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I've quit. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And now for another profile extension! The profile system of fighunter.com is one that I find highly interesting. Instead of simply putting an "about me" box and little else, it offers up some choices that take more careful thought and consideration in addition to whatever humor you may want. One of these things is the option to choose your temperament. --- http://www.fighunter.com/?page=temperaments --- If you read this profile and then look at the page explaining the temperaments, I'd find a shout on what yours is to be interesting. ^_^ Mine is Melancholic/Sanguine. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://kongregate.wikia.com/wiki/The_Time_Machine#sirferret2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi! My name is Joseph Keplar and I'm a pants tester. I test every pair of pants made to be sent to JCPenny before they are shipped off. Trust me, it's an important job! If you didn't get your pants tested, nobody would realize that they were defective until too late.... Also, don't get me started about how hard it is to try on all of those pants! My supervisor says that thanks to my slow pace, they need to skip the step where they re-sanitize the tested underpants. Oh well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remember, chances are, I used those pants you're wearing and God help you if I decide I want them back! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's a pic of me: http://tinyurl.com/nlpd65 --- My avatar is Nabi from _There She Is!!_, look it up on Newgrounds or something. It's worth watching. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I overuse ellipses all the time (an ellipsis is "..."). My current project in life is to get a computer attached to water wings and swim to Australia where I can stalk some people I haven't stalked yet. I have already reversed my sleeping habits for the trip. As of the time of writing this, at ANY given time, I'm either sleeping, at school, or online. Nothing else. I enjoy my life of having no life and I'm saving away what little brain function I have for when I finally emerge from my domain to try to take over Canada (I pulled a name out of a hat). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some of my rules in life: *(1)* Studying isn't needed and homework is only sometime necessary. If you're like me, effortlessly acing tests will make up for everything else. *(2)* Ingest lots of sugar just before going to bed. If you're like me, you're in a constant state of sugar rush regardless of how much sugar you eat anyway. *(3)* Embrace procrastination. *(4)* You can never be too much of a smart-ass. Ever. *(5)* Avoid the humans. The list of reasons why could fill a large book. *(6) OHIO (7)* Fire fixes everything, regardless of what your logic tells you. *(8)* _The Game_ must be played. *(9)* _The Game_ must be lost. *(10)* If you wasted your time having fun, you didn't waste any time. *(11) OHIO (12)* Bad thing happen? Shrug it off. *(13)* Express things openly in phrases that makes no sense to anybody that can't read your mind. *(14)* You are not you and I am not me. *(15) OHIO (16)* In-Jokes fit +everywhere+. *(17)* seventeen *(18) OHIO (19)* Overkill a joke until saying it makes people want to beat you with a shovel. *(20)* Avoid people with access to shovels. *(21)* Telepath-call brainwave frequency 42396 for more instructions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://explodingdog.com/title/yourealwayscritizizingmysalads.html Stop doing that. >.< ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DAMMIT! My "About Me" section seems to be too long to accept textile. ;_;

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Play Yet Another Mindless "Shoot!" Version
Yet Another Mindless "Shoot!" Version

Oh, no!!! The evil snow bunny has stolen your e...

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