Kongregate sponsorship terms

1) Sponsored games must contain branded links redirecting back to Kongregate.com. The placement, wording, and recurring frequency of these links must be approved by Kongregate prior to a game's publication.

2) By sponsoring a game, Kongregate gains exclusive branding rights to the freely distributable copy of a game. Any version of the game without Kongregate branding cannot be made available for distribution, whether it be from rehosting the swf file or hotlinking a site-locked copy of the game without Kongregate branding. All non-branded versions must be site-locked, and the swf must revert to the distribution copy or provide direction to a freely distributable copy of the game on Kongregate when the site-lock swf "breaks" by being rehosted elsewhere.

3) Kongregate claims no ownership of the game's intellectual property; sequels, derivative works and characters within Kongregate-sponsored games remain the sole property of the game's developer.

4) Kongregate-sponsored games must be released on Kongregate first, and uploaded nowhere else for one week. The developer is not required to site-lock the game to Kongregate; however, this period also includes any sales of non-exclusive, site-locked copies of the game in which Kongregate's branding is removed. This exclusivity period will expire before one week has passed if the sponsored game stops receiving front-page promotion due to a low user rating. Kongregate makes no guarantee of any on-site promotion for sponsored games.

5) All Kongregate-sponsored games are eligible for additional ad revenue share on Kongregate itself; developers must check the "exclusive to Kongregate" box during the upload process to be eligible for this additional ad revenue. Kongregate will NOT be able to provide back-revenue if the developer fails to check this box upon the game's release.

6) All links back to Kongregate must contain a tracking code that allows the game's traffic to be quantified. This code will be provided by Kongregate.