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Hey fellow kongregate out there! Before I tell you a bit about myself let me talk to you about Kongregate. I remember the first time I went on Kongregate. First ever account was WBdogs6666 and I remember playing my first ever game here which is Bloons Tower Defense 4. My first ever badge was the easy badge in Bloons TD4. I’ll tell you, I’ve been on Kongregate since the middle of 2012. Now as Xdeath1, I will be part of Kongregate by making games and earning badges. Oh yeah, and spending kreds. Not to mention, making some friends. I am a simple developer too which means I make such simple games. I think Kongregate is the best ever site ever!

Hi my name is unknown (just privacy) and I’m a boy. I live in the large city of Sydney which is in Australia at the Southern Hemisphere. I live in a small house with my brother (Trollerlolz), mum, cousin, aunty and uncle. In here it’s pretty much clean; the floor, windows, gardens, etc… I am not really sporty but I used to play grade soccer at my school. My dad separated with my mum; I don’t know why. Also my best friend are probably my brother who is energetic and sporty.

Guess it? Games!!! I like to play games. I love computer works, sports and watching TV. I love making websites and chatting in computer. TV and sports are two combined hobby because I watched sports in TV!!!

Colour: Blue
Food: Cheese and pie
Fruit: Banana
Veggies: Carrot
Moderator: frankiesmum
Friend: Trollerlolz
Multiplayer game: Transformice (I play in my downloaded one)
Single game: Bloons Tower Defense 5
Game category: Shooter, multiplayer and puzzles
Game tag: Funny

1.Reach level 10:✔(Completed)
2.Reach level 25:(16)
3.Reach level 50:(16)
4.Reach level 65:(16)
5.Make a game:✔(Completed)
6.Make a game with 1+ rating:✔(Completed)
7.Make a game with 2+ rating:(2.96)
8.Make a game with 3+ rating:(2.96)
9.Make a game with 4+ rating:(2.96)
10.Make a game with 4.5+ rating:(2.96)
11.Make 2 games:✔(Completed)
12.Make 2 games with 1+ rating:✔(Completed)
13.Make 2 games with 2+ rating:✔(Completed)
14.Make 2 games with 3+ rating:(2.96 and 2.54)
15.Make 2 games with 4+ rating:(2.96 and 2.54)
16.Make 2 games with 4.5+ rating:(2.96 and 2.54)
17-25.Make 3[✔],4[✔],5[✔],6[],7[],8[],9[],10[],11+[] games with 1+ rating:(Not completed)
26-34.Make 3[✔],4[✔],5[],6[],7[],8[],9[],10[],11+[] games with 2+ rating:(Not completed)
35-43.Make 3[],4[],5[],6[],7[],8[],9[],10[],11+[] games with 3+ rating:(Not completed)
44-52.Make 3[],4[],5[],6[],7[],8[],9[],10[],11+[] games with 4+ rating:(Not completed)
53-61.Make 3[],4[],5[],6[],7[],8[],9[],10[],11+[] games with 4.5+ rating:(Not completed)
62.Reach a total 500 points:✔(Completed)
63.Reach a total of 1000 points:✔(Completed)
64.Reach a total of 5000 points:(1947)
65.Reach a total of 20000 points:(1947)
66.Reach a total of 35000 points:(1947)
67.Reach 50+ fans:✔(Completed)
68.Reach 100+ fans:✔(Completed)
69.Reach 250+ fans:✔(Completed)
70.Reach 500+ fans:(308)
71.Reach 1250+ fans:(308)
72.Reach 2000+ fans:(308)
73.Reach 5000+ fans:(308)
74.Reach 10000+ fans:(308)
75.Add 50+ friends:✔(Completed)
76.Add 100+ friends:(92)
77.Add 250+ friends:(92)
78.Add 500+ friends:(92)
79.Add 1250+ friends:(92)
80.Add 2000+ friends:(92)
81.Add 5000+ friends:(92)
82.Add 10000+ friends:(92)
83.Earn 10+ badges:✔(Completed)
84.Earn 50+ badges:✔(Completed)
85.Earn 100+ badges:✔(Completed)
86.Earn 500+ badges:(160)
87.Earn 1000+ badges:(160)
88.Earn 1500+ badges:(160)
89.Earn 2000+ badges:(160)
90.Earn 10+ easy badges:✔(Completed)
91.Earn 25+ easy badges:✔(Completed)
92.Earn 50+ easy badges:✔(Completed)
93.Earn 100+ easy badges:✔(Completed)
94.Earn 250+ easy badges:(104)
95.Earn 500+ easy badges:(104)
96.Earn 10+ medium badges:✔(Completed)
97.Earn 25+ medium badges:✔(Completed)
98.Earn 50+ medium badges:(45)
99.Earn 100+ medium badges:(45)
100.Earn 250+ medium badges:(45)
101.Earn 500+ medium badges:(45)
102.Earn 10+ hard badges:✔(Completed)
103.Earn 25+ hard badges:(11)
104.Earn 50+ hard badges:(11)
105.Earn 100+ hard badges:(11)
106.Earn 250+ hard badges:(11)
107:Earn 500+ hard badges:(11)
108.Earn 1+ impossible badges:(0)
109.Earn 5+ impossible badges:(0)
110.Earn 10+ impossible badges:(0)
111.Earn 25+ impossible badges:(0)
112.Earn 40+ impossible badges:(0)
113. Earn 1 item:✔(Completed)
114. Earn 5 items:✔(Completed)
115. Earn 10 items:(7)
116. Earn 25 items:(7)
117. Earn 1 card:✔(Completed)
118. Earn 5 cards:(2)
119. Earn 10 cards:(2)
120. Earn 25 cards:(2)
30/120, 25.00%

Bold = By doing 2 * *. Middle of star is the word you want.
Underline = By doing 2 + +. Middle of plus is the word you want.
Cross = By doing 2 – -. Middle of minus is the word you want.
Italicize = By doing 2 _ _. Middle of lower line is the word you want.
Kongregate = By doing 2 quotes for the Kongregate and a : then type the website. With the http://.
If you need more help with these textiles or formatting Go here

1. Can Jumpy jump? = 2.89
2. Sniped their throat! = 2.46
3. Easy Top Down Shooter = 2.43
4. A thief… = 2.34
5. UFO Shooter = 2.29
6. Alien Tower Defense = 2.02
More info on this leaderboard

PLB motto (games): Play, Learn, Build
Believe in yourself (life)
Work hard (life+school)
Engage yourself (everything)
Never give up (everything)

Feel free to go to my website which is found here:Xdeath1’s website.
Well thats it, thanks guys for reading it.
Ps: I will try to edit this daily.
Last updated: 26/04/2013

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