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    Seffner, Florida
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    Jun. 15, 2011
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NOTICE: I am done with “troll hunting”. I have discovered how much better it is to ignore trolls. So from now on, No more troll hunting.
ANOTHER NOTICE: Before you go here and rant about my stupidity in OT or my “Troll Hunting”, keep in mind I WAS underaged at the time, and I’m changing my ways.
Games I am creating:
Fight the Final Boss (Graphic Development stage)
Night Glider (Not created)

Hello everyone! My name is Thepenguinking2. I like gaming, obviously. And Penguins, even more obviously. I’m atheist, bisexual, democratic, and tall.

Goal list
Reach level 20:COMPLETE!
Reach level 30:COMPLETE!
Reach level 40:60%
Reach level 50: Incomplete!
Reach level 60:Incomplete!
Become a veteran (Level 65): Incomplete! (Reward: Wise and elder badge)
Gain 1000 comments:79.3%
Gain 5000 comments:INCOMPLETE!
Gain 10,000: INCOMPLETE! (Reward for completing: Comment cluster badge)
Reach 1000 forum posts: COMPLETE!
Reach 5000 Forum posts: 22%
Reach 10,000 Forum posts: INCOMPLETE! (Reward: Post piling badge)
Complete one Extreme stage on BTD5 on hard mode: COMPLETE! (Reward: extreme popper badge)
Gain round 100 on freeplay of BTD5: COMPLETE!
Gain round 200 on freeplay of BTD5:INCOMPLETE! (Best: 100)
Gain round 400 on freeplay of BTD5:INCOMPLETE! (Reward: too much free time badge)
Gain one impossible badge:COMPLETE!
Gain five impossible badges: 40%
Gain 10 impossible badges:INCOMPLETE!
Gain 25 impossible badges: INCOMPLETE! (reward: Badges? IMPOSSIBRU! badge)
Release an actually good game: INCOMPLETE! (Reward: Official dev badge)
Gain 100% on snailiad: COMPLETE! (Badge: Snail master badge (Even though my cousin deserves it more…))
Reach the restaurant in Dolphin Olympics 2: INCOMPLETE! (Badge: Dinin’ for space food badge)
Reach 6,000 feet in Learn to Fly: COMPLETE! (Badge: Great King badge)
Complete Pandemic 2 on Realistic Mode: INCOMPLETE! (Badge: Master of Madness badge)
Beat 100 games:INCOMPLETE! (Best since starting: 15)
Beat 200 games: INCOMPLETE!
Beat 300 games: INCOMPLETE!
Beat 500 games: INCOMPLETE! (Badge: Game master badge)
Acquire 100 fans:COMPLETE!
Acquire 500 fans: 21%
Acquire 1000 fans:INCOMPLETE!
Acquire 5000 fans:INCOMPLETE!
Acquire 10,000 fans: INCOMPLETE! (Reward: Famous badge)
(Restarted Fail Typo award series)
make wun fail typo: INCOMPLETE!
make fiftea failure typos: INCOMPLETE!
make wun hundrid failure typos: INCOMPLETE!
make faive hundrid failure typos:INCOMPLETE!
Make wun thowsind failure typos: INCOMPLETE!
Make faive thowsind failure typos: INCOMPLETE! (Reward: You need a new keyboard badge)
Gain 25 badges: COMPLETE!
Gain 50 Badges: COMPLETE!
Gain 100 Badges: COMPLETE
Gain 250 Badges:COMPLETE!
Gain 500 Badges: COMPLETE!
Gain 1000 Badges: 65.2% (Reward: We do need stinkin’ badges badge)
Complete 25% of goals:INCOMPLETE! (Reward: Quarters are nice badge)
Complete 50% of goals: INCOMPLETE! (Reward: I say, I’m only HALFWAY THERE! badge)
Complete 75% of goals:INCOMPLETE! (Reward: Getting close badge)
Complete all goals:Incomplete! (Reward: Master of goals badge)
more to come!

Me at other sites
Wikia: Moon Snail
Steam ID: Pyro Zangoose
FaceBook:Micheal Baldon
:Not anymore!
Roblox (No trolling):Thepenguinking2
Kongregate:Take a wild guess.
X = Inactive
491 badges
285 easy badges
187 Medium badges
18 hard badges
2 Impossible badges
162 fans
0 typos
1233 Forum posts

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How many times are you able to click in ten seconds?
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