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    Antartica, the penguins give me internet and cable ;D
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    Oct. 01, 2008
..... im a (soon to be[well as soon as i get rosseta stone for it]) russian speaking vampire v----v and remember i leik mudkipz and garlic :D
I wanna tell you right now i have the most freaking messed up dreams, for example one time I was going to this thing about like Bill Nye in my dream,that was underground...anyway ill talk about that later
im wierd but who isnt right? oh and werewolves such as dah freakinwerewolfthatwilleatyourfleshdammit can KISS MY BUTT oh i like the kaiser chiefs, gorillaz,the beatles, Gym Class Hereos, and wierd al even though hes an artist not a band. remember i like O-negative bood. ;) So now that u guys know bout me u can stop reading..... i said stop STOP whatever *stares at u* v----v i wonder if ur O-negative hmmmmmmmm :D ok i know what ur thinkin wtf? right? well whatever and for those of you wondering my age i lost count after 145879689 k? no? well too bad :P and i love penguins not their blood just the penguin and if your still reading this man you either have no life or your just bored well thats pretty much it... so i guess you should stop reading you still want to read? well i guess i could tell you somthing important... if your willing to give me one billion kajlion fifilion yen (if your wondering what thats from watch the newest austin powers) XD and leave me a shout or whisper...... ok im done you can stop reading.... now.... please? no? well you are patient or just bored... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm you guys seen any good movies latly? no? crap........ ok you can stop reading now..... stop reading... I SAID STOP FUDGING READING!!! fine you wont give up then ill stop typing *stops typing for a couple of seconds* damn its too hard to resist gahhhhhhhhhhh BOOOOOOOOM hold on wtf dude are you taking weed from my stash? thats why ive been running low.. *shoots a water bomb at you* crap you know how to cheat with the matrix..... well then *throws a bomb with no fuse* Ha you dont know what that is do you? Its a grenade oh shit i pulled the wrong pin didnt i? BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM well that did some damage...... oh well ill just rebuild the world..... ;] wow i didnt realize it was this hard to put the universe back together *puts a peice of the universe puzzle[9000 peice] in the corner of a table that appeared out of nowhere* wow this is a really hard puzzle :( oh well.... hey do you smell coffee? you do well good cuz i want some oh heres an idea go get urself some coffee and come back in a couple of hours no? man u guys are tough to get off my back i mean hard to have fun with yeah..... RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok im done but seriously you should stop reading fine be that way GOSH IDIOT!!!! ok im done with the movie refrences or am i?.......... ugh will you stop reading already?? Randy why dont you go find your grandma or somthing GOSH IDIOT ok im done so stop reading... Please? ill be ur best friend and try not to suck ur blood unless its O-negative then we r gunna have issues... if u have an issue here's a tissue dad thats not funny (also from austin powers ;) ) ok u guys wanna leave me alone? now? please? no? you pain in the @$$ get off my fudging back now NOW NOW dammit SOB you pain in the fudging @$$! GAHHHHHH oh wait never mind you stopped reading no? ur still reading $0B!!!!!!! DIE!!!!! *shoots a paintball at u* haha! $#!T u $0B aghhhhhh scratchy bitch (Sonny 1+2)ok now this is getting boring......... so you might as well stop reading...... No? DUDE YOU HAVE NO LIFE IF UR STILL READING THIS I MEAN HONESTLY WTF? *sigh* you really have no life you know that? yes? ok i didnt expect you to say that soo....... *shoots portal right under ur feet* Ha! now you have to stop reading cuz i put u under a curse HA!!!!!! oh shit.... BOOOOOOOOOOOMM yep that waz mah hardrive shit... *years later* FINALLY i got a new cpu YAY oh shit i forgot me password..... well this sucks >< ugh oh well..... i luv penguins dont u? no? well ur an @$$#0(E!!!!!!so.... now will you please stop reading? no? gahhhhhhhhhhhhhh *blows up* ha now you have to stop reading cuz i blew up the world HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA by the way i like deathnote incase you hadnt noticed...BY the way im doing this to get title of "the longest freaking profile in the WORLD" and im trying to make kong staff say that cuz if they do it will be official and i will possibly be in world records (though it might be for most annoying profile but whatever) So yeah.... ok MUDKIPERZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hehehheheheh mudkip... utsa utsa utsa garraa of the FUNK!!!!!!!!!! :) there is also another reason this profile is so damned long cuz im goin for the worlds least reppetitive and longest profile EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also im trying not to make paragraphs cuz i could get like 4000 extra words of blank space by doing that and its really annoying. oh and im like half way to the world record ;) by the way you can call me silvermage447theincrediblevampirezombiewithanuzithatcankickurass instead of silver or mage or somethin' anyway did i mention that 2047903years ago or so, the earth,fire,water,wind,light,dark,lightning,and ice mages were sacrificed to form me? so umm yeah now u know well obiobvsly but u know right? no? well u better know dammit! I bet ur atheist dipshit! what kind of freak beleives hes gunna be part of a... wait u know what im talking abbout ok good cuz i had pills today and well i probbably would of beat the shit out of u and that would cause problems with the mods and they would ban me from the site and everyone would be like,"Hey what happend to silver he used to come on all the freaking time but he hasnt been on since like June and now im really freaked and i gunna go leave this house and scream out to the world'Hey where the hell is silver?' and that would be creepy shit to the neighbors and stuff so im not gunna do that." and the world would like end or something or at least the kong world would be destroyed and that would suck for gamers all over the freaking globe! anyway thanks for reading the profile uh have a good life and stuff yeah ummm live long and prosper? i dont know i had no idea what to say so i just took a movie quote out of my book which just happens to be called, movie quotes for n00bs that have no life just like me :D and uh that would be that so umm bye yeah u can leave now this is over so go get a life and ull actually get some money and get a girl friend and stuff so u can stop reading this boring shit cuz even i admit that this is really boring cuz im just sitting here typing random shit that pops into my head so bye leave im done go now (stops typing for like 40 min.) ok fine ill give u some more shit when i come up with it so just give me like a month and then ill continue expanding my profile.

