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darkness27: cough condom cough Takumashii: if you’re coughing up condoms, you’re doing it wrong. ||| crrj: As a wise man once said, “pity the Fools Day is for amateurs. You NEVER need an excuse to mess with people’s heads.” ||| qzex: fzex is ****ing sex. qzex: Obviously. Cal010: Four asterisk sex, of course. ||| Takumashii: yeah well I’ve.. uh.. slept with your mom. ||| plujan: Caw! AlisonClaire: plujan’s a crow! pincon7: No crow’s allowed plujan, sorry. afatpaws: thats a damn smart crow plujan: Maybe I’m just really good at pecking at the keyboard. ||| hojar: Know what’s even harder than talking in disyllabic words? hojar: Talking in French qzex: My penis hojar: Close qzex: My penis…talks in French? hojar: Yep ||| qzex: What is the difference between an orange and a tangerine? muicey: their race ||| hoby999: Eating brb Spivsy: How do you eat a brb? Xubnormal: With steaksauce. hojar: And a big knife ||| The_god_osiris: That’s definitely a sign of global warming. qzex: Wobal glarming. Takumashii: wombal garbing. ||| TCFoo: God at your cervix. ||| Cal010: OVERUSE? I HARDLY KNOW ‘ER! ||| Spivsy: Huh, people farm alligators Karazy4578: what?!\ Spivsy: You see that thing I just said? Spivsy: That. ||| Mushyrulez: There’s a fine line between this stuff and spam, There’s a fine line between this stuff and spam, There’s a fine line between this stuff and spam? ||| TCFoo: It is dark, and I can hear the howling of the wolves. GameLord66: Where are you? TCFoo: Sitting at my desk. TCFoo: In a chair. TCFoo: There are exits: E W S qzex: go north Mushyrulez: Eat the thing blocking your northward path TCFoo: You choke down your monitor and keyboard. TCFoo: Eating the desk will be difficult, do you wish to continue? qzex: yes TCFoo: You choke down the desk. TCFoo: You feel ill. ||| BaphoTheGreat: WTF? Do you not all understnad that everything in the bible is a copy??? MCOBigBen: You’re saying that….the bible…is like Avatar? ||| Spivsy: my keyboard doesn’t have a uterus Spi222: you must have a bad keyboard then. ||| TCFoo: I had a car made of moss that was level 9000 and then I lost the password to my keys. ||| qzex: Wait, I didn’t think Spivsy used piratebay Spivsy: I use it to get comics Tadaoraider: you mispelled porn spivs ||| qzex: Pointless debate Mushyrulez: /internet/ debate ||| sytemdown: i changed my name Spivsy: To what, Gregory? sytemdown: no systemdown1 to systemdown Spivsy: Fascinating Spivsy: I’m gonna go write that down in my diary, brb ||| The_god_osiris: So…there are 3 types of people? PhantomShadow64: no 5 PhantomShadow64: why am i a racist qzex: Because osiris declared it, thus you must be. The_god_osiris: Because your username begins with P PhantomShadow64: so? The_god_osiris: And those that have a tendency towards usernames that begin with P have racist features qzex: I need to make a pzex, that will stand for “racist sex” qzex: …it’s already taken qzex: Who took it before me?! PhantomShadow64: apparently a guy named pzex qzex: Pzex Roland Fitzgerald, Jr. ||| Spivsy: not every child watches gay porn when they’re 6 Galacta_Knight: but a lot do. ||| xensyr: Who needs a chatroom if you have multiple people inside of you? ||| 1up_: mods are dogs ? qzex: Yes qzex: Hence the constant calling of female mods “bitches” ||| 1up_: I don’t have an organ. 1up_: don’t have any musical instruments, qzex: I have a “musical instrument”..if you know what I mean 1up_: lol … erm … no .. 1up_: ? qzex: Hint: it’s also an organ. MCOBigBen: Pipe? 1up_: oooh …. it’s an … organ ?! qzex: It resembles a pipe. ||| qzex: Being confuzzled is bad dbtking111: It is. The_god_osiris: It hurts the mind The_god_osiris: And frees the balls ||| winwinwe: I’m taking my clothes off and talking to strangers at the same time ||| Wolfmilf: I want a zombie game similar to my zombie dreams tallstar5: Zombie sex won’t happen too soon, milfy

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