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So you wanna be a mod?? Check this out first: http://www.kongregate.com/pages/help#become -------------------------------------------------------- A few things about me: --------------------------------------------- AlisonClaire: don't hate on shadow :( ---------------------------------------------- KuragariNoTenshi: Everyone hearts shadow ---------------------------------------------- PowerfrogsBeotch: shadow is my idol. ----------------------------------------------- hoby999: shadow kicks ass ----------------------------------------------- Spivsy: shadow got me $12000 ----------------------------------------------- Xubnormal: I love Shad. xD ------------------------------------------------ Zeth147: shadow is like the canadians they seem innocent until they kill us all... -------------------------------------------------- shadow42: i'm like an annoying cat in heat -------------------------------------------------- Paain: I love shadow, who doesn't? -------------------------------------------------- I have my own theme music and studio audience. :) ---------------------------------------------------- Proof Gormel doesn't hate me: GormeltheMighty: By talking to a friend I had before she was a mod, I'm a suck-up? ---------------------------------------------------- One time I swallowed a goldfish whole and threw it back up and it lived for another 8 months. --------------------------------------------------- Oh yea and mushy, well, he pretty much rulez :P --------------------------------------------------- According to Cometshade this is me:http://www.sinfest.net/archive_page.php?comicID=2633 ---------------------------------------------------- Teh Quotes of Ossimness: ----------------------------------------------------- Spivsy: describe a giraffe in detail without using the word neck. TriciaMcMillan: a spotted horse that didn't quite commit suicide by hanging ------------------------------------------------------ qzex: How could you ever mysspell anything??? ------------------------------------------------------ Jellybones: Watch King Kong backwards, it's about a giant monkey that runs around fixing buildings and planes until hes captured and sent off to an island full of dinosaurs ----------------------------------------------------- Xubnormal: Dangit. You made me snorfle. ----------------------------------------------------- Ravage445: *Doesnt Role-play* ----------------------------------------------- Xubnormal: Meatloaf was sexy with teh moobs. ----------------------------------------------- shadow42: if at first you don't succeed try try again slayer. MatterofFact: If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you. ----------------------------------------------- Mushyrulez: Porn = chewed up gum stuck to the sidewalk. ----------------------------------------------- Mushyrulez: Yo mamma's so fat that she's SEVERAL POUNDS OVERWEIGHT :O ----------------------------------------------- Spivsy: I believe the human race is a race of humans. ----------------------------------------------- osiris6607: computer geeks saved you from Y2k!! ---------------------------------------------- Akasharoo: Lol, no skin off my back if I tell you, "No rp-ing" second warning then silence you. Jgoo1: *runs away* ----------------------------------------------- Akasharoo: Vegetable oil is made of vegetables. Baby oil is made out of? ---------------------------------------------- haskey96: w/ Greg GormeltheMighty said you are a lesbian! GormeltheMighty: Haskey, that's an example of dragging a joke behind the back of a barn and filling its head with buckshot. --------------------------------------------------- plujan: If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no reason. --------------------------------------------------- 101646: i made alisonclaire and powerfrogs breed to form............. SPIVSY!!! -------------------------------------------------- Spivsy: he's badmouthing shadow?! That does it! *rolls up sleeves* ------------------------------------------------- AlisonClaire: I'm not into tentacle porn enough to work for NG. ------------------------------------------------ I0wrld3r: Europe haxxed into God's computer and called it Canada. ----------------------------------------------- Spivsy: I beat tetris Spivsy: I got a screen saying 'you win forever' Spivsy: now whenever I load tetris on any gameboy, it explodes. -------------------------------------------------- xirmi: The Mostly Harmless are venomously sarcastic and without morals. But they're pretty awesome ppl... --------------------------------------------------- GormeltheMighty: All girls are FBI agents. shadow42: (oh no... they're on to me) pace51: Shadow, your too sexy to be FBI. your probably CIA -------------------------------------------------- GormeltheMighty: http://img404.imageshack.us/img404/3483/screenshotkuk.png ------------------------------------------------ Spivsy: sometimes I go to mcdonalds and order lots of stuff and then leave. ----------------------------------------------- TheTech: Believing Haskey is like pouring ice water down your pants while your fingers are desolving in sulfuric acid. ------------------------------------------------ Xubnormal: Quit trolling, Xub. ------------------------------------------------- shadow42: why do i have this reputation of being sweet but when i get mad i get all scary?? CometShade: because the darkness....she is a crazy mistress... --------------------------------------------------- KuragariNoTenshi: Shadow, should I revoke your magic license too now for misplacing an entire army? CometShade: how else will she cast a spell on our hearts!? ----------------------------------------------------- Spivsy: I tried opening a revolving door for someone and got my arm ripped off ----------------------------------------------------- CometShade: you're a mod!? what do mods eat for breakfast to maintain a healthy attitude towards pestering younglings like me? ----------------------------------------------------- KuragariNoTenshi: How many shadows would a shadow boxer box if a shadow boxer could box shadows? New riddle made up just for you, right here right now. ----------------------------------------------------- hojar: I heard that Taku mows his lawn with a zamboni ----------------------------------------------------- Shadow42: paesel ostp smapping (was supposed to be: please stop spamming) ----------------------------------------------------- AlisonClaire: yes, comet and shadow can go have MH babbies. ----------------------------------------------------- Cgaan: shadow doent have a qoute of me on her profile ----------------------------------------------------- JetLag: Its the athiests ZOMG ----------------------------------------------------- Bephwyn: Badges to Kong is like Hentai to Newgrounds. ----------------------------------------------------- GormeltheMighty: If Norton made condoms, the condoms would give you AIDS if you didn't re-buy them every month. ----------------------------------------------------- GormeltheMighty: My piss smells quite different than cat piss, thank you. ----------------------------------------------------- CometShade: haskey has a sarah palin poster on his wall ----------------------------------------------------- werty767: BF: "Will you marry me?" Shads replies "Oh my.....i dont know what to say" BF: "say yes" Shads: "No not you, some kid just used the F word and it wasnt censored, the admins will hear about this" --------------------------------------------------------- hojar: My cat can sing like Axl Rose when I pull on her tail ---------------------------------------------------- hojar: Shadow: **** SCIENCE

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