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    New York City. Or as we say it, New Yawk Citee.
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    Mar. 07, 2009


annoy_a_tron: Jealous troll who thinks anything better than him = bragging.

Funny quote time.

Haiden98: gaaaaayyyyyy mmmmmeeeee

Haiden98: brb ill get measurements

Craig12390: I dun like you people.

Craig12390: fuxxored.


Plocknork: You are my Master

Plocknork: They’ve seen me on cam humping my cat

BoozaBabe101: o.O
chezzo_chick: PLOCK!!!! I got the biggest Tesco raspberries ever and they were grown in the USA!!!!!

Guy_In_Armor: The liquid is a gift from tubgirl.
Walkar: Congratulations! You just annoyed the entire room with your bragging of a minor internet achievement. I hope you’re happy.
BigDaire: If I gave someone a blowjob, would that be oral or anal?

SlasherX: And can you please take the mention of me off(your profile)?

  • part in paranthesis is what i added.
    calumrrr: I’m your goddess
    BigDaire: I do enjoy stroking it :P
    Tim Tams are a chocolate tampon made by Arnott’s Tampons, Australia. A Tim Tam is composed of two layers of chocolate malted tampon, separated by a light chocolate “cream” filling, and coated in a thin layer of textured tampon.
    wewt: I’m a lesbian!
    BoozaBabe101: psh, Ill slap that pussy like there’s no tomorrow!
    XXXDoom: I knew you couldn’t cum.

silva60: We don’t all have premature ejaculation, Doom.

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