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Tyler Elscott

Sex: Straight Male
Age: As old as Messi
Height: "6’1.2
Weight: 160 ’murican pounds
Smell: Versace Eros Cologne
Sport: Associated Football
My Face: http://i.imgur.com/ZrvfCMS.jpg?1
Best thing read:


Look at that hot chicks ass!

Look at that hot chicks ass!

Feel it!

Touch it!

Then find out shes a


^^^Sing this along with listening to Epic sax guy-

PoD: I’d get hit by a car, flip 12 times, land in a basketball net and go through it, then my limp body would score a goal with my head and I would finally fall into a bullet train that would crash into a skyscraper. (PoD means plan of death)

Now for an actual bio that means something….

Hey guys and gals, I’m that guy that plays football (or soccer if you’re american) and works in corporate burger king stuff. I was born in Liverpool, England. I moved to Miami sometime in October 2013.

My goal in life is to be- actually, I don’t really have a goal, but if I need one, I’ll know sooner or late. Most likely it would probably involve… Screw this I now have a goal, make burger king not burgers, make it more like FIFA. Once and if I accomplish this I will feel so great, glorious even.

I know I suck at writing proper bios, you can still learn a lot about me in this. Maybe this is a story? If so, it seems very, crap, to say the least. It could be because I’m writing this at almost 2am. This aside, I guess you could say I’m this; A nerdy-sexy-geeky-athletic-genius who is romantic, (sorry girls but I’m taken).

Fun Facts
-I’ve broken a strap-on with my butt
-I eat breakfast at 2am all the time
-I work in the Burger King Corporation building.
-no sex for u

— A message to all who trolls/acts like a fagget; Go eat 3 dead space worms.

And now- a fantastico conversation that is in need of the deserved spot on my profile!

Avatarslayer666: Your mom is an idle game xD (reply)
snowfeet: oh yeah
Avatarslayer666: Dude ;p (reply)
snowfeet: but only to the benefit of me
snowfeet: your a game written on to a disk
snowfeet: you get spun around and worn out
snowfeet: you get sractches galore
snowfeet: then eventually a crack that ruins you
snowfeet: then i take you down to the place
snowfeet: wher they fix you
snowfeet: so i can play you again
snowfeet: and again
Avatarslayer666: like yer fave LP? xD (reply)
snowfeet: then sell you because im done :p
Avatarslayer666: Well, FU too ;P (reply)
snowfeet: xD
Avatarslayer666: An old LP bought 30 years ago for 20 bux, now worth 5000 thanks to inflation xD (reply)
snowfeet: xD
snowfeet: thanks for your time
snowfeet: i can now buy a new pc
snowfeet: youve been a great friend XD
snowfeet: although, i am not sad to see you go
snowfeet: i am tired of your greatness
snowfeet: i need to move on to bigger and greater things
Avatarslayer666: xD dem feels, man (reply)
snowfeet: lol
snowfeet: if its okay with you-
snowfeet: i shall post this convo on my profile due to its greatness :p
snowfeet: to add to the already amazingly horrible autobiography on there
Avatarslayer666: Shore, go ride a head! (reply)
snowfeet: okeh

So I have challenged myself to be the best at writing my own profile thing. That being said, this is what I came up with-

lol nothing

Jk there is something, especially if you’re looking at this in 2016 and beyond!

Watch the thing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlKRHGpFIW0

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