Bit Heroes Speed Run Contest

Greetings, Heroes!

Are you eagerly awaiting the release of the next tier that is coming soon?
Looking forward to the return of a speedy challenge?

Well, you’re in luck because we are returning to our community Speed Run event marking it as Speed Run 3. We are borrowing the event scoring from our last Speed ReRun event but this time we will have some shiny and new cosmetics available to the winners.

Although there has been a bit of a shake-up with the categories and fewer areas to score points we did increase the number of different Milestone Rewards we are giving out! This will be a 3-week Speed Run ending on October 28th, just in time for you to do some last-minute Halloween costume shopping and check out the upcoming new Zone!

We hope you are excited for the return of the Speed Run and have fun with some of the changes we've made to the available goal categories! More details on how to play and info on some changes that have been made are found below.

Contest Instructions

Step 1. Create a new character.

Only new characters, created after the contest has begun, will be eligible for prizes. We recommend playing the web version of Bit Heroes. To create a new character, simply sign up for a new account and load up the game (please do not use a pre-exisisting Kongregate account). Mobile devices store your Bit Heroes account, so you may run into an issue trying to start a new character. But, if you need any help, let us know by contacting support.

Step 2. Register your new character using the form below.

You can fill out the form any time before the contest ends. Make sure to fill it out correctly and include your character name AND tag. (Not filling the form out correctly with accurate information will make your submission invalid and considered ineligible to receive any rewards.)

Step 3. Play your new character as much as you would like!

Compete for the top prizes or relax and enjoy the new experience without competing. You can unlock rewards just for participating!

All Speed Run characters must be made after the event starts to qualify. Still have questions? Join the official Discord server or check out the forums for more information and FAQs.

Goals & Prizes

All prizes will be sent to both your main and your new account.

Prizes will be sent to the accounts provided in the registration form below, no substitutions or transfers.


We made this change with the last Speed Run but to reiterate, prizes are no longer given to winners within each individual goal. Read on for scoring and prize distribution rules.

Each Goal Category will earn you points based on your rank and the total number of active participants within that category. The maximum number of available points for a category is determined by how many players participate in a Goal Category (this means that some categories will offer more points than others). Points are distributed to First Place and then decrease in a uniform manner corresponding to users lowering in rank.

All points earned via various Goal Categories will be compiled into a single Speed Run Points total. This final Speed Run Points total is used to determine a Speedrunner's rank for the entire event. This rank is the sole determining factor in Leaderboard Prizes. There will be a single leaderboard that everyone will be competing against each other within. The Leaderboard will no longer be split into multiple leaderboard sections dependent upon a Speedrunner's spend in-game.

  • Highest Player Level
  • Most Unique Familiars Captured (no dupes)
  • Highest Trial/Gauntlet Level Cleared
  • Most Fishing Points
  • Furthest Flag Reached


  • 1st - 10th = Golden Speed Pack
    • 5,000 Gems, ‘Golden (Mainhand TBA)’ Cosmetic, ‘Golden (Offhand TBA)’ Cosmetic, 'Golden Shine' Cosmetic Mount
  • 11th - 25th = Silver Speed Pack
    • 5,000 Gems, ‘Silver (Mainhand TBA)’ Cosmetic, ‘Silver (Offhand TBA)’ Cosmetic, 'Silver Shine' Cosmetic Mount
  • 26th - 50th = Bronze Speed Pack
    • 5,000 Gems, ‘Bronze (Mainhand TBA)’ Cosmetic, ‘Bronze (Offhand TBA)’ Cosmetic, 'Bronze Shine' Cosmetic Mount


All players will be rewarded for simply reaching these individual goals by the end of the contest. Players are not competing against one another for the prize.

  • Log into your NEW character every day of the contest - 600 Gems
  • Collect at least 25 Unique Familiars (no duplicates) - Legendary Schematic
  • 400 PvP Wins - Legendary Schematic
  • 1,000 Dungeons Completed - 600 Gems
  • Over 9,000 Fishing Weight - Fishing Boat Cosmetic Mount & Eleven Ocean’s Rod
  • Complete Zone 4, Ashvale (all flags & stars leading up to and including Z4, excluding dungeon 4) - 'Blue (Mainhand TBA)' & 'Blue (Offhand TBA)' Cosmetics
  • Complete Zone 8, Galaran (all flags & stars leading up to and including Z8, excluding dungeon 4) - 1200 Gems, Odagor Consumable and Cosmetic Pet


10/7/21 2:00PM PT - 10/28/21 1:00PM PT
Once you have registered make sure to check out the Leaderboards to see how you're doing!

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