I'm back to expanding my file now so you can stop listening to itunes.
So my new fav. games are now, Portal (PC), and AOE 3 (age of empires 3 PC) and while im typing this im actually listening to Still Alive the last song in Portal written by jonathan Coulton and sung by GLaDOS (portal computer). Here are the lyrics...
This was a triumph.
I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.
It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.
Aperture Science
We do what we must
because we can.
For the good of all of us.
Except the ones who are dead.
But there's no sense crying over every mistake.
You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.
And the Science gets done.
And you make a neat gun.
For the people who are still alive.
I'm not even angry.
I'm being so sincere right now.
Even though you broke my heart.
And killed me.
And tore me to pieces.
And threw every piece into a fire.
As they burned it hurt because I was so happy for you!
Now these points of data make a beautiful line.
And we're out of beta.
We're releasing on time.
So I'm GLaD. I got burned.
Think of all the things we learned
for the people who are still alive.
Go ahead and leave me.
I think I prefer to stay inside.
Maybe you'll find someone else to help you.
Maybe Black Mesa
Anyway, this cake is great.
It's so delicious and moist.
Look at me still talking
when there's Science to do.
When I look out there, it makes me GLaD I'm not you.
I've experiments to run.
There is research to be done.
On the people who are still alive.
And believe me I am still alive.
I'm doing Science and I'm still alive.
I feel FANTASTIC and I'm still alive.
While you're dying I'll be still alive.
And when you're dead I will be still alive.
:) if you want to see how awesome portal is (without actually buying it if ur poor) play Portal the flash version and for AOE 3 there's no flash version but you could play AOE 2 (its now about like 5 dollars if you can find a store that still sells it) For what the game is like... anyway ill keep expanding when i come up with it like i said.. thatll probabbly be after Winter Break (when im goin to florida :) ) So bye!

