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Bit Heroes | Link Your Account!


With the Unity update fast approaching we want to make sure everyone takes a moment to protect their existing Bit Heroes account by connecting it to a Kongregate account. LINKING YOUR BIT HEROES ACCOUNT ALLOWS YOU TO SAVE AND LOAD YOUR CHARACTER across multiple devices or platforms at any time. This will also make your account extra secure!

We were able to resolve an issue that made it seem as though we were going to have trouble migrating save/device data from pre-Unity to post-Unity. This originally is why we were adamant that players needed to link to a Kongregate account in order to protect their Bit Heroes character from being potentially lost.

Good News! It is no longer required for players to link to Kongregate in order save their Bit Heroes character from being lost during the Unity update. However, we still strongly suggest that everyone still takes note of their Bit Heroes Character Name & Tag and preferably still links their account to Kongregate. Although it is not required, it is still very much a smart choice that falls under the "better safe than sorry" category of things to do.


Even if you have already linked your game, we recommend taking note of your login credentials now so you don't have issues with relogging into your account later.

Since you already have a Kongregate account all you need to do to link your mobile game character to your Kongregate account is sign into Kongregate inside Bit Heroes on your mobile device. Simply launch the Bit Heroes app and, once you reach the main town hub, select the red K in the bottom right corner. Select 'sign-in' and enter your Kongregate username and password. Once you have signed into the Kongregate account, your character will be saved and linked.


If you need a Kongregate account, you can sign-up in-game or by clicking REGISTER near the top-right of the webpage you are currently on. After clicking register a pop-up will appear requesting some basic information. Please fill out the form fully and accurately before hitting the CREATE MY ACCOUNT button.

After you have registered for a free account you will still need to link your newly made account to your existing Bit Heroes account. You can either follow the instructions/images shown under the 'I ALREADY HAVE A KONGREGATE ACCOUNT' header or follow these steps:

  • Launch Bit Heroes and, once you reach the main town hub, select the red K in the bottom right corner.

  • Select 'sign-in' and enter your Kongregate username and password.

  • Once you are signed in, the game will ask if you want to keep the new character on your device or recover your previous character. SELECT YOUR PREVIOUS CHARACTER.


To load your character into the Steam version of Bit Heroes, first, go to and log into your account. It must be the same account that your mobile progress is saved to (see steps above).

Click on the ⚙️Settings button on the webpage to go to your Account Settings.

Click on the 'Link with STEAM' button and follow the prompts to link your Steam account to your account.

Next, open Bit Heroes on Steam. The game may make you play through the introductory tutorial, but once you have made it through and are in town, click the red K in the menu. The game should load your account and your save.


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