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    in an underwater batcave on the far side of the moon.
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    Jun. 15, 2009
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Triple distilled for purity.

Stylish777: You deal only in extremes.
Jlman: I do not actually, but how is there a spectrum of lies and truths?
Stylish777: hahaha uhuh, you know what, nevermind XD

Justplayin13: finished, you only grow until you are done

Frexwix: Good! That advice was free.

Stylish777: If earth was a democracy, we would all stop caring and just consume.

Kevin777: everyone sees the world in a unique way, so when sombody dies it is like the loss of an entire world.

jeremyx: Kongregate Notice: Part of your jewish sacrifice was cut in because it exceeded the 250 christian maximum.

LaplustheUnicorn: Punchiwhawha?

Germanyx: Stylish666: Germanyx: x_dani_phantom_x: flamer69: Germanyx: Stylish666: Germanyx: x_dani_phantom_x: Stylish666: Germanyx: ThesexLegend: Stylish666: Economy: Stylish666: Germanyx: x_dani_phantom_x: LaplustheUnicorn: why repeat my words

Ripler: Would you like some chocolate yummu gummys in your drink?

ThexLegend: you get 25% more with 854 and more than that with 8594 wait then 5 again

Stylish777: An example of endless and apparent contradictions, such as: enormous vanity and arrogance; despite that he has no jewelry, tattoo’s or piercings and he can be very still, modest(rarely, but he can be and is at times, nonetheless) and he can be very shy. Doesn’t wear any brand names and he loves coffee. With him everything is about rythm and a stylish but fallible personality. Pro discrimination, But against racism amongst human kind. Not with apples. Disgusting apple races are disgusting! Very religious! For instance: he believes that we see colors because of the rythm of the waves of photons. Luckily we all know that this is pure nonsense and we know that God simply painted all photons to match their colors.

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