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Not really anything much to say about myself.I guess I just love fantasy stuff,but meh,that’s probably not what you came here for,my RP bio(S in the future) I think?

[Doz Dragonwill]-An orc with short spiky hair,red eyes,and somewhat young.He will use any weapons he gets his hand on(Due to these two facts : 1)He doesn’t have much budget,and often ends up breaking them 2)He’s not the type that will rant about that’s not what he wanted)So you’ll likely see him end up punching his enemies.He’s not a very smart person,so deal with it.But being a ruthless warrior doesn’t make him a jerk,and actually a team player.Despite being such a brawler,he depends on his mana to boost the power of his punches,he could even punch a dragon so hard that it gets dizzy for a second,and can even fire mana blasts.He lives in the human world,he tries to get in with the humans,hoping they’ll just forget about the fact that his skin is green,he’s young,and still ruthless.

[Dark Doz]-Doz’s dark side,his body is covered in shadow,his eyes are glowing red,his aura is fierce,if they could kill,they would,sparkling dark lighting sparks and a purple-black bursting flame aura.His very presence strikes like a sharp,cold,blade through the people around him,normal people will most likely kneel down and scramble in fear.His power is much more fearsome than of his normal form,his slightly loses some of balance and control while in this form,but when he focuses,he can be quite a troublesome opponent.His strength is enough to kill a fearsome dragon in a few hits from his fists,he can also form dark energy into shape,even creating an explosion the size of a park is more than an easy task for him,and his energy is so great that an attack from 2-3 archmages coming at him at the same time wouldn’t even damage his body.He can also temporary form wings formed off shadow energy to help him jump higher,or even fly.The extend of his ability is his strongest attack,the “Burning wrath of hollow souls”,his right hand starts to burn with dark purple flames,until they completely cover up to his shoulder,then he smashes his opponent with his fist,he released so much energy,he could destroy a whole town,not to mention that he actually focused his energy on his target,an unfocused attack would have caused a larger explosion.Doz,however,dislike this form,when his anger is too much to be handle,he loses it and let this form take over.

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