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(╯°□°)╯︵ ʇıɥs

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ aaayyyyyy

( •_•) ….( •_•)>⌐■-■ ….(⌐■_■)


Funny conversation:

Yelhsa:is Aerogel like Analube?

RedOctober: NASA handles aerogel like a potential carcinogen

Kain_Tyrant: No

PyroDragon: or astraglide?

PyroDragon: gtg break over

ClaireSable: I think I saw something on Aerogel once. That shit’s so cash

RedOctober: I had the fortune of working with it once

Kain_Tyrant: Aerogel is a manucfactured solid with the lowest bulk density

Yelhsa: yeah Astraglide, i couldn’t think of the right name

RedOctober: whats with you guys and anal lube?

AlexvdL: It’s useful when you’re trying to pit it into people’s butts

ClaireSable: I like putting it in people’s butts.

Yelhsa: that’s a qualifcation for a mod, i hear

Kain_Tyrant: only the female kind

Yelhsa: oh

AlexvdL: Congratulations! You just won the Dungeon Cleanser Badge and 5 points!

RedOctober: I usually only read sonar printouts

Origin: beep bloop

CD_Random: That’s why you get the captain to read it out loud to you.

RedOctober: he tells the nicest stories

CD_Random: Oooh, he said one of the sailor’s naughty words!

RedOctober: I like the ones with the launch codes

RedOctober: :D

RedOctober: aww come on what is global thermonuclear war if you cant make a joke about it

Origin: the only winning joke is not to make

Dec 27 – 8:54PMJustGarrett: Ohkay. I believe you. Hitler was a good man and without him the world would be much worse off. Praise Hitler.


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