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    ShadowSlayer Headquarters inside the ruins of Notre Dame Cathedral
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    Aug. 19, 2010

† Enderson Van Krall †

“I’m not fit to help anyone. Not my family. Not my friends. Nobody.”

Gender: Male

Hair/Eye color: Brown/Blue

Species: Human

Affiliation(s): Shadow Slayer Organization, Vatican, The Dawnguard

Aliases: “E”, the Silver Shadow, the Angel of Death

Appearance: Shoulder length unkempt hair, a heavy-set squared jaw, and constant stubble, Lean with broad shoulders.

Clothing: consists of a high collar black shirt with one wide sleeve on the right arm. Black pants and steel toed black leather riding boots, and black leather trench coat, black leather pauldron with a white cross engraved into it, and his chest is covered by several black leather straps, held in place by a round silver studs. Black leather gloves and a black leather arm guard on my right arm. A dark grey face mask ending just below his eyes with a black Eye of Providence design near the top right where the nose would be. A Trigger rigged silver shield strapped on to my left arm the remnants of the sleeve still hanging tattered.

Personality: Despite the feelings he may have, he remains steadfastly loyal and true to those he cares about and is always driven to protect them, even going as far as to hide his pain and emotions so he could not worry them. With a dry ironic wit. Overall, while he has a rather moody demeanor.


Redemption: a silver-plated six-piece sword assembly. As a set of six swords, the swords come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are thus suited to a variety of combat situations, and can combine to form a single large sword similar in size and function. This variety of uses and blades give the swords a wide array of uses by combining and separating different blades to suit the fighter’s needs.


Temperance: a large hand cannon-esque revolver, silver-plated, while sporting five unraveling barrels that comes to form a cross motif, and a wicked, menacing, and devilish aesthetic using sharp and sleeked adornments, all in sliver and dark black

Rounds:fires magic bullets which track targets of their own accord, These magic bullets are even able to change their trajectories in mid-flight and repeatedly pepper a target before expiring


Mercy: A large silver-plated cross shaped gun wielded by the best members of the Shadow Slayer organization. Has a machine gun in the bottom. The top and the side arms act as storage bins for pistols, garlic, knives etc.

Rounds: encased in blessed Macedonian silver and tipped with a mercury-ignition charge.


Faith: It summons pillars of light in a circle around the user, then expels them outwards to damage enemies and heal the users wounds.

Salvation: charging energy in a steady form, then swinging the sword up. Columns of light continuously erupt from the ground around them, damaging any nearby enemies while simultaneously healing the user.

White Magic: focuses mainly on recovery and support magic.

Spell blade: Allows caster to infuse their weapon with mystical energies in order to give physical attacks elemental, status, and other properties.

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