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PROTOTYPE: A1 ~ S/N: 000154 ~ TYPE: Cyborg Weapons Platform

PURPOSE: Rebuild Wounded Soldiers. Augment Strength and Intelligence while maintaining Human judgment and instinct.


ALL AUGMENTATIONS MUST MEET OR EXCEED THE FOLLOWING CRITERIA: Water-Proof to 50 meters; Thermal Resistance from -100 F to +1000 F; Flame-Retardant; Electrostatic Protected; Resistant to forces up to 3G’s



VISION: Digital Camera Eye Balls – Day/Night/Thermal Imaging 500x Digital Zoom

HEARING: Dual Hypersensitive Microphones replace Ear Drums.


Wired to Neural Network: 50GHz processor; 5TB Hard Drive


(Additional) CPU: 50GHz processor; 100MB RAM; 50TB Hard Drive

COMMUNICATION: Uplink Capabilities to Defense Satellite System

OUTPUT Ports: 2x HDMI; 1x Stereo Audio; 2x 10MW Speakers

I/O: Mass Media: 4x SD; 2x Micro SD; 8x USB 3.0

I/O: Drives: 1x 3.5" Floppy, 1x ZIP disk, 1x CD/DVD R/W; 1x BluRay R/W



STRENGTH: Bionic Limbs/Torso – strength multiplier x 50

STAMINA: Stim Packs; Synthetic Adrenaline Booster


HEAD: 3 Targeting Slots, 2 Sensor Slots

SHOULDERS: 1 Large Weapon Slot each

ARMS: 1 Medium Weapon Slot, 2 Small Weapons Slots each

TORSO: 1 Medium Weapon Slot, 2 Small Weapons Slots


FULL BODY: Reactive Armor – effective against explosive attacks

SHOULDERS: 1 Sensor Slot each; 1 Targeting Slot each

ARMS: Left Arm: Fold-out Titanium-Alloy Plate Shield 18″ × 24″, effective against assault rifle fire at 15 meters.

TORSO: 3 Front/2 Back Sensor Slots; Rear-Deployed Flares

LEGS: Gyroscopic Stabilizers prevent loss of balance from heavy arms fire.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ UPGRADES & ATTACHMENTS ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

>> COMBAT ATTACHMENTS: Targeting/Sensors

>TARGETING: 2x Laser; 1x Heat Signature; 1x Target Repeat

>SENSORS: Multi-Scan Facial Recognition; RADAR/Proximity Detector; Metal/Magnetic Field Detector; Explosives Detector


> SMALL: Does not use targeting

Variable Caliber LMG (.22-.357): Fire Rate=1000rpm cyclic; Effective Range=400-600m; Rounds=Mag 50; Total 500

Shotgun (8-Gauge): Fire Rate=10rpm; Effective Range=10m; Rounds=Mag 10; Total 40

Flamethrower (Napalm): Effective Range=10m; Fuel Tank=10 gallon

> MEDIUM: Uses targeting unless otherwise specified.

Explosive Dart: Fire Rate=10rpm; Effective Range=2.5km; Rounds=Mag 5; Total 20 – Explosive equivalent to Stinger missile

Grenade Launcher (40mm): Fire Rate=10rpm; Effective Range=200m; Rounds=Mag 5; Total 5 each – Fragmentation, Incendiary, Programmable, Armor-Piercing, Tear Gas, Smoke. (Heat Signature and Target Repeat targeting only.)

> LARGE: Uses targeting unless otherwise specified.

Automatic Rifle (.50 Caliber): Fire Rate=10rpm; Effective Range=1800m; Rounds=Mag 10; Total 50 (Target Repeat targeting only.)

Heavy Machine Gun (.50 Caliber): Fire Rate=1200rpm; Effective/Max Range=1800m/6800m; Rounds=Belt 1500; Total 4500 (Target Repeat targeting only.)

SAM Launcher: Effective Range=5km; Rounds=4; Warhead Type: Directed-energy blast fragmentation; Fuse Type=Delayed Impact, Grazing, Magnetic – Explosive equivalent to Stinger missile

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