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What are Blocks?

Blocks are a new way to acquire the things you want on! You get them by doing the sorts of things you’re already doing here and you can use them to get fun new things you want, like chat stickers and items in some of your favorite games!

Awesome! How exactly do I get Blocks?

They’re not hard to get. Blocks are given out as rewards for doing the
same fun stuff you already do on like:

Collecting a
Shiny Kongpanion

Now when you earn your shiny Kongpanion every week you’ll also get Blocks!

Quests or Challenges

Keep an eye out for Quests and Challenges, they’ll be worth big rewards including Blocks!

Earning the
Badge of the Day

A new badge is chosen every day and every time you complete it you’ll earn Blocks!

Badge Bounties

Badge Bounties are a great way to be rewarded for playing the games you already love!

OK, I have Blocks, how do I use them?

Blocks let you get the things you want in the games you love
and the stickers you crave to share in chat!

Buy sticker packs you can use in chat! Buy Sticker Packs

What Are Sticker Packs?

Wait, hold on… Stickers!?

Heck yeah! We got stickers! Collect your favorites, get shiny ones,
show them off in chat with your friends.

Support your favorite games buy purchasing game sticker packs directly from the developer!

Buy time-limited sticker packs from the Sticker Pack Marketplace you can use right away!

When you buy a Sticker Pack you might get lucky and get a super rare Shiny Pack!

Express yourself in chat with your favorite sticker packs!

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