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Kongregate Sticker Pack Offers (20)

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This ghostly apparition is simply not shy when it comes to expressing itself! Show off your spoopy side in chat with these spirited stickers~

  • Ghost1
  • Ghost2
  • Ghost3
  • Ghost4
  • Ghost5

Chester the Unicorn

Every unicorn loves glitter, rainbows, & sunshine.. But what Chester loves most of all is taking a nap!

  • Unicorn angry
  • Unicorn happy
  • Unicorn rearing
  • Unicorn thinking
  • Unicorn tired
  • Unicorn uh
  • Unicorn unamused
  • Unicorn wat

Baby Bat

Na na na na na na na na, bat babe!

  • Bat bday
  • Bat cold
  • Bat confused
  • Bat happy
  • Bat inlove
  • Bat nerdy
  • Bat sad
  • Bat vacay

Coty LeDon

One day this frondly lil sprout will grow up to be a beautiful bloom! Ganbatte, baby bean~!

  • Bean stickers camping
  • Bean stickers cry
  • Bean stickers kissy
  • Bean stickers laugh
  • Bean stickers lazy
  • Bean stickers lonely
  • Bean stickers shy
  • Bean stickers study


Without any legss, you can't skele-run from skele-puns! Whew, nearly lost my head for a second.

  • Skull angry
  • Skull cool
  • Skull cry
  • Skull idea
  • Skull inlove
  • Skull sleep
  • Skull toot
  • Skull wow

Breakfast Bunch

Wakey wakey, eggs & baccy! Your favorite breakfast foods are reporting in for brunch-time cronchin'.

  • Angry breakfast base png
  • Cheering breakfast base png
  • Crying breakfast base noshadow png
  • Happy breakfast base png 2.2
  • Scared breakfast base png
  • Sleep breakfast base png

Box Cat

If he fits, Box Cat sits. He'll fit right into your Sticker Collection, for sure!

  • Boxcat excited
  • Boxcat happy
  • Boxcat hiding
  • Boxcat inlove
  • Boxcat ohuh
  • Boxcat sad

Ice Creams

Grab a spoon & gobble up these sassy sorbets before they melt~!

  • Icecream madscoop
  • Icecream sadsundae
  • Icecream happypopsicle
  • Icecream lovebananasplit
  • Icecream sneaky
  • Icecream firedupfoster
  • Icecream wink


Avery, speak! Good dog.

  • Avery ball
  • Avery confused
  • Avery curious
  • Avery drool
  • Avery sad
  • Avery sleeping

Rocky the Chatty Pigeon

Rocky is here for one reason only: to have fun and eat breadcrumbs. Okay, so that's two things but they're both equally important.

  • Pigeon coocoo
  • Pigeon angry
  • Pigeon confused
  • Pigeon cawcaw

Plant Feels

Plants have feelings, too! Let these feisty flora take root in your conversations.

  • Plantfeels angrycactus
  • Plantfeels coolpalm
  • Plantfeels happypineapple
  • Plantfeels loveflowers
  • Plantfeels sadsprout
  • Plantfeels sweatyaloe


Notoriously greedy, always sassy and wise beyond her years.

  • Dragon 1yes
  • Dragon 2no
  • Dragon 3smirk
  • Dragon 4shrug
  • Dragon 5hoarding
  • Dragon 6succeed
  • Dragon 7fail
  • Dragon 8burn

The Knight of Sticker Kingdom

This mysterious knight is here to defend your honor on the chatting battlefields!

  • Knight 1proud
  • Knight 2charge
  • Knight 3shield
  • Knight 4ded


The myth, the legend

  • Donks1
  • Donks2
  • Donks3
  • Donks4
  • Donks5


Borky has been infused with the great magic of a mood ring and changes colour based on how he is feeling. He loves video games & borking

  • Borkyboi bork
  • Borkyboi brb
  • Borkyboi cute
  • Borkyboi gotya
  • Borkyboi hi
  • Borkyboi huh
  • Borkyboi inthezone
  • Borkyboi zzz


This robot maid is ready to upgrade your chat experience!

  • Maid 1happy
  • Maid 2surprise
  • Maid 3angry
  • Maid 4sad
  • Maid 5typing
  • Maid 6boom
  • Maid 7sleep
  • Maid 8bow


Xiao Long Bao (XLB for short) is bursting with great flavor and emotion! Fill your appetite with these scrumptious stickers.

  • Xlb angry
  • Xlb celebrate
  • Xlb chilling
  • Xlb chopstick
  • Xlb scared
  • Xlb sleepy


Narwally usually lives year-round in the Arctic waters but they've decided to swing by your chat window for a bit!

  • Narwhal stickers exercise
  • Narwhal stickers hungry
  • Narwhal stickers morning
  • Narwhal stickers party


Duckie is ready to quack you up with his wacky hijinks.

  • Celebrate birthday duckie base png
  • Cheering duckie base png
  • No duckie base png
  • Ok duckie base png
  • Sad duckie base png
  • Sleeping duckie base png

Gaming Grandma

Level 81 Grandma got mad skillz!

  • Angry gma base png
  • Cheering gma base png
  • Confused gma base png
  • Sad gma base png
  • Sleepy gma base png
  • Surprised gma base png

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Spellstone Friends

The search for Spellstones has spilled into Kongregate chat!

Sticker Pack Offered By

Kong logo.jpg?i10c=img Spellstone by synapticon
  • F1   apollyon sad   common
  • F2   asariel angry   common
  • F3   crow hello   subject
  • F4   drake and drake predator handshake   common
  • F4   goblin bye bye  subject