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I isht furreh~ :3 You want to know about me? Well, in my opinion, I'm boring, pessimistic, introverted, and timid. Other people tend to use words such as 'cute', 'adorable', and 'sexy'. Don't trust them, I'm as cute as a millipede; and as sexy as a slug. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My 'sona~ Species: Pacific Northwest Dolphin Age: 18 Type: Anthro Height: 6 feet tall Weight: 115 lbs + 20 lb tail Body Type: Non-muscular, slender Eye color: Right eye is blue (Sapphire), left eye is radially heterochromic, from green (Emerald) (inside, near pupil) to blue (Sapphire-ish) (outside). Black marking around the eyes. Colors – Black and white, with very thin transitions of gray between the colors (Almost instantaneous) Mid-length beak, slightly blackened near the lips. Belly is white, with a small band of black starting from near the middle of my body, from the black on my back, going all the way around, thinnest near the center of my belly and thickest near where the black starts. Back is black. Dorsal fin has a black tracing of about 1/5th of the way along the outer curve, and the inner is white. Sides are mostly black, with some markings going down the side down the tail. Mid-long arms, outer side (Elbow side) is black, inner is white. Long fingers. Long legs, inner and backs are white, outer and fronts are black. Feet are solid black, some webbing between toes. Tail is long, and thick at the base, white underside, with a thin black band going down it, black back of it. And has a U-ish shaped fin-thing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ :3 I have no tolerance for spam and the like, so if you do such to me, I /will/ mute you, even if you are joking, people I know well will obviously have more leniency~ :3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Also, if you don't have a profile and information about yourself set up, and you add me, I'm not adding you back, unless I know you off a friend, if so, PM me.

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