Kk im back check out this kick ass parody locodude0001 made..
Pokemon parody:
I want to be the very worst, like no one ever was. to catch them i try not, to train them i forgot ...
i will travel across the town, searching far and wide. trying to find a gamestop, selling action replay inside
pokemon! gotta catch them all (it used to be ...), i know i'm a catastrophe. pokemon! ooooh, you're my best friend, with trading we must send ... pokemon!
Now me and my brother are making some yugioh cards from pokemon sonny characters ect. (obvioulsly im interested in yugioh)and ive got a pretty cool ZPCI(sonny 1+2) deck so far. also we have already made a fire,water,and grass type deck in the pokemon branch.Has anyone seen the yugioh 5ds episodes lately? ive kind of got interested in them even though its rated Y7. Speaking of yugioh when GX was at its peak and was still being shown on CN Me and my brother noticed that there was no famous 4 kids friendship character.... I guess thats why they stopped showing it..... anyway ive gotta feed my pet penguin (lv 17 exp. over 9000!!! current weapon: sawed off 12 guage.)so i guess till it levels up i wont be writing. Just got a new pet this week his name is wooly the magical texting sheep. He always is telling me to get the unlimited text to friends, family and pets but i think it costs too much...anyway my penguin friends are telling me that i should move to antarctica... I told them that i already live there (lol) Anyway was talking to my friend Alexander Harrison (fictional) a couple of days ago, he's a really great person when you get to know him... We went shopping once it sucked! (says in a girly voice) I mean he doesnt even like like shoe or clothes or sandles or purses or or or or or.... Purses! Like Oh My gosh! What kind of person is he? (talks regularly again) Holy shit what did I say?! sometimes that happens and i just get scared out of my shit and people will look at me strange........... Anyhow, I Just got Luigi's Mansion© for GC (gamecube the best system on the fu**ing planet) cuz the last one I had got bit by mah dog and it doesnt work anymore, so I just got to the third area yesterday and i thought,"This game is freaking Kick Ass!" But i was kinda sad that im like almost done with the game even though ive only had it for like three days. Hey if anyone and I mean ANYONE is still reading I will give you Silvercash (my own personal new currency which is worth like 7 times more than Euros on the monetary market) Which can be used to make me say funny things or change something on my profile (except the "Description" section) for example reading the whole damn thing will get you 100silvercash and you could pay me in silvercash (15) to change my avi. for a 3 day period, 30 silvercash can make me shout something stupid[such as ********* is Awesome or drink silveryacid it rocks!] (nothing relating to personal experience such as,"I remember killing your aunt Jamima.")or anything sexual. GOT IT? Damn on better. Just realized how much I can type if i get really dedicated I mean look at my profile right now. Huge ass huh? Anyway i was thinking about making a movie on Norse or Egyptian mythology cuz, everyone is obsessing about all those movies on greek mythology (Percy Jackson, Clash of the titans[which i just saw recently]) I mean sure the hydras are cool and the medusa is a creepy 8!+c# (for those of you who cant read that,"a female dog") and there is always Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades freaking yelling at each other. I mean when was the last time you saw a movie with, Thor, Odin, and Loki? Or with Ra, Isis, Osiris, Set, Anubis, and Horus? Never right? Well that's why i have to make this movie, and if I dont who will right? On a different subject how many people have seen my new avi? For all of you who are playing "Anti Idle: The game" you will likely recognize it as a,"dark cacti" from the desert Zone in the battle arena.Excuse me *walks out of the room and kills 400 zombies that are outside mah egloo* sorry those frozen zombies can be a huge pain in the @$$! I've gotton 4000 migranes since ive moved here its ashame that my penguin friends need me to help keep them at bay.... BTW guess what my 2 most played songs on iTunes are! Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds {The Beatles} (193+ plays) and Still Alive{Jonathan Coultan and Ellen McLain} [179+plays] (I listed the lyrics further up) Yeah I love those....... Anyway, ugh hold on *goes outside again and comes back with a BK Joe* okay lets see where were we Oh yes me being awkward and trying to think of something to type, ugh ummm shit well i cant think of anything more for the moment please leave a message after the 2 best songs in exsistance... *Still Alive and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds starts to play*
I usually hang out in the warehouse =D
Now if you wanna read my rap about how humans are so primative keep reading if not well sucks to be you.
So basically I was thinking humans are incredibly primitive because A: we fight each other SOOOOOO much we could have spent that time on more important things, and B: we are quite frankly, Stupid. I mean we spend so much time robbing mugging and raping each other that we have to spend even more time obsessed with sueing each other for such stupid crimes. For A take the middle ages for example. We spent like 500 years doing nothing but fighting there was like no technological advancment during that time period it was all protect ourselves from the vikings with Feudalism thats it. And also there is such a huge time period between the discovery of something and putting it to use. For example electricity. The ancient Egyptians made heiroglyphs of what looks like Lightbulbs to light some of their pyramids(because they were so damn dark and stuffed up so fire would suffocate you). It took us as a civilization (if the egyptians didnt use it) over 1500 years to just harness electricity. Also there is a place (i think its in either south america or the middle east) called puma-puncu and it has these HUGE H looking stone tablets that fit perfectly together that a laser guided diamond tipped computer-aided chisel wouldnt have been able to create. Infact a local master craftsman said that he wouldnt try to replicate that if he were paid all the money in the world, because it would take his whole life to get something not quite as good. And these giant H tablets (or statues or whatever) were made by the ancients, so I was thinking,"holy shit" and infact the only explanation (besides mine) for this is that aleins did it. I personally believe that somewhere in the timeline the reset button was hit on technology and the ancients might have had like lasers or something that they could use to make this. Like if you compared a human civilization to an alien civilization you would discover that not only would the alien civilization be more advanced within years but that they would also (likely) not fight nearly as much. Anyway I've been really getting into lazytown cuz, their cake song is kick ass! (=D) here's a link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lqfQi7146U
Lazytown cake song (cooking by the book)

