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I a fairly enjoy Kongregate. I am wild and exciting and sometimes, fairly energetic. If you’re looking for me, look in the forum games, I usually play RolePlays, mafias and rarely tournements. I make games every so often in the forums, sometimes I make games back to back because I make games while my current game is going on, but I try not to chain games. If im not in Forum games check Off-Topic or Kongregate Forums, If im not in either place, then I was abducted by gray aliens that gave me an anal probe while juggling fish, after the probing, I fell to Earth, but going so fast I crashed through the crust of the earth and went straight to the firey depths of hell, that or I might be offline.

I don’t aim for getting points from badges, I aim for fun when I play games. I only play games when nothing new or intresting is going on in the forums.


√ Level 5 … June 20th 2008
√ Level 10 … July 1st 2008
…..Took a Long Break From Kong…..
√ Level 15 … August 4th 2011
√ Level 20 … May 20th 2011
√ Level 25 … Feburary 17th 2011
√ Level 30 … November 6th 2011
√ Level 35 … August 12th 2012
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Level 45
Level 50
Level 55
Level 60
Level 61
Level 62
Level 63
Level 64
Level 65

√ 100 Forum Posts … Feburary 16th 2011
√ 250 Forum Posts … Feburary 18th 2011
√ 500 Forum Posts … Feburary 22nd 2011
√ 1000 Forum Posts … March 17th 2011
…..Took a Break From Kong…..
√ 2,000 Forum Posts … April 11th 2012
5,000 Forum Posts
10,000 Forum Posts
20,000 Forum Posts


  1. √ Let People in the Forum Know Me Well (Completed due to people telling me otherwise)
  2. Acheive 1000 Fans
  3. Become Level 65
  4. Get 10 Impossible Badges Badge [Best So Far: 2]
  5. Have a Pet Elephant

I play roleplaying games in FGF and these are common characters I play as, this is a new segment to my profile, so there won’t be much as of right now.. Also, to others who are woundering about the date of birth by my characters followed by a random number, the DoB is when they will grow 1 year in age, yes I age my characters… The random number is the age they were “born” at.

Name: Amarizi Leafwind
Gender: Female
Age: 20 (DoB: June 2, 2012) 20
Description: Though not fairly strong, she can wield and slice a sword. She normally hangs back at the Head Quarters or camp and tend to the wounded. She acts sweetly to her customers and very strategic when in battle, she is quick seeing how shes an elf and has a very sharp mind.
Clothing: When adventuring, she wears a comfortable leather clothing made from walrus leather and dyed brown, tan fur pokes out at the wrists, waist, ankles, and neck. When treating a patient, she is wearing a linen robe with a tight white shirt underneath.
Bio: As a young girl, she always lived in a small village in a forest located at the very bottom of an icy mountain. When not at her tribe, Leaf Wind, she is in the forest, healing the small wounds in the tree bark and talking with the fish and deer that roam about. LeafWind was invaded by the large village of BoneChill, a deadly ice tribe. When she returned from the forest she saw her tribe fallen to bits, frozen in ice, bodys frozen and shattered on the ground. Her restoration magic hasn’t been developed much, she couldn’t do much but cry and run away into the forests, to live her life..

Name: Alexander Thorne
Gender: Male
Age: 19 (June 23rd, 2012) 19
Description: Alexander, normally shortened to Alex, is a quiet person. When he does speak, it normally comes out in a “Im better then you” tone, hes not the nicest but hes the strongest with his spells of darkness. Usually thirsty for a blood bath, or a verbal fight.
Clothing: He wears a tight black shirt and blue skinny jeans, a brown leather jacket rests on his shoulders unzipped. He has a long pouch on his back made out of leather strips to carry his sword.
Bio: Alex grew up in the harsh jungles of Sarva, he learned much there, like survival, combat, and tending minor wounds. At the age of 10, his father gave him his trusty sword.. his father died a grusome death along with his mother and sister, they were slaughtered right in front of his eyes. This has traumatized him ever since.. he holds onto his sword as a memory from the past, a memory from the only person he will ever trust. He only had his younger brother by his side, Alex was expected to live as an adult at the age 10, scaring him for life. The images of blood and death constantly fill his mind ever since the slaughtering of his family. His sword is the only thing Alex has left to live for..

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