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    Anne Frank's Attic, playing Boggle.
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A blonde and a brunette have inherited their family’s farm. They are having trouble keeping up with bills because the only have cows and they are running out of cows. So they decide to buy a bull. The blonde give the brunette a ride into town, and drives away (as she had things to do at the farm). The brunette finds and buys a bull. This town has no phone lines or cell phone towers, so the town and its inhabitants have to rely on telegraph. The brunette buys the bull, but it cost her $499, and she had only $500. She went to the telegrapher and asked him to send a letter to her sister. “I want you to tell her ‘Bring the truck and a trailer. I bought a bull. Our farm is saved’.” “Well, at 99cents a word, that will cost you $13.86” said the telegrapher. “But I only have $1.” “Well, that means that you can only send one word.” “Ok, send the word ‘Comfortable’.” said the brunette. The telegrapher asked with a puzzled look “How is she going to know all that from one word?” The brunette answered “She’s a bit slow. She’ll read ‘Com-for-da-bul’.”

Bob walked into a bar on a Friday night. At the bar he saw a hot blonde, sipping at a drink. On the “10 o’clock” news, he, and the hot blonde sitting next to him, saw that a man was about to jump off a building. Bob said “Bet ya 20 bucks that he jumps.” The blonde said “You’re on.” The man jumped, did a swan dive, and landed on the concrete with splat. The blonde said “Well, fair is fair,” and gave Bob his $20. Bob said “I can’t take this money from you. I watched it on the 6 o’clock news and new he was going to jump.” The blonde said “I did too, I didn’t think he was going to do it again.”


“I shall invent a game where you hit a ball with a flat plank with a rounded handle. After hitting this ball the player shall run around bashing in the heads of trolls. The more trolls hit before the ball gets back to the ball thrower, the more points are earned. I shall call this game Buuter Ball…but it may need refining.” Turtledude_999

How Buuter Ball is played:
Buuter Ball is a troll turning game in which each anti-troller is their own team. The quicker a troll is turned [defeated], the more points awarded. Points are awarded to whoever defeated the troll. This is determined the either the best anti-troll comment, or to whoever left the latest comment before the troll leaves (See Troll-Turning on the MBC wiki for troll turning techniques). The game ends when no trolls are sighted or heard for 1 hour. This means a Buuter Ball game can last for days-on-end in the event of a troll raid. Points are kept mentally, physically, digitally, or on the wiki if allowed.

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