I'll pile on the candy,
It's such a pretty sight
It makes the food taste dandy
But my tummy hurts all night

I'll put in some ingredients
But keep the rest for me
I'm not just disobedient
I'm careful, can't you see?

It's a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake
If the way is hazy,
You gotta do the cooking by the book
You know you can't be lazy
Never use a messy recipe,
The cake will end up crazy
If you do the cooking by the book,
Then you'll have a cake
We gotta have it made,
You know that I love cake
Finally, it's time to make a cake

Making food is just like science,
With tools that blend and baste
And every fun appliance
Gives the food a different taste

It's a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake
If the way is hazy,
You gotta do the cooking by the book
You know you can't be lazy
Never use a messy recipe,
The cake will end up crazy
If you do the cooking by the book,
Then you'll have a cake
We gotta have it made,
You know that I love cake
Finally, it's time to make a cake
We gotta have it made,
You know that I love cake
Finally, it's time to make a -
'You gotta do the cooking by the book!'
Umm kinda bored, so umm anyway who knows what half-life is? pretty good game but of course portal and portal:prelude are soooo much better.
In other talk, I've beat portal 2 in single-player, but not in co-op, so anyone who wants to play with me just send a shout, or whatever. Anyway I've been modding around in portal and portal prelude so I know quite a few codes for the developer's console here are a few.

~ is used to acsess the developer's console.
(sv_cheats 1) turns on all cheats.
(Noclip) makes you able to fly through the stage.
(Notarget) makes you invisible to npc's and turrets.
(ent_create) allows you to create a metal sphere or a weighted cube, or if playing portal 2 you can create paint.
(ent_remove/ent_remove all) deletes the selected item/ deletes the selected item and everything identical to it.
(npc_create) create a npc. [you can create anything seen in half life, half life 2 and portal] *note, no npcs can be made in portal 2 minus the turrets*

BTW In case you haven't noticed the only quests so far I have completed are corpse carnage, cuz' ZOMBIES KICK F***ING ASS, and the physics pack cuz those games are pretty great. I have also completed the Phyrexians quest thingy, cuz it was either that or having to beat epic war (what was it 2 or 4?) and I can't do that. I might complete a few more in the future but for now It is gunna stay like that.

I also play Runescape my character name and stats are as follows...

Name:Ryuk4472 (stats are not up-to-date)
Combat level: 73
Overall level: 1032
Allignment: Guthix and Zaros
Total moneyz: 4,500,000+
Attack level: 60
Strength level: 57
Defense level: 58
Range level: 30
Prayer level: 45
Magic level: 55
Runecrafting level: 35
Construction level: 46
Dungeoneering level: 27
HP level: 57
Agility level: 39
Herblore level: 26
Theiving level: 46
Crafting level: 42
Fletching level: 28
Slayer level: 28
Hunter level: 19
Mining level: 55
Smithing level: 50
Fishing level: 56
Cooking level: 55
Firemaking level: 46
Woodcutting level: 62
Farming level: 32
Summoning level: 10

Oh, yeah did I mention that in Pepperland I'm the main mage? Yes, I said it you Beatles fans. PEPPERLAND. Yellow submarine, good movie.

