across his body, there is the occasional scar or two that are from fights or scuffles with other infected. None of them hold any importance. Scuttle rarely bathes or cleans himself. In fact he only does so when he is forced by his parents. He hates/fears water and prefers to mask his natural scent with dirt and garbage. He smells bad, and is always dirty. Truly a disgusting individual. He also lets his claws grow to be sharp, on both his toes and fingers. He is most recognized by the lower canine tooth that juts upward and out of his mouth on the left side.

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