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Name: Ayumi
Race: Kitsune
Sex: No definite sex, as it can switch between both sexes. (While it was born with a definite sex, it tends to respond to questions regarding the issue as “When you’ve lived as long as me, you forget which you were born as and learn to be unbiased.”)
Age: Roughly 300 (Close to 20 or so in human years.)
Eye color: Red
Hair/fur color: Black
Backround: Ayumi was created when the Tenko known by mortals as “The great Astral Fox” died from injuries it sustained during battle with a powerful demon. Its power was split into nine different entities, one for every tail. Ayumi was among them. Ayumi inherited little of the notorious mischievous nature common among fox spirits, preferring wisdom and peace. However at only about 300 years old with only two tails, it is still little more than a child to most fox spirits. When Ayumi was only 20, practically a toddler among fox spirits, it was saved by a woman who found Ayumi in a hunters trap and treated her wounds. later she became a close friend, despite the differences between yokai and humans. When its friend died, Ayumi took on her name both as a reminder of its dear friend and for practical purposes. Always the pacifist, Ayumi tries to avoid conflict, but knows how to and is prepared to defend itself if attacked. Like most kitsune, Ayumi is strongest with the metal affinity and as such is most skilled with weapons such as its katana and metal based spells. It also has a slight talent in the fire affinity and is capable of medium level fire spells. As a fox spirit, it can also create and manipulate foxfire, a blue colored fire fed by spiritual energy.

In its female form, she has long length hair and usually wears knee length dresses or traditional robes based on the circumstances. She appears to be about 17 or 18. As it goes by a female name, its female form is used more, as it is frequently surrounded by people that do not know its true nature.

In its male form he has shorter hair and tends to dress in simple jeans and shirt or in traditional robes based on the circumstances. He appears to be around 20.
In both forms, it can conceal its ears and tails, but if excited, scared, or enraged it can sometimes fail to conceal them. In its animal form, it is only slightly larger than a standard fox and can choose whether to display both of its two tails or just one.

It enjoys being outside watching nature both during the day and at night, and has a strange fondness for warm drinks, such as warm milk, coffee, tea, etc.
It dislikes arrogance and irresponsibility, as well as ignorance. It also has a fear of deep water.
It tends to seem reserved, cold, and calculating to strangers, but is warm and compassionate towards those close to it.

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