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Oh hello, I didn’t see you. That is likely because War is going on here in this hellgregate of a ’’gaming’’ website. Honestly, I don’t think that this is a gaming site at all! The only games uploaded are baby ’’games’’, white screens, webpages, links, ‘’kongbot cant find the game your looking for’’ errors, and just junk, and if there IS a good game out, it will only keep you entertained for so long. Who am I you may ask? A victim of the war. I have a very short fuse, and I hate trolls completely entirely. Even one slight bad word is all that it takes to drive me into killing you. My information, you ask? Well, read more below, but you probably won’t, because it probably won’t interest you unless you are the curious type, but trust me, you probably won’t like what I will talk about below.

Nickname: Seamanwarrior824 (< read this you dumb little shits)

Gender: Male (< read that as well you stupid perverts)

Personality: Hard hitting

Occupation: Guardian of the onyx blade

Element: Water (I should’ve chosen time, so I can travel back to the point where this site never existed)

Likes: Killing trolls, Good games, Japan, Asia, Setting sail to the asian lands, Killing trolls, Japanese games, Japanese culture, Japanes language, Disgaea games (Level 9999 FTW), Killing trolls, RPG games (especially if they have no level cap at all), Browsing the net for something different, Looking for ways to kill ponies, Exposing bronies to Luna Games (That will teach them for clopping), Killing trolls, Anime (as long as it is english dubbed),

Dislikes/Hates: trolls, shitty games (hellgregate consists mainly of them), trolls, justin bieber (That’s it. I don’t have to explain anything else), trolls, sonic (You will figure it out yourself soon enough), trolls, war (what happens all the time in hellgregate), trolls, game-less games (grey/white screens. broken links etc.), trolls, webpages in flash format (They aren’t allowed here), trolls, people who can’t read (The people that I will mention below are guilty of this sin), trolls, people with no soul (Again, the people below also suffer this sin), trolls, people who can’t identify genders apart (yet again, the people below), trolls, shemales, trolls, bakadius stupidius idiocy (what the people below mainly say), trolls, MLP:Fim (all adult men I meet clop to it), trolls, bronies (Bronies make me sad.), trolls, ponies from MLP:Fim, trolls, all the ponies of the ‘’mane six’‘, trolls, ponyville (worst name for a town ever), trolls, applebloom haunting computers, trolls, bullies, trolls, jews, trolls, stupid people, trolls, retards, trolls, word censored because it brings back bad feelings when I hear it, trolls, sweden, trolls, stockholm, trolls, treblinka, trolls, kamp amersfoort, trolls, israel (worst land ever), trolls, people who are addicted to porn, trolls, porn, trolls, giant tits, trolls, CoD (should be renamed Childerens online Daycare), trolls, anti-games, trolls, trolls, trolls, EA (who won the worst company in america award twice in a row), trolls, square enix (they purchased my favorite gaming company), trolls, lies, trolls, rigged bonus wheels (bonus wheels where you are only bound to get rewarded once every 4 months), trolls, FPS games (they are becoming stereotypical) subtitled japanese-voices anime (I am sick and tired of staring at the bottom of the screen for the rest of the episodes’ duration), trolls, pornography that is used to demand attention, trolls, irate gamer (he called super mario world a NES game), trolls, tobuscus (baby voicing lets plays every day), trolls, pewdiepie (most immature fanbase ever. also, he is swedish), trolls, fred, trolls, angry birds (most overrated game in existence since Childerens online Daycare), trolls, Club Penguin (It is so stupid and annoying, that it is not even worth the time to play it. Also, the F word in chat is also known as the quit button), trolls, flies (annoying little pests), trolls, fakers, trolls, imposters, trolls, semen, trolls, semen slurping, trolls, rayman raving rabbids (worst controls ever), trolls, star wars kid (Worst fandom in history since the laughing panther’s death), trolls, star wars (it was the fault of the star wars kid), trolls, all of staline’s made up words, trolls, the word japonie (made up by staline), trolls, trolls, trolls, trolls, trolls, trolls, trolls, trolls, trolls, trolls, trolls, trolls, trolls, trolls, trolls,

To-do list:

Ban all trolls (Must)
Shut down hellgregate (Must)
Eliminate the angry birds series entirely (Must)
Destroy stockholm (Must)
Destroy treblinka (Must)
Destroy kamp amersfoort (Must)
Destroy israel (Must)
Find out what happens to the game companies that are purchased by another game company that is going bankrupt (Optional)


Weapon: Halberd
Head: Anti-unfairness bandana (Renders all ranged attacks against the wearer useless)
Armor: None (I tend to sweat from time to time. now you know)
Pants: Light-brown shorts (I tend to have a warm time)
Feet: Ant crusher boots (Crushes tiny insects easily)
Other 1: Anti-thiefer (Prevents equipment from being stolen, cannot be stolen)
Other 2: Accelerator (Very high increase in speed)

Special techniques:

1: Achter Lancering (Vanish from sight, then rocket the opponent high into the sky). Deals 999-5000 damage boosted by 10% of strength and 5% of speed. Deals 500% more damage to trolls and renders them paralyzed for 2 turns.
2: Eye trick (Count the many me’s if you can survive my slaughter on you). Deals 6000-12000 damage boosted by 20% of strength and by 10% of agility. Deals 1000% more damage to trolls.
3: Pit of DIE (Made by ganon himself). Deals 25000-99999 damage to 2 targets with a 2% chance to instantly kill. 100% instant death chance against trolls.

Passive abilities:

Primary: Total Revenge (Decrease stats of all trolls on the map by 99%).
Secondary: Not over yet (When self HP is below 5%, all stats increase by 500%)

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