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I like to RP. Ask me for information about myself.
The only person I feel REALLY needs a mention on my profile is Larino. A kind, loving, humble girl. Really put my life up for the better. Worries a bit too much but it’s great to be around her. The one problem is we fight lots. And it’s usually my fault!
Please note:
I am always ‘in character’ to some extent. Expect my reactions to suit my char as I see fit.
name: von carstein.
family: all dead he sometimes suggests it was by his own hand but clearly hates himself for it.
age:somewhere in the high thousands.
race:undead of unknown type probable cross breed.
appearance: rotting in places though somehow fairly well preserved for his age.
weapons: a sword with only one side serrated called ‘bloodthirster’, a claw mechanism in his left gauntlet and a magic dagger called ‘skinflayer’.
personality: very cruel eg: pure evil he kills for amusement but if you earn his respect and loyalty he will follow you anywhere no matter what.
alliegences: lord vladimir lord of the darklands.
magic: dark magic and his dagger inflicts 10 times the pain it should
Bio: Von comes from another planet. This planet is VAST. It is refuge for anything evil that has the ability to get there. The creatures in there are put in the army of evil. The best of such creatures are made into high ranking Dark Lords (Von’s rank) and the weak but genious level are put into the overlords council. They rule over everything evil. Vons service record is one of the most impressive. If not the most impressive. The only thing keeping him from the council is he still has his power. He has destroyed 8000 planets and counting. He is unconventional and a tactical genious as well as a combat genious. This makes him a terrible foe to face. Dark Forces hold on just that second longer hoping Von and his blood guard will land and save them. Good forces fight just that harder to prevent such an event. Von can rally any army no matter the low level of morale. He leads by example. He can be compassionate or harsh depending what is needed. His blood guard are the best of his forces. A full thirty guards. They are ruthless and always get the job done. They are worth everything. The most powerful suprisingly is the female leader of the squad.
Name: Kharn.
GEnder: Male.
Race: See bio.
Family: Dead or killed by himself.
Weapons: Many, many, many axes. A Plasma Pistol known as ‘FaceBlazer’.
Personality: You’ll soon see.
Appearance: Unknown. Some say his hemet IS his face. Others say his face constantly changes form. Will you be the first to see beneath the helmet?
Kharn’s parents were a normal human woman and a Khorne (One of the four main evil gods) worshipper. He turned his life around but not everyone had forgotten what he was.When Kharn was twelve and his brother was fourteen a man had burst into their kitchen, a revolver pointed forth. HIs Father tried to explain he’d changed but the man shot him, then Kharn’s Mother then his brother. Kharn then killed his first man in a rage before fleeing. Little is known of what happened after that…

Name: Unknown. Like the name Lionboy. Race: Lion furry. Age: About twenty-five in looks. Personality: Funny but not very talkative. Hates to fight but can if it’s demanded. Pasts job (S): Warrior in a furry army, blacksmith. Famous hero. Current job: Freak show. Enslaved to it. Appearance: Strong, typical of a lion. Mane. Amber eyes. Aspirations/ dreams: To be a grand hero once again.

last but not least my sci fi char:

Name: Not known but everyone calls him blanks or weapon X. Age: High twenties. Race: male Eladarian life form (Human but advanced senses and strengh) Appearance: typical human male with tanned skin, grey eyes. He is wearing grey trousers and top. Weapons: combat knife and a stolen assault rifle. Personality: harsh andcold until he gets to know you. He is a true gentleman. Bio: He was captured by the Republic of man where they secretly tried to turn him into the first of a master race of warriors. This backfired when he escaped the facility. He remembers nothing but combat.

Name: Althazar. Race: Demon. Age: Around a hundred. But he looks around twenty. Appearance: A huge red skinned man with loads off tatoos, Curled and vicous looking horns and bulging muscles. He also has pure black eyes. Weapons: Demonic axe’Gorechild’ and Warhammer ‘Rod of torment’. Also has void magic. Personality: Very evil but not as bad as other demons. Bio: He awoke in the spawning pits and like all demons he was forced to fight from the start. He was sent to earth like some demons to cause havoc. Once he arrived though he was enslaved to a dark cult. He worships them in any era.

Name: Danar Grimblade. Age: Mid thirties. Appearance: Tall and muscular. He has a scar that goes diagonally across his face that drags his face into a permanent snarl. He has grey eyes and black hair with gray scattered through it. Weapons: He has a black double headed axe ‘thunder bringer’ He also has four hand crafted throwing axes. Personality: Cold and grim but a real friend when you need one. Bio: He is a viking that took part in many raids. He is now your run of the mill mercenary. He always gets the job done.

Name: Dagor Rytar. Known to mates as Wolfy. Race: Wolf. Occupation: Ex wolfgang soldier. Was involved in the war that overthrew humans in the first place. Hometown: The fox capital.Armarter. Weapons: His flintlock style rifle using lethal natural poisons bought from snakes on the black market. Attitude: Lone wolf. Normally quiet and drawn but when he does talk it is wise to listen. Age: 30 fox years. Clothes: Leather jacket and a blank black shirt underneath,Black practical trousers made of a sturdy cloth,battered black boots and a cowboy hat.

And some scenarios just in case I need one. I will add more to these bare bones over time:

The year is 1066. Yes the year of The battle of hastings. You know all about it. But no that is not what happened. This is the true story my unfortunate friend. Many dark happenings took place but you shall find out about those later on. We begin our tale at the scene at Hastings after the battle.

In the future mankind is expanding viciously through the galaxy. They tried to turn a alien into a super weapon. He went rogue. HE is now galaxy famous. Does your character support him or do they hunt him for the bounty on his head?

A demon was enslaved to you. You can do whatever you want with him. Are you a kind,benevolent master or a cruel,manipulating one? (Modern.)

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