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More info about me
I rather have inner & outer peace. I don’t care what people think of me or my ways.Everyone has there own path to take Truths & Ideals it differs per person that’s what makes us all unique. you choose your path,your trials,your way of life. Though sometimes it might seem hopeless. NEVER give up,Keep your hopes up,Let your dreams come true,No matter what you been through.
Favorite Saying’s-
Never Put off Until tomorrow on what can be done today. (Quoted By Sensei Wu From Ninjago Masters of SpinJitsu .)
Eye for an Eye Tooth for a Tooth (Law of Nemesis Goddess of Revenge.)

Quick run down what i look like
Blond Hair
Blue eyes
HT 5-3
Person Irl- Shy & quiet but when angry or annoyed Stubborn-Jerk
WT “Dont ask i wont tell you”
Slender build but traces of muscles
Likes- Techno music, Peace, Animals of any kind, Drawing,Roleplaying, Meditating, Games, a challenge, Tae-Kwon-Do, Getting revenge

I am Found in One of the Following Rooms Mostly
Ninja Chat:
Role Playing Serious:
The Village:
my RP charaters
High-Warlord Kari
Gerne modfan,Sa,Hs,TT
Weapon/armor Colt 44 with custom silencer/bulletproof garb of her homeland
Magic/Tec all gear she carries is in her Xrealm bag (Extra Realm) (She has to much stuff to name)
Info Once a goddess of wisdom she was Cursed by the Dark goddess medusa Only thing she retains is her god immortality (Not invincibility MAJOR difference.) She has lost most of her powers and what she can do Strains her he main Agenda is to Find someone to help her Slay medusa Even if she has to make even more sacrifices than what she has already been though.

Genre-School Ele,Mid,Hi
Talent-Understanding Animal Languages and making Minor magical items who have 1 use
Life Stats-Orphan
Friend-White Wolf nicknamed Strider
Magic info
Magic in my opinion is Classified under 5 types
Holy- Renew Smite Banish Ect
Dark- Curse Soul Drain Animate/Summon zombies Ect
Nature-Thorns ShapeShifting Wrath Ect
Arcane- Summoning Magic Missles Telepathy Ect
Elemental- Fireball Ice Bolt Chain Lightning Ect

Each class is weak and/or strong vs others
Light and Dark are strong on each other
Elemental is strong vs Nature
Nature is strong vs Arcane
Arcane is strong vs Elemental
Difference Between Immortality and Invincibility, Immortal means you cant age or die from illness Invincibility means you cant die or age at all it is god to the extreme

How to become a mod:

Code of conduct:

News Regarding Lof and Lod:
The Classes Have Been Announced:
Toxicanist: Spell Caster that Relys on Stalling His/Her Enemies
Savage: Brute Force Warrior that Ignores defense to deal Extreme Punishment
Monk: Unarmed Fighter with Balanced Skills/Spells
Night: Stealthy Rouge That Focuses on sneaking up on his/her enemies and killing them with 1 feel swoop
Sage: Balanced Spell Caster That can learn most of the spells.
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