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It classified, but i do like madness combat OK OK FINE ill talk… hehe… im bery bunny ub ida um…. ima ass a Whole lot … so get used 2 it …. um… oh i occasionally put sybols ( ¤ ¢ ¿ µ § € ¥ £ ) on my page to represent something important like meh “Name” ¥åñg Käô For an example feel free to copy and paste my sybols (¤ ¢ ¦ µ § € ¥ £) somtimes ill leave some in a whisper or shout NOT while in a Game room once again feel free to copy and paste my sybols …. TAKE THEM OR LEAVE THEM
also sometimes during message wars (like when your cahting like “bob:i stab will Will:i toss my shoe at bob John:owww….” im usally a skeleton and when just chating people call me a ninja and occaly try to cuddle with me and those who dod aren female….. ussaly it goes like this …. " ?:i cuddle with Yang YangKao:I slap ? ?:ouch Fireman!!!!:i laff at the fact yang attrcacts men…. Yangkao: i kno it sucks…. Grrrrrlllllll101:i get near yang YangKao: X)
Grrrrrlllllll101:i slap Yang YangKao:owww.. so close…." yea that was a couple days ago to days date: 10/11/2009 hm….i am dude so get used to it…

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