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RABound: brb…

RABound: some angry screaming drunk on my porch

LobsterMobster: I read that as “angry screaming duck”

lightxfoot: ._. That’s considerably worse than a loud, annoying holier-than-thou preacher

dialMforMONKEY: Same thing, Lobby.

LobsterMobster: Is it, light? Drunks eventually sober up.

Sloth is my home… in a sense it is now my real home considering I left my original home for my currently home long long ago… but in this galaxy…not one far far away…because then my original home would be far far away in that case, which is not the case, and long long ago would be only part of my distance from my home, but it’s still pretty far.Sloth is my home… and I like it, the people are clean and generally well mannered and they clean up after themselves, I can’t tell you how important that is people, clean up after yourselves … and shower, and put your milk in the fridge, don’t leave it on the counter, put it in the fridge …it’s for the best.
Sloth is my home… I have been blessed with over 5 years in sloth and have found no place it’s equal and most certainly none it’s better, except that time I went to Fiji, that was cool.

Sloth is my home… and I will not bear a person who sullies it.. belittles it with small mindedness, intollerance or belligerence. Unfortunately until Zil lifts the ban on troll baiting there is little left to me to do, to respond or defend my home (muting is effecient but truly unsatisfying) … but I will leave you with an excerpt from the halls of academia

Taken from “Web Instincts: An Examination of Web Persona and Sociological Impacts in a Post Iphone World” Authored by Dr. Lars Thoroughbottom PhD. Md. BA. MDMA.

“… [Chatrooms] are ever increasingly the choice hunting grounds for two of today’s greatest threats to online harmony; the Spammer and the Troll. And while both pose at least a moderate threat to online harmony this chapter will deal almost exclusively with Spammers. This is not to say that Trolls don’t deserve literary attention, but rather that they will be the focus of my next publication entitled “Why am I a Troll? 5 Reasons Why I Take My Inadequancy and Self-Loathing Out on Random Strangers”

Spammers are by definition people who spam, not to be confused with sPammers (people who slather themselves in canned meat and go bobsledding, popular in Iceland and Peaceriver AB Canada). What IS “spam” or “spamming”; one may ask? It is the repetitive input of useless information, garbled language or monopolization of chatspace (for a definition of “chatspace” see Chapter 6, or the infinitely enlightening works of Dr. Greg Goldenschimetersen, cicra 1992).

In my extensive study of Spammers and their ilk, I have come to a few conclusions that may shed some light on this bizzare and disruptive behavior;

1) Spammers Wet the Bed
2) Spammers are disliked by Friends and Workmates
3) Spammers are more likely to be “Peeping-Tom’s” or “Peepies” than any other online demographic

These claims are not overstatement or conjecture; but are the result of tireless research, innummerable interviews and online “stake-outs”. In fact, I can say with absolute certainty that Spammers are the most pitiable of creatures …

… of 1436251 interviewed Spammers 56% state that they currently wet the bed, 30% state that they had wet the bed at least 3 times in the previous year and the remaining 14% declined to answer as they wear adult control pants and are not certain. This information was then compared to National Health Surveys from all G-8 countries and shown to be 101% true…. I was most surprised to find that in follow-up surveys 47% of Spammers stated that they enjoy wetting the bed and hoped to continue to do so even if they ….

{Excerpt Limited Due to Copyright Infringement}

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