And now for something that you will find completely useless, Silver's list of useless skills!
1. Being able to catch a chinchila (it's harder than you think.)
2. knowing how to add a program to another part of your harddrive (that one's actually kind of useful.)
3. Knowing how to prevent pixelation on paint (use bitmap form [I admit It's useful.])
4. knowing how to be the coolest perons on kongregate (yeah pretty arrogant I know.)
5. konwing how to get yourself fired.
6. knowing how to make a damn long profile on kong.
7. knowing shitty pickup lines. (such as baby your a student and I'm a math textbook, you solve all my problems, or did that hurt? (she asks what) falling from heaven, 'cuz your an angel.)
Also, I like to eat, so here are some of my suggestions:
1 pizza + blue cheese
2 chocolate (or otherwise) milk with cereal
3 Salmon (well, just fish in general)
4 Corndogs (the carnival kind are the best :3)

Quotes (most are fairly old, and I need to add more.):
yugioh abridged:
Merik Ishtar: "Ooh a shiny box I must worship it!" "I am Melik Bleishtar not to be confused with the evil Merik Ishtar."
"Aww, come on (Ishizu) just five more minutes we didnt even ride splash mountain yet." (they were on the surface and merik was enjoying it) "SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN ISHIZU" (After being told to be quiet) "I just killed my own father in cold blood I think I might need a moment to get over it, ok im over it."

Yuigi/Yami: "Good job yugi, we saved the world and more importantly we rubbed it in Kaiba's face." "Damn skippy we can! (party in bakuras room)"

Dragon ball z: Vegeta: I, I cant believe it! Nappa: what what is it? Vegeta: it, it's impossible!!! Nappa: Tell me what it is!!! Vegeta: It's over nine-thousand!!!!!!! Nappa: Nine-thousand?!?!?!?!

Naruto Abridged:
Orochimaru: "Ughhh! (kabuto: should i get the doctor again?) Oh god no not after the last time he came in here (doctor: oh no he's fading I have to save him, with the power of time slowing!) Oww what the hell did you do? (Doctor: save you!) by drawing a pentegram on me? (doctor: Yes!)" "(after 3d falling asleep) Wait, Did you fall asleep on me? (3d: Im sorry I didnt have my nap today)"
"Souls have arms?" "Kabuto hows the operation going? (kabuto: was this your card? Random extra: for the last time NO!"
3d Hokage: "You have made me resort to my ultimate technique a forbidden jutsu passed down by the line of hokages, the old man monolouge jutsu!
I remember back when I was a lad we didnt have no talking pictures or french fried potatoes we had to plow the fields with our spoons which we called metal food picker-upers which reminds me of a phonograph I once had, now remember the spoons because theyre very important you see I went to my friend Charlie's house back in 1906 when I was looking for a sofa." "God, this is getting us nowhere I'll just take your soul hands!"
Temari: (Naruto: Oh god thats terrible!) That's not the full transformation it gets worse (Naruto: It gets worse?) Oh yes, its to horrible to desc... Oh god it's starting!" (shows a video of numa numa guy [gary brolsma])
Sasuke: Screw him!
Naruto: (Sasuke: I cant believe he's really gone) I can't believe its not butter!" "Go Gamabunta! (Gamabunta: FUCK YOU!) well this is gunna hurt"
"(Jiraya: we are going to travel distant lands to find my friend and hope she will befriend us.) So we are just gunna walk down the street and ask your friend to help us? (Jiraya: Yes!)" "What did you do to that wall? oh and sasuke."
Kakashi: (In his flashback) (Kuranai: Kakashi protect me, with your penis Asuma: Yeah me too!)
Tsunade: "Damn you OC!" "Dont try to tempt me with your empty lies! (beats up
brother and boyfriend)"
Jay & Silent Bob: "Fuck, fuck, fuck
Motha motha fuck
Motha motha fuck fuck
Motha fuck, motha fuck
Noich noich noich

Noich, noich, noich
Smoking weed, smoking wizz
Doing coke, drinking beers
Drinking beers, beers, beers
Rolling fatties, smoking blunts
Who smokes the blunts?
We smoke the blunts
Rolling blunts and smoking..

Uh, let me get a nickel bag

15 bucks, little man
Put that shit, in my hand
If that money, doesn't show
Then you owe me, owe me, owe.

My Jungle Love, yeah, o e o e o, I think I
wanna know ya know ya,
yea what?" here's a link to the rap http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-xKUU5sWS4
Me & my bro: "rock, paper, scissors, JESUS!"
If anyone is still reading this can you please tell me how to make a website for free? whisper please. Thank you!

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