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HOT!!! New web chat that pays us to CHAT!!!!. Lots of paying proofs. Paying fun for everyone. •••Link: http://www.ro2.biz/register.php?ref=tarihyoga••• P.S: Atenção. Se você é brasileiro e tiver vendo isso. Pelo amor de deus cadastra e convida o maximo de pessoas que você puder. Para que um dia nos possamos ter nosso proprio chat e quem sabe ser pago pra falar de jogos flash xD. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I just discovered this site a few months ago and I am still enjoying it! I have yet to reach payout though but many members claimed they have been paid by it. How does it work? You are a knight in a quest to explore dungeons in search of treasures and monsters to slay. For every monster you slay, you will earn experience points. Earn enough experience points to increase your level (level up). Higher level means higher stats, easier to kill monsters and lesser chance you get killed by them. Alternatively, you can capture monsters and sell them to market in exchange for some gold. But I wouldn’t recommend this until you reach the maximum level of your character (level 100). Scattered all over the dungeon are gold, treasure chests, keys to bonus chests, free weapons, potions and of course, monsters. You can use the gold to buy equipment, potions or magic spells at the shop. Besides dungeon exploration and monster slaying, there are other bonuses and contests available almost on a monthly basis. Be always on the lookout for these. You may also want to invite people to join under you to get some referral bonus (in gold) too! How do we get paid? After the last the day of the month, all accumulated gold will be converted to euro (€). Earnings will reflect on the member’s account page every first week of the following month. Once you reach $10, you can request for payment via PayPal or AlertPay. To get you started on the game, let me give you these pointers: 1. Scroll down and click on “Treasure hunt”. Then click on “Have my free box of the day”. Then click on “Play the Free treasure hunt”. Click on the light shaded space on the map to win random amount of gold or a treasure key. 2. To use Treasure keys, click on the “Chests Room”. Click on whatever available key you got. Then click on one of the 4 treasure chests to win random amount of gold. 3. Go to “Temple”. Visit it 4 days in a row to win a random amount of Gold. In short, visit the “Temple” everyday! 4. Go to “Shops” and go to “Weapon Shop” to purchase the strongest weapon your gold can buy. If you still have gold, go to Armor shop and purchase the strongest armors and gears your gold can buy. 5. Go to “My Equipment” to equip all your purchased goods. 6. Go to “Tavern” to begin looking for a dungeon to explore. Enter that dungeon, explore, seek and destroy! 7. After level-up, distribute your available points to increase your Attack, Defense or Ruse and other elemental strengths and defense. Always prioritize upgrading your Attack followed by Defense and Ruse. 8. During combat, always on the lookout for every attack that you make because during attacking sometimes your weapon will break. If broken, exit the dungeon and go to weapon shop to have it repaired. 9. Don’t forget to set-up your account and other profile settings. 10. Go to forums to interact and socialize, if you like. 11. Explore all aspects of the site for more contests and bonuses. 12. Have fun! So if you feel like playing an online RPG game and at the same time get paid for it, join us by clicking the link below. http://dungeons-treasures.com/inscription.php?c=1&p=25842 These people already joined: Jastro lord0216 Lalaja Mr. Natas Navarre Gamer147 ut342 blobbosezhi2 Rowenn Noveau HaloMasterEve P.S: There're a lot more, but's too hard to keep updating xD Join this fun u too ^^

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