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“While from the mouth sounds issued forth, recognizably shaped into meanings of passion, of beauty, of blinding clarity. Or muddied or quietly cutting, murderous and evil. Sometimes all at once. Language was war, vaster than any host of swords, spears and sorcery. The self waging battle against everyone else. Borders enacted, defended, sallies and breaches, fields of corpses rotting like tumbled fruit. Words ever seeking allies, ever seeking iconic verisimilitude in the heaving press.

And, she realized, she was tired. Tired of it all. Peace reigned in silence, inside and out, in isolation and exhaustion."
- Steven Erikson
Midnight Tides
Malazan Book of the Fallen

Be Your Own Mod.

This is a phrase used by several mods, but what does it truly mean? Some feel it is the mods blessing to moderate other users; to chastize them for their perceived wrong doings. This, however, is not necessarily the case.

Be Your Own Mod is a mantric reminder that we do have the power to stop those that we perceive as annoying or inappropriate according to our perception of the rules. The Mute option is a powerful tool that was provided to us and allows us to filter out anyone and anything we do not wish to see. Used en masse, it will starve trouble makers of the attention they desire and eventually drive them away from Kongregate. Those who feel that Be Your Own Mod gives them the right to chastize or, worse, trash-talk someone who is not following their version of the rules are simply making the situation worse by trying to enforce rules to someone who obviously does not want to follow them.

Now, there is a caveat here. There are some who truly aren’t aware that their actions are deemed inappropriate and are relatively harmless. More often than not, these people will apologize if asked politely to stop whatever they are doing, but it can be difficult to spot these types. If you truly feel that someone will not explode into a trollish rage with a gentle request to cease whatever they’re doing, by all means ask politely, but please do not ever try and force someone to comply to the rules as you believe you understand them. This is not at all what Be Your Own Mod means.

Remember: In silence, peace reigns. Use your mute buttons.


dacomb: OH COOL! Like, I get to change the way the pony Like looks! and Then I get to Like show it off and stuff…


Tuul = Totus Una Usquequaque Laetans. (All together always rejoicing)


NinjaGamer: What kind of Tuul is he? is he for carpentry or other tasks?
Tuul: All sorts of tasks. I’m a universal tuul.
myoclonic: general handy manery, ng. ;)


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