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    Jan. 16, 2010

My band website
My band’s Soundcloud. Check us out!
My Band’s Facebook page
Liking us on Facebook would mean a lot! We’re still growing so every supporter/like counts
band youtube channel
I’m the drummer. We’re called Seven Rivers & we play hard rock/metal :D

palapa69: put me in your profilwe ok
Emlynn: Ry put me in your Profile xD sure why not
Aurora2345: RY Put me inyour profile I’m beginning to sense a theme…
Psychrome: Ry ry. Put me in your life. oh boy here we go..


Chris808HI: dont be a biscuit neck you apple picker

Megadpar: I’m too young to grow hair :c

prart: fyguypiee? more like ryguylivesinpratssexdungeonandbleedsouthisassonadailybasispiee

Guswut: Bad ryguypiee.

Leroyswish: Our tips touch

Vaxxer: don’t you hate it when you send a facebook friend request to someone you didn’t know was dead?

SC301: choomie u got facebook?
Choomie: I have a MySpace

Guswut: ryguypiee, the aliens hollow moon abduction illuminati tin foil hat freemasons lizard people bankers flat earth doomsday Area 51 cult mind control koolaid new world order skull & bones hollow earth.

Valentulus: Shrek is beautiful compared to me

Silenced_: im not pulling out ( o_o)
Angieluvsyou101: You have nothing to pull out.

d3rp1f13d112: WWW.Iloveturtlepronandhorsepronandtacopron.net

natsu9001: You **** your mother with that mouth mal?

Holy2334: Don’t flim flam the jim jam

Kyle_P: potato

ZzAlexzZ: any horny grandmas need some sparking spanking

sugar_emma: omg if cum tasted like jelly donuts that would be amazing

Cyro21: Pokes Markus with a chainsaw

Brain farts / typos

ryguypiee: There’s a college high school game on ESPN

ryguypiee: chicken strips are my child strips

JayTe: ive liekd pats since 6th grade
ryguypiee: I’ve liked oats my whole life
ryguypiee: pats*

Life is like a pineapple. Why, you ask? idk. maybe you’re not thinking hard enough. maybe YOU’RE a pineapple. Maybe shrek took your phone while you were reading this. Maybe you should stop reading this and get on with your life. Maybe you’re wondering why I changed my profile. Idk lol, so I don’t get caught. Maybe you’re wondering why there is no world peace, and to that I say “hoewrijgoiemgrhwoikjmkojmh” And yeah, it sucks. Don’t read this profile description it’s stupid wtf

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